Classic Heritage, Timeless Charm

Beijing Watch Factory was established on June 19, 1958. It has a history of more than half a century. At that time, China was in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Under the condition of imperfect industrial foundation, Beijing watchmaking Facing the difficulties, as a representative of the light industry, the factory strives to provide some convenience for people’s lives, so that China has its own watch brand.
  From this nostalgic picture, we can feel the struggling spirit and positive spirit of Beijing Watch Factory at that time. It also reminds us of the scenes of life of that era, and the hard struggle of parents. Thinking of the simple watch on my father’s hand, the click accompanied us every day and night.

1958 Beijing Watch Factory Preparation Office

Old factory silhouette
  The growth of Beijing watches can reflect the epitome of China’s development, and also show the deep family affection of Chinese families. In those days, people often commuted to work by bicycle. Having a watch was very necessary to be punctual and to arrange a trip. My father still has the memories of that year, and he also stores the old Beijing brand watch. When he held the Beijing watch in his calloused hand, the scenes of hard work and hard work at that time were vividly remembered, including the longing and hope for life. Now Beijing Watch Factory has launched the replica watch again, so that those who desire it can also have the same feelings and trust in their parents, which is the inheritance and trust of the Chinese people.

  In September 1958, Beijing Watch Factory produced its first batch of 17 BS-1 watches and named them ‘Beijing’. The calligraphy on the dial is also hair, which is also meant to mark the ninth anniversary of National Day. Give a gift.
  If the Beijing watchmaking factory was Phoenix Nirvana, then it is a Chinese brand that is taking off. Based on the cultural background of China, Beijing Watchmaking has continuously introduced various series of watches, either enamel or tourbillon or Mechanical watches, the brand has continuously developed new technologies, a continuous stream of design and inspiration, showing the timekeeping process in an elegant way, each time wearing a Beijing watch will be upgraded to a different experience. Below, the editor takes you to appreciate a replica watch, through the real shot, let you know more about Beijing watches. Official model: B078201327S

  Men’s love of watches is no less inferior to women’s love of jewelry. Women hope to decorate their identities with exquisite and gorgeous jewelry to highlight their temperament. Men hope to use watches to satisfy their desire to master and show elegant gentlemen style.

  This Beijing replica type I watch is made in accordance with the original red style, and minor adjustments have been made on the original basis to make this watch more perfect. The theme of ‘Return’ is fully explained, not only It’s just the inheritance of watches, but also the transfer of emotions. The replica watch has a 38 mm diameter. The small size strap is flexible and convenient on the wrist. Men can also easily put it in the cuffs of their shirts. The table glass is made of acrylic glass, with a slight arc of mirror surface. This design is for a more three-dimensional effect.

  The dial adopts a simple design without excessive decoration and functions. It only provides the most basic timing functions and date display window. Beijing’s classic LOGO is located at twelve o’clock, always awakening the Chinese feelings of the wearer. The gold-plated hands are noble and elegant, and on the silver dial, they complement the golden timescale.

 From the side, the round crown is located on one side of the case, and the upper thread is decorated to make it easier for the wearer to turn the crown. The retro design keeps the style of the old watch. This watch is exquisite and small, with a thickness of 10.5 mm. The stainless steel case is strong and tough. Stainless steel is a commonly used material for watches.

  The watch uses a black leather strap. To a certain extent, black gives a sense of stability and maturity. The hand-stitched stitches are even and meticulous. Every detail has been incorporated into the efforts of watchmakers. The replica type I watch adopts pin buckle. The wearer can adjust the length of the strap according to the size of his wrist, making the watch more personal and comfortable. The color of the pin buckle is consistent with the dial, highlighting the noble temperament.

  The bottom of the watch is not transparent, and the internal movement is carefully polished. The cover is also engraved with the number of the watch and the brand’s logo. This watch has undergone various tests such as strict waterproof and shock resistance before leaving the factory to ensure excellent quality. The back of the dense bottom gives an imaginary space to guess how the precise movement works.

Summary: This black replica type I watch has won the favor of the public with a simple shape, explaining the meaning of ‘return’ and letting the classics continue. The brand will make the simplest timepieces grand and beautiful, inheriting the superb watchmaking craftsmanship, showing the brand’s energy. Beijing watches continue to advance on the road of clocks and watches, it entrusts the fine traditions of the Chinese nation and condenses the essence of Chinese elements. As a domestic watch, Beijing Watch still has strong vitality, with extensive support and attention. Official model: B078201327S; Reference price: 1,980.00 yuan (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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Cartier Team For Three Consecutive Years At St. Moritz Snow Polo World Cup

From January 29 to 31, 2015, the world’s most prestigious polo championship, the St. Moritz Snow Cartier Polo World Cup (Cartier Trophy of the Snow Polo World cup St Moritz) ) Held on a local frozen lake. Cartier captain Jonathan Munroe set his ambition to win the championship for the third consecutive year before the game.
   Under his leadership, the players Max Charlton, Jamie Morrison, Chris Hyde and Jonathan Munroe did not give the rival BMW any chance. Since the beginning of the game, they have firmly grasped the initiative on the field and finally won with an unexpectedly huge advantage of 10: 2.5. In the final, he successfully defended.

Earl Rose Day’ Grand Ceremony And ‘angel’s Smile’ Photography Art Exhibition Unveiled

The ‘Earl Rose Day’ ceremony and the ‘Angel’s Smile’ photography art exhibition were unveiled in three places:
Hangzhou Vientiane City, Beijing Oriental Plaza, Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza

 At the beginning of June 2014, Piaget, the top Swiss brand, and young dancer Liu Yan held the second Piaget Rose Day celebration and ‘Angel’s Smile’ in Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai respectively. Photo art exhibition. Based on a common tribute to happiness, Mr. Thomas Bouillonnec, Earl of Piaget China Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Liu Yan, a young dance artist and initiator of the ‘Angel’s Smile’ project, a well-known photographer and the ‘Angel’s Smile’ series exhibitor Chen Mingsheng Mr. Xing came to the scene and started the journey of happiness together.

Annual Ceremony Honoring the True Legendary Flower
 Piaget is not only a watchmaker and jeweller, but also an admirer of all good things and ways of life. Mr. Yves Piaget, the fourth generation of Earl Piaget, has a passion for roses, and his extraordinary enthusiasm has spawned a new variety named after him, Yves Piaget Rose. To pay tribute to this real rose and its exclusive jewellery and watch collection, Piaget unveiled a global annual celebration, Piaget Rose Day, to convey the beauty of flowers to the world in different forms around the world. State and the happiness it implies.

 This Piaget Rose Day, Piaget joined hands with the ‘Liu Yan Literature and Art Fund’ to support 162 children with hearing impairment or lost parents, covering all their dance teaching costs, so that they can enjoy the joy of learning dance. At the same time, well-known photographer Chen Mingsheng was also invited to participate. He dived into the children’s daily life, gathered the angelic smiles from the hearts of the children during the dance, and assembled them into an ‘Angel’s Smile’ photography art exhibition. The meaning of bloom and happiness.

Rebellion Thorns Dancing for the Rose Life
 As the initiator of the ‘Angel’s Smile’ project, young dance artist Ms. Liu Yan shared her journey of establishing the ‘Liu Yan Literature and Art Fund’ and launching the ‘Angel’s Smile’ photography exhibition.
 At the most brilliant culmination of his stage career, Liu Yan fell from a high platform of more than 3 meters due to an accident, his lower limbs lost his ability to move, and his original dance life came to an abrupt halt. Despite being on the Brigade, she insisted on dancing with her hands and contributing beautiful performances to the audience. Because of this experience, she knows more about the influence of art on people in adversity. This will become an indispensable spiritual force for children who have birth defects and children who have lost their parents the day after tomorrow. As a result, Liu Yan established the ‘Liu Yan Literature and Art Fund’, which has been dedicated to providing dance education for orphans and disabled children in China for many years. She taught the children to dance their bodies and explore their more potentials; and then motivated them to dance to their hearts, to find the source of happiness in the process of learning, and to discover the true meaning of happiness.

Ms. Liu Yan, a young dance artist, founder of the Liu Yan Literature and Art Fund, and initiator of the ‘Angel’s Smile’ project

Smiling angel enthusiastically praises the true meaning of happiness
 On the day of the event, the subjects of this photographic art exhibition, the energetic ‘little angels’ also came to the scene to present a dynamic street dance. These children come from institutions funded by Piaget and Liu Yan’s Arts and Art Foundation, and have varying degrees of hearing impairment. However, their eyes are focused, their movements are free, and their happiness and confidence are inadvertently revealed. The warm and pure smiles of the children deeply infected every visitor present; their impersonal and sincere dancing posture won the warmest applause of the audience.

Children live dance performance

Chen Mingsheng

 Mr. Murong Tao, Earl of Piaget China, stated that he was very fortunate to be able to cooperate with the Liu Yan Literature and Art Foundation. This action has sown the seeds of happiness in the hearts of the children, hoping that in the years to come, they will be stronger and tougher and grow with them. At the same time, he also hopes that every guest who comes to the exhibition site can come to share the bright smiles of the children, and look for happiness around them, blooming their own rose life.

Passing the fragrance and starting the journey of continental roses
 Visitors can join the ranks of sowing happiness with a simple interaction. The event site turned into a large garden for planting happiness: many Earl’s Roses set up an arcade of flowers with strong colors and fragrant aromas, attracting people to stop; there is also a charming garden composed of electronic screens, waiting for planting. You just need to bring the invitation to the scene and link it with the ‘garden’, and your photos will be displayed in the ‘garden’ with the Piaget rose blooming slowly. Among the photos uploaded by many netizens, we will select ten ‘the most beautiful smiling angels’ and vote publicly online. The ‘Angel’ with the highest votes will be invited by Piaget to travel to Europe to take part in the ‘Five Senses’ rose tour and meet her intimately.

 Since its founding in 1874, Piaget, who has dual status as a master of ultra-thin watchmaking and a jeweler, has always adhered to the motto of ‘Always do better than required’. Hidden behind those exquisite works are Piaget’s infinite respect for all beautiful things and lifestyles, and his sincere desire to convey the true meaning of happiness. The Piaget Rose Day was launched with the hope of praising and delivering the world’s truest happiness with real beautiful flowers.