Bestseller Launches Climton Club Chronograph Mexico Special Limited Edition

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Mexican Football Association, Baume & Mercier launches the official watch for the Mexican national team at the 2017 Alta California International Salon (SIAR)-the special limited edition of the Cretan Club Chronograph Mexico Version.

   The new watch is available in titanium, stainless steel and 18K rose gold. The size is 44mm x 14.9mm. It is equipped with a curved anti-glare sapphire crystal and is water-resistant to 50 meters. Equipped with Swiss-made ETA / Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, 25 gems, 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), 48 hours power reserve.
   The black dial is equipped with a white minute and hour chronograph, the red chronograph hands and the green scale circle are in sharp contrast (red and green are also representative colors of Mexico), and the hour and minute hands and time scale are coated with Luminous fluorescent material. It has a black calfskin strap with grey stitching, red lining and folding buckle. It is reported that Baume & Mercier Crete Club Chronograph Mexico Special Edition titanium and stainless steel models are limited to 200 pieces each, and 18K rose gold models are limited to 30 pieces.

German-style Delicate Watch

Lange is a representative of the famous German-style watch, and its national rigorous and capable style has been shown vividly. A Lange watch can read more than half of Germany. Unlike Swiss watches, German watches pay more attention to the style of the watch itself. The Lange watch brand created by Dresden watch master Ferdinando Adolf Lange in 1845, the quality of pocket watches created by it is well received by nobles and celebrities, but it has not escaped the ‘World War II’ ‘Baptism.

 After the Second World War, the Lange family business was confiscated and confiscated by the East German government. Lange’s name no longer appears on the dial. Because of this, pocket watches bearing the Lange trademark are more collectible in the circle of collectors. Forty years later, Germany was unified and Lange watch rebuilt. In 1994, the first watches after the rebirth were launched-combining traditional Saxon watchmaking techniques such as 3/4 splint, screwed gold sleeve and screw balance, and eccentric dial. LANGE 1 series with design, equipped with patented large calendar display window and other innovative elements, German-style exquisite style and high-level pure handicraft skills have once again shocked the watchmaking industry. A century and a half later, the double-window and mega-numbers appeared again, marking its brilliant rebirth. As the first production watch with an oversized date display, it was placed on the upper right of the LANGE 1 off-center display dial. This eye-catching design instantly became the focus of the brand, writing an important chapter in Lange’s history. Today it is considered one of the most classic watches of the 20th century.

 GRAND LANGE 1 is equipped with a redesigned movement for a satisfyingly slim design. The 40.9 mm diameter case (available in rose gold, yellow gold and platinum) is only 8.8 mm thick, bringing a harmonious aspect ratio. The dial of LANGE 1 is accurately and evenly configured. It is transplanted to this enlarged version with a size of 40.9 mm, without any overlapping. Lange’s product developers’ insistence on the preservation ratio can still be found in the smallest details: the large Lange date display, hands and solid gold decoration are all increased in the same proportion as the case; although the movement With a thickness of only 4.7 mm, the power reserve of the GRAND LANGE 1 has reached an amazing 72 hours; in order to save space, the movement only has a barrel. The hand-made hairspring in the Lange L095.1 caliber, carefully decorated and double-assembled by hand, ensures that the watch is always accurate.

 Summary: After the baptism of World War II, German watches can survive and will create greater glory. The three watches above are representative models. The low-key and simple design reveals the rigor of the Germanic nation. Wisdom, the functional design of the large window also shows the pragmatism of the nation.
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