Oris 584-7550-40-61m Women’s Watch Exclusive Comment

Foreword: At the beginning of the twentieth century, PaulCattin and Georges Christian established the Oris watch factory in Holstein, Switzerland. 1925 Oris opened its own electroplating factory. 1938 The legendary analogue calendar began production for Oris ( Oris) marks a new milestone. Since then, the pointer calendar has been one of the Oris series. 2. Summary: Some things in the world can never be replaced by cutting-edge technology, mechanical watches are one of them. Those who love mechanical watches agree that the value of immortal tradition is better than any innovative idea. oris watchmakers never deviate from this track. Therefore, for ninety years, they have insisted on using traditional Swiss technology to create truly perfect mechanical watches. In 2008, it launched the ORIS 584-7550-40-61M sports women’s watch, which is not only the trend of traditional mechanical watches, but also injected some trendy elements to decorate the wrist for fashion beauties! Product Information: Model: Oris 584-7550-40-61M Sports Women’s Watch Style: Women’s Movement: Automatic Movement Case: Stainless Steel Strap: Stainless Steel Watch: Sapphire Crystal Glass Size: Approximately 28mm in diameter, The thickness of the watch is about 11mm, the width of the watch is about 12mm to about 14mm. Weight: 65g Color: silver dial, silver case, silver strap function: life waterproof, back see through Product News Index Evaluation: 1, aesthetic index 80 Haulis 584- The 7550-40-61M sports women’s watch uses an all-steel case strap with a highly wear-resistant sapphire glass mirror, dial, case, and strap are silver. These aspects show the high purity and back of women to a certain extent , It is more ornamental. The stainless steel material and the self-winding mechanical watch model seem to be the exclusive right of men, but this is owned by women, while the simple watch model sets off a steady and noble femininity. 2, comfort index 70 The entire table is made of pure steel, with a weight of 65g. It may feel heavy to wear and feel heavy, but it is still solid. At the same time, there will be a situation of grinding hands at the beginning of wearing, but this will gradually become comfortable after getting used to it. If you are not used at the beginning, you can loosen a strap first, and then you can adjust it after the feeling of grinding is not there. . 3. Performance index 68 fully automatic mechanical movement, the working principle inside the mechanical watch can be seen through the back, and the travel time is accurate; the life is waterproof. 4. Durability index 70 Oris 584-7550-40-61M sports female watch strap. The material of the case is made of steel. Generally speaking, it is relatively sturdy, but relatively easy to scratch, so it is usually as few as possible and sharp and hard. Make contact with objects; life is waterproof, Xiaobian recommends not to contact with water for a long time. 5. Cost-effectiveness index 75 The market positioning of this watch is fashion sports women. The online quotations range from 5,000 to 7,000 yuan. The brand is a recognized mid-range brand with a brand history of more than 100 years. Relative value is high. And the appearance is simple and beautiful, fashionable sports women can buy. 6. Comprehensive index 73 Applicable to business ladies, fashion ladies, white-collar beauties, professional ladies, management elites 6. Applicable occasions for business entertainment, office work, solemn occasions summary aesthetic index 80 comfort index 70 performance index 68 durability index 70 cost performance index 75 Index 73 Oris has a history of making mechanical watches for more than 100 years. It can be said that the technology of mechanical watches is fully utilized. Features can be perfectly displayed!