Partnership With Unesco-socotra Islands (Official Website Update On October 17)

The Socotra Islands (l’ archipel de Socotra) is located in the northwest of the Indian Ocean, near the entrance to the Gulf of Aden. The archipelago consists of three islands: Socotra, Abd Alkuri and Samha, with a total area of ​​410,460 hectares. The archipelago has a total of 12 terrestrial nature reserves and 25 marine nature reserves.

   The Socotra Islands were inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2008, stating that it is of great significance in the protection of world biodiversity.
   The Socotra Islands have a large number of different plant species: Of the 825 plantations on the island, 307 are unseen in the rest of the world. Due to the dry climate and small island area, the species of terrestrial animals on the island are not many other than reptiles, but bird species are abundant. For example, the number of white vultures on the island has exceeded 1,000, and it is the most concentrated white vulture group in the world. Due to the sharp decrease in the number of white vultures, this animal was included in the Red List of Endangered Species by the World Conservation Union (UICN) in 2007. We can also see here 6 bird species and 10 subspecies unique to the archipelago.
   The Socotra Islands are extremely important for the continuation of marine biodiversity in the Arabian Peninsula. Here we can find four endangered sea turtles in the waters off Socotra Island.
   Among the 283 species of corals in the archipelago, there are both African corals and Arabian corals, and the degradation of coral reefs is not as severe as that in the Indian Ocean. Socotra Islands has 85% of the Red Sea reef-building corals, 75% of other coral species, and 70% of coastal fish.
   Jaeger-LeCoultre invites you to view pictures and video clips of Socotra Island on the website of The New York Times from October 17.

Boys Want To Bring A ‘cool’ Model To Taste The Tag Heuer Monaco Bamford Collaboration Watch

TAG Heuer and Bamford Watch Department together present a new interpretation of Monaco (Monaco series) watch, showing the personalized watch of choice for contemporary men. BWD company was founded in 2004, its core business is to modify watches, its founder Bamford is also an outstanding designer, BWD modified watches, the design style is all surprising, this time for TAG Heuer’s first self-made collaboration watch, let’s enjoy this new Monaco watch together. (Watch model: CAW2190.FC6437)

  In 1969, Tag Heuer launched the revolutionary Heuer Monaco (Monaco) watch. Its iconic square case is unique. As the first square case to be launched, this chronograph made a splash on the market and shook the Swiss watchmaking world. Core.

  This cooperative watch still retains the iconic element design of the Monaco series. The striking square case design is quite fashionable. The case diameter is 39 mm. It is made of high-tech carbon fiber material. It is lightweight and agile. Strong resistance. The texture outlined on the surface highlights the unique style charm.

  The deep and quiet black dial features a round hour and minute dial, Bamford’s signature style is evident on the hour dial with luminous coating and the date window: two left and right chronograph dials and hands are coated with BWD The iconic water-blue luminous coating, chic and innovative, the dial is engraved with the brand names of MONACO and BAMFORD, presenting the first watch launched by the brand in cooperation with Bamford Watch Department in a bold and unique style.

Carbon fiber case

  Continuing the classic design of the Monaco series, the crown is located on the left side of the watch, and the top is decorated with a distinctive brand logo. The right side is equipped with a chronograph button, which perfectly inherits the superb skills of the TAG Heuer chronograph watch.

Folding clasp

  With a black alligator leather strap and black-plated folding buckle, the overall visual effect of the watch is very modern, which is very suitable for urban men to wear, showing the unique charm of men on the wrist.

  The bottom of the watch is made of black PVD stainless steel screw-in sapphire design, engraved with the words ‘Monaco Bamford’ and limited number, so as to commemorate the cooperation between the two parties, you can clearly see the movement of the movement. Inside is equipped with the Tag Heuer Caliber 11 automatic chronograph movement, finely polished, very delicate and beautiful, waterproof depth of 100 meters.
  Summary: The cooperation between the two parties has been fruitful this time. Combining the latest ideas with superb watchmaking technology, it demonstrates the contemporary style of Tag Heuer watches. It stands in today’s society and highlights the future of watchmaking. Friends who like this stylish, technologically-rich Monaco watch may wish to pay more attention to it!

Pocket Watch Classic In Man Pocket

The mention of pocket watches always reminds people of the European society of the last century. A set of tuxedo and bowler hat with a pocket watch is a complete gentleman’s costume. Because of this, pocket watches have become a watch category. Classic. From left to right
1. Richard Mille RM020 pocket watch RMB 4400000
    This is a work completed by independent watchmaker Richard Mille in 2008. The titanium case has a square outline that pocket watches rarely cover. It is also unique in that it can even be placed on the table in the form of a small table clock through the plug-in included with the watch.
2. Tissot Spring Pocket Watch Four Seasons Rhyme Series RMB 9850
    Made in memory of the master Antonio Vivaldi, the four seasons are painted on a round dial with a relief background of different colors. Through the hollow design above the dial, the movement is clear at a glance. The series is equipped with ETA2824 -2 Hollow movement and sound box.
3. Tag Heuer Mikrograph Pocket Watch Price Store Contact
    This pocket watch was born in 1916. It has a simple and elegant appearance. At the time, this pocket watch was accurate to one hundredth of a second. It also became the third consecutive term of Antwerp in 1920, Paris in 1924 and Amsterdam in 1928. The official Olympic timer.
4. Hermes Arceau Pocket Perpetual Calendar Pocket Watch RMB 428000
    The asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs and the italic handwritten Arabic numeral hour markers that the Arceau series has always used make this watch even more retro. It has a perpetual calendar pocket watch with moon phase function. The strap is made from exclusive Barenia calfskin.