Patek Philippe 5130 World Time Watch

Patek Philippe 5130 World Time Watch

 The functionality of today’s mechanical watches is gradually diversifying. Even the most basic hours, minutes, and seconds have been made by design masters ‘unrecognizable’ and other auxiliary functions are even more. The most commonly used timing tools have surpassed the original concept, giving designers who are eager to mechanical watches a wider stage to show their original and innovative ideas. The 24 o’clock display is the most frequently used function in the watch. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to various forms of the 24 o’clock function.

 World time

 This function of the mechanical watch uses the principle of division of world time, that is, the division of longitude. Its definition is the angle between the point on the earth and the poles and the plane where the 0 degree meridian is located. The longitude of the original site of the Greenwich Observatory in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is defined as a 0 degree meridian, and then extends left and right.

 In fact, the longitude is the angle between the planes of the two meridians, so that each region on the earth can be distinguished, and the time zone of each place is divided by this. Every 15 longitudes differ by 1 hour. This division method can Each major city in the world is arranged side by side in a circular manner according to every 15 longitudes, that is, an hour difference. They are made into a circle on the surface. There are many brands with this time zone display function, and Longines has so A mechanical watch is more classic.

 Recently, Zenith launched a more complicated mechanical watch with this function. The feature of this watch is that the dial is printed with the name of the main city of each country in the world, and the inner side near the dial is Set a 24 o’clock circle that can be quickly adjusted, set the gear through the crown, and then according to the time of a city at this time, align the time number displayed on the 24 o’clock circle with this city. Driven by the core’s own gear, you can always know the exact local time in these cities, which greatly facilitates people who need to know this information, which is also in line with the breath of the current information age.

Ignite The Passion Of The World Cup With The Dial

If a team only focuses on offense and does not focus on defense, it is impossible to win in the game. A solid defense can be said to be the basis for a team to win. At this time, the defender took on his historical mission. Their main task was to defend, tightly defend, then intercept and prevent the opponent’s offense. When the defender turned to attack, he quickly organized the attack and passed the key first pass. If in the full offensive and defensive kick, the defender is the offensive power hidden behind, and will instantly become his own killer, take advantage of the opportunity to plug in and directly participate in the forward attack.

   The defender is located in the backcourt. There are point guards and central defenders. For tactical needs or game purposes, the defenders often attack the midfield and the frontcourt to assist the team’s offense. In the attack, the defender can appropriately assist the attacker to organize the attack and control the pace of the game. . Compared to forwards and midfielders, the defenders are more particular about a balance of offense and defense, and they must be more vigilant at all times, because a deliberate attack may allow the opponent to break through their own door. No wonder some people say that the defender is a laborious and unpleasant task. Defending is the right thing to do. Once a mistake occurs, it is the responsibility of the defender, so the defender should be considered the most nervous in the team, the most like the thin ice, but also the most stressed position.

   If you mention that the most stressful part of the watch is the dial, the movement is important, but after all, it is on the back. Even if you are not sure, it will not be found immediately, but the dial is different, it is quite Therefore, the human face is the first visual landing point for anyone to watch, so any flaws on the dial will be immediately discovered, especially those dials made by special processes, and a slight flaw will be re-used …

   As the hottest star in the Premier League, Luke Shaw attracted Manchester City
Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United

   A full-back is a type of defender who pays attention to offensive and defensive balance. A good full-back can not only prevent the opponent’s winger’s breakthrough in time, but also assist in time to create opportunities. Come back in time to defend. In addition, the wing guard must have a certain speed, can break through the opponent’s defense line when assisting, and can prevent the winger from eating hard with speed. Therefore, the requirements for full-backs are also very comprehensive. They must have a balance of offense and defense, and have higher requirements for their offensive and defensive capabilities. The full-back is not an easy job.

   Take this Omega Ocean Universe diving watch. Although the dial looks like a common third hand, every element is full of details. First of all, the logo and digital scales and time scales are inlaid. The inscription is The transfer process, through the comparison of the two processes, instantly makes the dial full of texture. In addition, in order to make you feel like a fish in the sea, the hour scale on this dial is coated with a white luminous coating, which, like the polished arched rhodium-plated hour and second hands, emits blue light in a dark environment. The dots on the minute hand and diving bezel glow green. This feature makes it easy to read the time with one glance when diving. Of course, the most special is the orange number scale, which is the color of the reefs in Italy’s picturesque Capri sea. Central defender

   The central defender Kompany is regarded by fans as one of the few ‘guards with swords’ in the Premier League.
   The central defender is the last line of defense in front of the goalkeeper, and defense is almost the entire responsibility of the central defender. The most important thing about a good central defender is position. It must be vigilant at all times, want to know where it is, and must not be lax. Because the goalkeeper wants the central defender to stand in front of you, not just to run to the side. So for the central defender, a mistake is fatal, and it is likely to cause a goal for the opponent. For the central defender, experience is also a very important factor.

    For such a ‘nervous’ position, only watchmakers are so careful when making enamel dials. We know that the most common enamel dials need to be baked 15-20 times. At the same time, The fusing temperature of each enamel color must be taken into account. Even a small mistake, all the processes need to be repeated. Not to mention the big fire enamel. When manufacturing, you need to apply multiple layers of color on the same enamel surface, and each layer must be baked and strengthened in an extremely high temperature environment; and the digital enamel coating must go through the same high temperature furnace. Fire baptism. The slightly domed dial shape undoubtedly increases the complexity of this process. Therefore, the dial needs to be carefully inspected after each operation and manually adjusted and modified.

   Blancpain’s latest Villeret watch combines an eight-day power reserve with an automatic winding function with a date display function. The use of the glazed enamel technique once again reflects Blancpain’s deep attachment to traditional watchmaking skills and Persevere. In addition, according to the reflection on the dial, Blancpain uses a traditional craft imperceptibly on the large fire enamel dial of this watch-two mysterious marks are engraved between the time numbers 4, 5, and 7, 8 ‘ JB ‘logo. This tradition of secret signatures originates from past enamel craftsmen, who usually engraved their acronyms in their works. Behind this tiny detail that is not easy to perceive is deeper and deeper love and respect for the source of the craftsmanship.

Players like Beckenbauer should only exist in myths, but they do exist objectively in reality.
This is the unique style of a generation of ball kings

   Scavenger refers to the defender who assumes a specific defensive task in a football match, divided into offensive and defensive. An offensive scavenger is also called a free man. The free man has a large range of activities. He can not only kill the opponent’s forward in the backcourt, but also can repeatedly insert forwards to give his own forwards wonderful assists. The defensive scavenger is also called the drag-back center. The last line of defense in front of the goalkeeper is to defend the position.

   Talking about the scavenger on the dial, it requires 18 masters of martial arts, like Cartier’s floral inlaid parrot watch launched this year. In order to make such a parrot come to life, Cartier can take a lot of time and a series of complicated steps. The first is to collect and color the petals. The craftsman needs to place each petal on a thin piece of wood and then use the fine workmanship. The inlay pedal saw cuts it into the desired shape. The petals then turned into parrot’s feathers.

   In addition to feathers, the highly textured black agate bird’s beak contrasts with the radiance of emerald eyes. In addition, in order to make the black and gray feathers around the eyes more eye-catching, Cartier used micro-painting to complete them one by one. After dozens of hours of fine setting and gem setting, a beautiful dial is born!

Three Questions: The Little Bump On The Side Of The Case

Someone used to classify watches in this way: there are only two types of clocks in the world-minute repeaters and simple functions. Although it is a bit biased to say that it is completely based on this, it is also reflecting from the side the position of the three-question function among many watch complex functions. From the original function of “timekeeping” with sounds, which was invented by people to solve the difficulty of reading time at night, to the mechanical devices that have been worshipped by many senior watch fans, the three questions have also really reached the altar of complex functions.
    The standard parts of the three-question function movement are configured at around 340, while ordinary watches and even slightly more complex watches have dozens and even hundreds of movement parts. More importantly, all such complicated mechanical structures are concealed in the case, and only the “shark fin” -shaped three-question slider at the 10 o’clock position on the side of the case is exposed. If the complex mechanical structure of the three-question function is the ultimate pursuit to attract some fans of mechanical watches, the three-question table itself contains such a ‘corner of the iceberg’-only a small amount of ice appears on the sea surface. In part, the overwhelming feelings of hiding in the water are the pursuit of the spiritual aspect of people’s love for it.
    Looking at the transaction records of major auctions in 2010, among the watch camps with the highest transaction prices, there are always “mindful” watches. From the Breguet 5447 platinum three-question perpetual calendar (Lot308, auctioned in New York on March 12, 2010, sold for $ 126,000) to Patek Philippe 5104 (Lot363, auctioned in New York on June 11, 2010, sold for $ 57.6), then Patek Philippe 3974 (Lot430, auctioned in Hong Kong on June 28, 2010, with a transaction price of HK $ 3.96 million)-the small bump on the side of the watch case seems to always guarantee the high price of the watch.