Hamilton’s New Code Breaker, Let Time Travel

The new Code Breaker watch is stunning and makes it seem like it has entered the world of well-written science fiction movies. This watch brings the concept of time into a whole new era, as if travelling through time to send people to the past and the future. The small and thick titanium case is like a distinctive time capsule, while other avant-garde designs also create a variety of imaginary spaces, on diverse topics such as bank security, bulldozers or spaceships .
Special effect
    Code Breaker eventually occupied an iconic position, and then he left his mark. His square case has different functions in different styles-brushed titanium, black PVD, yellow gold or rose gold PVD are all future fashion. This watch is available in two sizes and different movements-the larger one uses an automatic stopwatch movement. Many watches come with rubber straps that mimic bulldozer tracks, as if they can land anywhere at any time, even on the moon’s surface. Gold PVD with white version is a smaller automatic model, you can choose a leather strap with stitching, while the larger one is gold PVD with a dark brown Caiman strap.
Eye-catching structure
    Attention to detail is the key to creating science fiction-Code Breaker’s design obeys the same rules. The upper and lower edges of the front end of the case are decorated with tiny embossed dots. Easy-to-read Arabic numerals surround the main ring of the black or white dial, creating a unique look and creating a timeless navigation instrument. The stopwatch echoes this high-tech style. The two buttons are designed and refined by Seiko. The crown is on the right-hand end of the case. Together they form a key control platform to promote time travel.
Celebrating Science Fiction Tradition
    Hamilton has a long-term relationship with science fiction movies, and this collaboration dates back to 1968. That was when Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 was created.