Lukia’s Sweet ‘table’ Presents Women’s Dazzling Style. Yichen Lin Shoots 2017 New Spring And Summer Image Advertising Film With ‘boyfriend Perspective’

LUKIA, a metropolitan women’s watch brand under the Japanese watchmaker SEIKO, released the new LUKIA 2017 spring and summer image advertising film on the 21st. Lin Yichen, the brand’s spokesperson, changed her previous image of elegant long curly hair and made a surprise appearance in the style of the girl next door with pretty short hair. In the LUKIA spring and summer image advertising film, using the ‘boyfriend perspective’ shooting technique to record Lin Yichen’s one-day journey, Lin Yichen wearing a white off-shoulder hollow lace dress, paired with LUKIA’s good-time hollowed out mechanical watch ‘SSA826J1’, a confident smile like a star The shine is so beautiful that it’s inseparable. Just like LUKIA constantly wants to convey the concept of ‘#WOMENT’ * 1 that combines Woman and Moment. Through the accumulation of time, it brings beauty and confidence to women. Even if you are at ease, you can also dazzle.

   Another LUKIA advertising solar crystal chronograph watch “SSC840J1” is decorated with self-confidence and taste with a small pentagram and lucky grass, providing another option for women with different needs. At the same time, as the summer season comes, LUKIA also offers a summer-limited watch ‘SSVS029J’, which comes with a bracelet specially designed for LUKIA and featuring Swarovski® elements, which has become the focus of summer attention. .
LUKIA Spring / Summer Watches Shine Like Starlight
   ‘Now I Shine’ is LUKIA’s latest happiness declaration in 2017, and it is also a time gift for every new generation of women. It is hoped that women will shine at every moment. This time, LUKIA launched new models of the 2017 spring and summer series. Both models use rose gold pink color as the main color of the models to show the vitality of spring and summer. The round Arabic numerals and the staggered popular star pattern design , It highlights the playful innocence of women.

Lukia Good Times Skeleton Mechanical Watch Advertising Model SSA826J1, stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, automatic and hand-wound movement, power reserve about 41 hours, day difference + 45 ~ -35 seconds, 23 stones, 21600 revolutions.
   In the LUKIA spring and summer image advertising film, the surface of the good-time skeletonized mechanical watch ‘SSA826J1’ worn by Lin Yichen creates a romantic mood in spring and summer with light pastel colors. At 9 o’clock, the open-core hollow style allows the faceplate to see through the movement. With the ticking movement of the movement, it accompanies women to bravely advance their goals and dreams. The twelve crystals staggered with the time scale seem to enrich the time. The function of time running through the bracelet reflects the meaning of women’s self-control of life, enjoying the present life at all times, free of energy and self-confidence.

Lukia summer limited model SSVS029J, stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, waterproof 10 bar, environmentally friendly solar energy, fully charged up to six months, chronograph, and a Swarovski® element bracelet.
   To provide more choices for women with different needs, another advertising solar crystal chronograph watch ‘SSC840J1’ conveys a vibrant summer atmosphere with simple crystal time scales. The dish is dotted with rose gold pentagrams and lucky grass, symbolizing the sparkling summer and the lucky blessings dedicated to LUKIA consumers. The watch has a three-eye chronograph and date display function, which can meet the daily needs of women. With a red alligator leather strap, it instantly gathers everyone’s focus and exudes female confidence.

Lukia Solar Crystal Diamond Chronograph Advertising Model SSC840J1, stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, crocodile leather strap, waterproof 10 bar, environmental protection solar energy, fully charged up to six months of electricity, chronograph.
LUKIA summer limited edition comes with a Swarovski® bracelet
   As the perfect representative of self-confidence and intellectual charm in the hearts of lightly mature women, the brand spokesperson Lin Yichen recommends the LUKIA Summer Limited Watches that reflect the style of summer. The burgundy face plate uses 31 Swarovski crystals to line up the dazzling summer light at noon. The watch comes with a red and white crystal bracelet specially designed for LUKIA, which uses Swarovski® elements, and wears it together with LUKIA to create rich jewelry that is best for summer.

LUKIA summer limited model, model SSVS029J; the picture on the left is a red and white crystal bracelet specially designed for LUKIA with Swarovski® elements. It is worn with LUKIA to create the most suitable for summer Rich jewelry.
Gift of Time Yichen Lin’s 2017 TV commercial ‘shows’ women’s confidence #WOMENT
   SEIKO LUKIA’s new spring-summer 2017 advertising film is based on the theme of ‘Freedom! Now I Shine’, and uses the ‘boyfriend’s perspective’ shooting method to start a relaxing journey in the film. In the morning in the morning in the sun, you will roam the wide streets and grassy parks to enjoy the life. Even if you are at ease, you can have a confident smile like a star shining, beautiful. Look away. In the process of filming, Lin Yichen finally moved her conclusion to the LUKIA commercial shooting ‘We have all been stunned, we have stumbled and lost our way; but with the accumulation of time, we gradually calmly face life. All kinds of pressure; self-confidence is the best gift that time brings to a woman. ‘I hope to bring more courage to women through LUKIA’s new advertising film, blooming their own self-confidence.