Athens Limited Edition Complex Craft Watch

In the field of traditional mechanical watchmaking technology, ‘Ask Watch’ has always challenged the brand’s highest benchmark in watchmaking strength. This can be attributed to the fact that many fashion brands have competed to release tourbillon watches in recent years Rising prices and seeing clues, but there are only a handful of fashion brands capable of publishing watches, even professional watchmaking brands.

Hunting Filigree Enamel Painted Limited Watch

   In the field of top-level complex mechanical watches, the Athens watch has always played a pivotal role. The Athens watch, which has always been occupied by creative thinkers, continues to carry forward the art of enamel color drawing watches. The ‘Jungle Minute Repeater Timepiece’ launched earlier is unprecedentedly popular. Athens Watch specially launched the ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’, which continues the myth of ‘Jungle Minute Repeater’. The ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’ is equipped with a double cloisonne blue dial, which highlights the three-dimensional sense of the watch and is precious. There is a small fish hidden in the middle of the double-layer dish, showing the crocodile opening its mouth to catch the small fish. When the timekeeping function was activated, a thrilling African hunting journey began: the ferocious lion stretched out its claws and darted the little monkey, and the little monkey swung back and forth from the tree to dodge. The intricate and delicate enamel painted watch is definitely the perfect crystallization of beauty and high quality.

Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon Diamond Watch

   Over the past 20 years, Athenaeum has dedicated itself to the revival of filigree enamel-painted watch faces and has incorporated this superb skill into the ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’. The watch’s double cloisonne dial and lifelike dolls are hand-crafted with filigree enamel painting techniques. When the three-question performance is activated, the concept of time lapse is presented in a lively way, and the dual enjoyment of viewing and listening is perfectly combined, confirming the extraordinary watchmaking skills that are unparalleled. At present, only a few people in the world’s clock painting masters can make exquisite filigree enamel painting watches, whose rareness and collection value are self-evident.

Tudor Hydro Prince Charming

Tudor Hydro 1200 explores new depths in the ocean
The Emperor Helm Hydro 1200 continues the beautiful appearance of the Prince of the Sun and the deep ocean temperament. It combines high technology and excellent performance in one body. While designing boldly, it extends the waterproof function to an unprecedented depth of 1200 meters. The Tudor Hydro 1200 combines a more distinctive and independent personality, with outstanding waterproof performance, has become an eye-catching new favorite among many diving watches, and inspired the mysterious endless deep-sea plot in the heart of the contemporary elite.
所有 Like all Tudor watches, the Tudor Hydro 1200 is manufactured by the original factory in Geneva, Switzerland. The case is water-resistant to 1,200 meters, and the 3 mm-thick crystal glass surface can withstand strong pressure from the deep sea. This model is also equipped with a helium-exhaust valve, so that the gas infiltrated into the watch during the dive can be discharged through the helium-exhaust valve during decompression. Satin and polished stainless steel case, stainless steel and black ceramic strap, with safety buckle or stretch rubber strap and lock. The streamlined design pointer fully reflects the nautical style, and fully expresses the overall deep sea temperament. Black unidirectional rotating outer ring, black surface, dynamic and deep and classic.
The combination of pure Swiss watch pedigree and classic manufacturing technology makes Tudor a representative watch brand in the world. The Tudor Hydro 1200, together with other Tudor family members, contrasts with each other and continues to write outstanding classics.