2014 Baselworld Preview Of Baselworld – Arnold & Son Dte Dual Tourbillon Escape Time

ARNOLD & SON made a superb watch to celebrate its 250th anniversary, cleverly blending the brand’s strong British tradition and ingenious excellence in watchmaking, reflecting the brand’s reputation and vision look. The unique and impressive dual tourbillon escapement timepiece is a treasure of mechanical and elegant aesthetics. DTE is a masterpiece that combines symmetry, balance, and three-dimensional beauty, while reflecting forward-looking technology and ultimate precision performance. The watch is equipped with a new mechanical manual winding movement A & S8513, which displays the century-old traditional double tourbillon movement in the style of the 21st century; it is equipped with two independent time zone displays, each of which has a dedicated setting mechanism, which can Set independently; in addition, there is an independent gear train and tourbillon escapement.

ARNOLD & SON 250th Anniversary DTE Watch (Limited 28 pieces)

In addition to the dual tourbillon escapement and dual disc / dual time indication, the watch is exceptionally accurate; it not only provides the hours and minutes of local time, but also the hours and minutes of the second time zone that can be set independently. The wearer can thus obtain a precise time zone with a time difference of only one quarter of an hour or half an hour from Greenwich Mean Time. The dual barrel provides an extremely long 90-hour power reserve.
The typical ARNOLD & SON watch style is very meticulous and features superior fine watchmaking finishing. The dial is symmetrical and deep on the side of the watch. The dual time display is equipped with two domed white lacquered dials, one at 12 o’clock and the other at 6 o’clock. The two tourbillon escapements are coordinated and balanced at 3 and 9 o’clock, and they sit on the 18K red gold bridge, as if floating on the dial. These lacquered dual dials and double tourbillon escapements are decorated with ornate vertical Geneva stripe background stripe plates, and the other two crowns for setting local time and home time are at 2 and 8 o’clock. Both mainsprings are set with a crown at 2 o’clock.
DTE’s 18K red gold case has a diameter of 43.5 mm. The white dial (with Roman numerals and Arabic numerals) is equipped with blue steel hour and minute hands. The transparent sapphire crystal on the back of the watch allows the ornate nickel-silver movement to be seen at a glance. In short, this masterpiece with both tradition and innovation, technology and elegance shows that ARNOLD & SON’s watchmaking realm has reached a higher level and watchmaking achievements have reached a new level.
18K rose gold case / Exclusive A & S8513 double tourbillon mechanical movement / manual winding / dome white lacquered dial / diameter 43.5mm

Nomoshong Kong Limited Edition Sundial On Time Antique Style

NOMOS’s watchmaking technology has been integrated into the German style. The movement of the movement has reached the top level of German Glashutte, and it is now the three German watch factories approved to use Glashutte. Recently, at the request of the Hong Kong agent, NOMOS has manufactured a movement with the mark of Hong Kong Bauhinia. This limited edition is also equipped with a special sundial. Under the sun, the watch can be calibrated at any time.
The limited edition Tangent Pearl is available in black and white and is a Hong Kong version.
There are only one hundred pairs of Hong Kong-specific logos in the world, which are made in accordance with Hong Kong’s requirements.
The Hong Kong version of NOMOS Tangent is called Pearl Oriental Pearl. The watch is equipped with an Alpha manual winding movement. This movement features German-style sunburst polishing, the gear structure is simple in power transmission, and the thin movement has a 43-hour power reserve.
Tangent Pearl is different from the ordinary limited edition. Bauhinia is engraved on the movement, not the dial, and a pair of special sundial is sent. As long as the month is aligned, the sun will be indicated on the sundial Natural time, so adjust the watch time. Although it is a bit boring to do this, it will be fun to watch time become fun.
规格 Tangent Pearl Specifications
Movement: Alpha, manual winding,
43 hours power
Storage material: stainless steel
Waterproof: 30 meters
This is the effect of observing the sundial time in the sun, which is very interesting.
Align the round hole with the month and month, and point the handle to the north to get the instant sundial time.
There are many parts for the power display, but the Gamma movement can still be pushed to a thickness of about 3mm, and the design is excellent.
The movement of NOMOS varies a lot, but the prerequisite is durability.
German Glashutte rarely has a square watch, except for GO’s rectangular annual calendar watch, only NOMOS.