Black Water Ghost In The Table Rolex Submariner Calendar Series 116610ln

Rolex is an immortal classic in the hearts of watch fans. This can be seen from the idiom ‘one time and forever’ created by the cousin. Rolex is also a goal in Xiaobian’s heart. Its simple and consistent watchmaking style allows people to calm down and slowly appreciate the taste. Today is the legendary Rolex ‘Black Water Ghost’. Although it is not as high-profile as Green Water Ghost, it still has its loyal fans.
 The Rolex Submariner 116610LN is equipped with a screw-in bezel. It is made of tough ceramic and has extremely strong corrosion resistance. The gear-like outer ring enhances friction. Using the latest 904L stainless steel case and strap, the 40MM black dial is classic and calm. The snake-eye pointer has been changed to a Mercedes-Benz hand, and all 11 indexes have a white luminous coating. The time is clearly visible through the transparent sapphire glass. The screw-down crown has the classic Rolex logo on it, to be honest it really looks like five matches. The dense back of the case further enhances its water resistance.
 The classic oyster-like appearance, with a cool black ceramic bezel. This is the Black Water Ghost, a heavy and stable watch, a watch that has attracted much attention and love.

 The 116610LN watch’s oyster case has enhanced three-proof features, which can resist dust, water, and shock, and not everyone can open this case. To open this oyster case, you must 5 Newton / M torque is ok. Such a casing can protect the movement and its accuracy, which is enough to make people trust. In order to protect the movement from water and sand, the crown uses a triple-locked crown. After tightening, the oyster case can be completely sealed, just like the sealed door of a submarine. The unidirectional rotating outer ring allows divers to accurately record the diving time. The only one-way rotation is to avoid miscalculating the watering time and oxygen balance. The waterproof effect of 300M and the protection of the oyster shell make it the first choice for outdoor sports. The jumping calendar and Rolex’s personalized blister calendar window can clearly see the date.
The function is the same as other diving watches, but the pressure resistance is unparalleled. Whether it is the waterproof support of the case or the solid material, it makes the water ghost different from other diving watches.

 This Rolex 116610LN ‘Black Water Ghost’ watch uses the 3135 movement certified by the Swiss Observatory. Speaking of the 3135 movement, it is of special significance to Rolex. It was launched in 1988 and is known as the king of Rolex movements. . This title does not come out of thin air. Rolex has not achieved much in the movement. The main achievement lies in some parts. And 3135 is one of Rolex’s few self-produced movements, and it has been used so far, without major changes during the period, maintaining the original flavor. The balance of the 3135 movement has two sets of fine-tuning screws to balance the balance’s swing. The Breguet balance spring and Rolex’s patented blue paramagnetic balance spring are used to improve the shock resistance and anti-magnetic performance of the oscillation system. The KIF shock absorber is applied to the wheel. Compared with the most common Inka 100 shock absorber, it has an azimuth stability, while the balance plate is applied with a bridge design and fixed with two screws. For optimal stability. With a diameter of 28.5 mm and a thickness of 6.00 mm, the overall feel seems a bit heavy, but the internal grinding is commendable.
In general, the 3135 movement is an automatic movement that Rolex is proud of. It has stable performance and strong anti-magnetic and anti-collision capabilities. It is one of the most used Rolex movements.
All in all, the 116610LN watch continues the classic elements of the Rolex Submariner series, but most importantly, it uses a classic black and white dial, a durable and durable stainless steel bracelet, and uses Rolex’s proud 3135 machine. The core not only makes the watch exquisite, but also has absolutely stable performance, which is suitable for the general public. ‘The Rolex’s traditional oyster shell is perfectly displayed on it. The ceramic bezel and the three-proof case make it completely feel the external stimulus and ensure the operating environment of the movement. The black water ghost’ is not like It is as stylish as Green Water Ghost, it only has classic and low-key, this kind of labor is definitely the beloved choice of labor fans. And compared to the green ghost, the nigger is not only wild, but also not as difficult to start, and the price is slightly lower, it is indeed a good daily table.
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