Extraordinary Small Fresh Casio Volkswagen Pointer Series Recommended

From the selfie artifact to the watch, Casio embodies eclectic personality. Casio watches have always been the best choice for the people. Not only are they excellent in performance, but they are also cheaper. People who like them do not have to look up to Swiss watches, but can throw out hundreds of them generously, ‘Give me a piece’ .
¬†Casio’s electronic watches were all over the world. Even now, there are still many fans. The Casio Volkswagen pointer series is its classic series. There are many watches with complicated functions, as well as simple and stylish classic models. Today, we will introduce a common watch of the Volkswagen pointer series, the official model LTP-1292D-2A.

This watch is made of silver silver stainless steel, which is durable. The dial is light blue, revealing a fresh and elegant atmosphere. The classic round dial is never out of date. The hour markers are reflected in individual figures, with black scales and diamonds on the periphery, which are very beautiful. The most characteristic should be the design of one big, one small and two butterflies at four or five o’clock, adding a touch of liveliness to the entire plate. The butterfly adopts a lighter blue, which contrasts with the face of the plate, which is fresh and refined. The round calendar window display function at three o’clock is closer to the rest of life and looks quite round, which is very suitable for women.

The official price of this watch is 598 yuan, which is definitely a very personal existence. Because of Casio’s precision craftsmanship, good performance experience, and beautiful and elegant design, this watch has added a lot of points. This high-end user with a simple calendar display function that requires complex functions, or who wants to understand the movement’s technology, may not be suitable. Most of its watches use light kinetic energy and quartz movements, mainly electronic watches. However, if there is no requirement for movement technology, just for daily wear, this Casio watch is definitely a good choice.
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