Roger Dubuis Mother’s Day Collection Dedicated To The Greatest Woman

As Roman Roland said: ‘Motherly love is a huge flame.’ The light and heat it emits gives us infinite hope and courage. With a smile, Gu Panshenghui, raising his hand and throwing his feet, is filled with the charm that has accumulated over the years, and what expresses is the greatness and purity of that motherly love. Carrying infinite gratefulness for mother, Roger Dubuis is grateful to recommend Excalibur 36 King Series Joaillerie Jewelry Watch and Velvet 36 Gold Series Diamond Watch, to give a great motherly love, to tell mother with love and miss.

 Roger Dubuis Excalibur 36 King Series Joaillerie Jewellery Watch

 This watch embodies Roger Dubuis’ iconic avant-garde spirit, simple but not simple. The bezel is set with 48 diamonds, totaling 0.99 carats. With the brilliance of diamonds and the softness of rose gold, it shows the ultimate luxury charm and gorgeous charm. A rhodium-plated satin sunburst complements the rose gold ring. The exquisitely slender black transfer Roman numerals and the small snail-shaped seconds dial at 6 o’clock show the distinctive features of the brand.

 Roger Dubuis Velvet 36 gold watch

 The courageous beauty and natural beauty of the Velvet Masterpieces make them passionate. This watch embodies the innate charm and elegance of Roger Dubuis like a peerless masterpiece. The watch is equipped with a beautiful mechanical movement. The vivid line design is the best interpretation of force and beauty. The unique design gives the Velvet famous models a unique charm. The iconic lugs perfectly integrate the strap with the 36mm case. The case between the round and barrel-shaped case brings unique aesthetics never seen before, charming curves and strong aesthetics, bold and sophisticated style.