The New Aviation Chronograph Astronaut Watch Is On The Market

On May 24, 1962, the Breitling Aviation Chronograph Navitimer became the world’s first chronograph to travel in space. It accompanied and witnessed the journey of the ‘Aurora 7’ capsule to conquer space. On May 24, 2012, Breitling launched the new Navitimer Cosmonaute, the world’s first chronograph astronaut watch, equipped with a new homemade 02 movement, limited to 1962 pieces. On this memorable day, Beijing, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Moscow, Madrid, all around the world celebrate the 50th anniversary of Breitling’s first flight to space and pay tribute to the legend.
[Beijing] Reappearing the classic legend and witnessing glorious achievements
    From May 24th to June 3rd, 2012, the world premiere of Breitling Aviation Chronograph Astronaut Watches and the entire watch exhibition were held at Chow Tai Fook Watches Asia’s largest flagship store. Located in the most prosperous Qianmen Commercial Street in Beijing, the Breitling Aviation-themed display window facing the street on the first floor of the store has a distinctive style and sophisticated watch display, attracting many visitors to stop and watch. Dreamy space background, cool handsome flying helmet, as if talking about the legend and passion of aviation chronograph astronaut watches.
    Stepping into the ‘space capsule’ on the third floor, it feels like being in vast expanses of outer space, and Breitling’s exquisite watches are undoubtedly the brightest stars in the dark universe. Breitling’s entire collection of dazzling watches revolves around the new aerospace chronograph astronaut watch. It carefully engraves the Breitling watch worn by American astronaut Scott Carpenter during his space journey in 1962, as if crossing For half a century, the glorious and glorious space journey was opened for the guests, sharing Breitling’s wrist situation.
[New York / Toronto / Tokyo / Moscow / Madrid] Global celebration of the 50th anniversary of Breitling’s first flight to space
    On May 24, 2012, the Breitling New York flagship store was decorated with space elements. The store was nearly 8 meters high on the street, and in front of the huge publicity poster of the 1962 space trip, the ‘Aurora 7’ space capsule more than 3 meters high was displayed. The engraved model, of course, is all carefully designed for the launch of the new Breitling Aviation Chronograph Astronaut Watch. American astronauts Scott Carpenter, American Space Shuttle Captain Mark Kelly and Russian astronaut Sergey Volkov also visited the event. At the scene, celebrate the 50th anniversary of Breitling’s first flight to space. On the same day, a celebration ceremony was held in La Swiss store on Bloor Street, Toronto, Canada, to relive the great feat half a century ago.

    From May 25th to 27th, 2012, the annual Breitling Club’s most anticipated membership salon was held in Tokyo as scheduled. In addition to the new Basel 2012 products, the biggest highlight of the salon is the new Breitling Aerochronograph Astronaut Watch, which has just been launched globally. More than 3,500 guests came to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Breitling’s first flight to space. Member salons will also be held in Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka one after another this month. It is expected that more than 8,000 guests will come to visit.
    In Russia, Gum department store on the east side of Moscow Red Square is one of the world’s top ten department stores. On May 30, 2012, the celebration of Breitling took place in this beautiful and historic shopping mall. Russian national hero, astronaut Sergey Volkov, was again invited to the celebration. activity.
    On May 31, 2012, the celebration ceremony in Spain took place in the Madrid Stock Exchange, which has a history of more than 100 years, and attended the 50th anniversary of the first flight of Breitling in space. Karanka).

2013 Basel-mb & F Megawind Proves That Time And Power Can Have Both

Time and Motivation-Who Says You Can’t Have Both? From the iconic HM3 series, MEGAWIND with 22k yellow gold and titanium alloy automatic discs, with high-definition time display cone surface, stands out from the complex asymmetric case, like a truncated gilt boulder.
The time display cone is located in the double-gold and sapphire crystal flat cone mirror, which can display the hour (left) and minute (right), clearly displayed from the sides of the cone and its flat cone cover angle.
However, even though the case of the three-dimensional sculpture is eye-catching, the hand-made giant Tomahawk-shaped automatic disc is unhurried, and the constant rotation is even more eye-catching.
As they rotate, the sturdy, lightweight high-tech titanium alloy rotating arms show the beautiful appearance of the oscillating balance wheel from time to time.
Uncontrollable power is useless, MEGAWIND can achieve the perfect harmony between the two.
MEGAWIND with a beautifully shaped HM3 engine designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. The automatic dial and the governor are placed on the side of the dial, and the movement needs to be inverted. This is thanks to two large high-tech ceramic bearings-visible through the back of the display cone-to effectively pass the time to the hourly cone that rotates above. This size and shape of the semi-circular turntable presents many technical challenges. Time-division discs are manufactured from a single piece of aluminum with the best strength-to-weight ratio, minimizing energy requirements.
Looking closely at the case, you can find that it includes more than 50 independent components, each of which is carefully carved and pleasing to the eye, including the chamfered border of the crystal display of the automatic dial, which can capture and reflect flashes to enhance visual effects; customization Clover gold screws and cleverly integrated lugs to attach the strap.
MEGAWIND is available in rose gold with a 22k rose gold rotor or white gold with a sky blue 22k yellow gold rotor.

The original HM3 was designed to show a beautifully crafted rotating movement, and MEGAWIND followed the same principle

Inspiration and practice:
Refined bridges, fast-swinging balance wheels, transmissions, and MB & F’s iconic Tomahawk-shaped automatic discs are all visible from the side of the dial. This allows the wearer to fully appreciate the art and craftsmanship of the HM3 engine, drawing viewers to this highly complex engine, which includes more than 300 precision-machined high-precision parts.
The HM3’s movement is completely upside-down, allowing the wearer to view the complete picture of the extremely beautiful arcs and high-speed swinging balance wheel of the 22K gold and titanium alloy automatic disc. Entrusting Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and the Agenhor team at the 2007 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award for Best Watchmaker, he turned Max Büsser and designer Eric Giroud’s drawings into reality, and he successfully completed this challenging task.
Cut a piece of aluminum into a thin, time-division tapered surface like a piece of paper. The tapered surface is covered with a three-dimensional truncated gold and sapphire crystal glass surface, and the perfect combination is achieved by brazing technology. Brazing is a high-temperature welding technology with beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable structure, and excellent waterproof performance.
Giant Auto Disk:
The original inspiration for the large automatic disc and the MEGAWIND name came from Finnish independent watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva (co-founder of MB & F MoonMachine). The iconic MB & F tomahawk-shaped automatic dial on the dial uses two 22K gold blades to create a mysterious automatic dial, which looks completely symmetrical and balanced, without deviation, and defeats the principles of physics. The underside of the gold blade is precisely machined so that it reaches a very thin edge to reduce mass and achieve a mysterious effect.
Ceramic bearings:
The time hand is usually located on the top of the movement or on the side of the dial. The inversion of the HM3’s movement can show the operation process, so an effective solution is needed to transfer the power from the bottom of the movement to the chronograph cone on the top. The standard pinion set in jewellery requires friction and complex transmissions, and it needs to support the top and bottom, which will increase the height of the movement and thus the thickness of the watch.
Therefore, the HM3 uses two large-diameter (15 mm) high-tech ceramic bearings instead of the standard gem pinion. Due to their large diameter, these bearings minimize the frictional forces that induce gear rotation. At the same time, due to the ultra-high precision design and manufacturing, only one end (the movement) is required to reduce the thickness of the movement.

MEGAWIND-technical specifications
Jean-Marc Wiederrecht / AGENHOR designed three-dimensional watch engine; SOWIND oscillating parts and gear transmission chain
28,800 bph
Automatic disk is divided into three parts: titanium alloy wheel, 22K gold outer section and 4 rivets
Time indication via ceramic ball bearings
Number of jewels: 36 (all related to functions)
Number of parts: 270
Hours with a cone
Minutes with a cone
18k White Gold / Titanium or 18k Rose Gold / Titanium
Screw-down crown
Dimensions (excluding crown and lugs): 47x50x17 mm
Number of case parts: 52
Sapphire crystal:
Sapphire cone and front and back crystal mirrors are anti-reflective on both sides
Strap and buckle:
Black hand-stitched crocodile leather strap with custom-designed folding clasp in 18k yellow gold and titanium.
MB & F-The Origin of the Concept Lab
Working with top watchmaking companies for fifteen years, the project that made Maximilian Büsser most interesting and satisfying was working with talented independent watchmakers; he therefore wanted to create his own utopia: create a company, and Talented professionals work together to design and create advanced concept watches in limited series, and these professionals must be people he admires and is willing to cooperate with. Maximilian Büsser’s strengths are entrepreneurial.
MB & F is not a watch brand, but a concept laboratory of art and micromechanics. It brings together a group of independent watch professionals each year to design and create advanced Horological Machines models. MB & F respects but is not limited to tradition, so it can act as a catalyst, combining traditional high-quality watchmaking technology, as well as cutting-edge technology and avant-garde three-dimensional carving craftsmanship.
MB & F’s first watch, Horological Machine No1 (HM1), was launched in 2007 and showcased the concept of a 3D three-dimensional watch. Then came HM2 in 2008 and HM3 in 2009, both inspired by science fiction. HM4 Thunderbolt was born in 2010 and is considered by many to be MB & F’s boldest design to date. Horological Machine No1 launched a new watch collection inspired by traditional design in 2011. The HM5 On the Road Again, inspired by the 1970s, debuted in 2012.
MB & F is a laboratory created by independents for independents.
Maximilian Büsser Biography
Maximilian Büsser was born in Milan, Italy, and later moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, where he spent his youth. He grew up in a multicultural environment and family. His father was a Swiss diplomat and he met Indian mothers in Mumbai. Maximilian thus cultivated a broad cross-cultural mindset to face his life and career.
In July 2005, the 38-year-old Büsser created the world’s first watch concept brand: MB & F (Maximilian Büsser and friends). The current partner is Serge Kriknoff. Maximilian’s dream is to create his own brand MB & F, working with a small creative team to develop advanced watch concepts, and the creative team is composed of people who are willing to cooperate.
Entrepreneurship is the strength of Maximilian Büsser. He was only 31 years old in 1998 and has been Managing Director of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces, the top watch company in Geneva. During his 7-year tenure, Mr. Büsser was responsible for strategy formulation, product development, product marketing, and fostering a global distribution network, as well as integrating the company’s internal design, R & D and manufacturing departments to assist the company to grow into a mature and respected high-end watch Brand. Its efforts not only increased its turnover by 900%, but Harry Winston became one of the leading brands in the highly competitive watch industry.
Maximilian Büsser’s love for haute horlogeries has long left an indelible mark on his Jaeger-LeCoultre (JLC). In the 1990s, as a member of the senior management team for 7 years, JLC’s performance has improved significantly, and its turnover has increased tenfold. Mr. Büsser’s responsibility at Jaeger-LeCoultre ranges from ‘Product Management and R & D’ to ‘European Sales and Marketing’.
Mr. Büsser graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne in 1991 with a master’s degree in microtechnology engineering.

Jaquet Droz Golden Eagle Tit Mother’s Day Warm Gift

There are many moving emotions in the world, but the everlasting mother love is the most worthy of praise. No matter how many years of change and baptism, the radiance of maternal love still shakes people’s hearts. Jaquet Droz presents an elegant gift that pays tribute to her mother’s brilliance, turning the heart of gratitude into a gentle and gentle timepiece on the wrist, recording every moment in the life of a loving mother.

 Petite Heure Minute Relief

 The protagonist of the Petite Heure Minute Relief is a pair of lifelike tits sculpted in gold. It stands on a tree branch. The nest is a young bird waiting to be fed, which is the greatest selflessness of motherhood in nature. Performance. Jacques Dro has carried forward the precious scene of birds in the Jura Valley with a century-old unique handicraft, and launched two Petite Heure Minute Relief watches, which are new masterpieces of decorative arts. . Jacques Dro’s sculptor carved relief pictographs with simple geometric lines on antique gold, with exquisite shapes and vivid pictures, which meticulously depicts the titling’s agility and the change of feather colors. The eccentric hour dial and minute dial bring more full creative space. The unique and unique design of the Petite Heure Minute Relief watch highlights the brand’s perfect interpretation of taste, creativity and skill.

Parameters: 18K rose gold material / automatic movement / mother-of-pearl dial / 41mm diameter / limited to 8 pieces