Tissot Officially Refuses To Provide After-sales Service, Jd Is Accused Of Selling Parallel Imports

Some users have reported to reporters a few days ago. Although the Swiss Tissot watch purchased at JD Mall recently had a warranty card, the officially authorized brick-and-mortar store refused to provide after-sales service and called it ‘ldquo’ Non-genuine & rdquo ;, can only go to the designated repair point of Jingdong Mall, or go to a third party for repair at your own expense.
The reporter then visited the Tissot authorized store on the basement floor of Zhongguancun Shopping Center. The staff showed the Tissot watch warranty card to the reporter. The first page showed the Tissot International statement, stating that Tissot’s international warranty terms and after-sales service were only available from Tissot. For customers who buy Tissot watches at retailers, any Tissot watch sold by unauthorized dealers (especially online) may be imitations, stolen goods or defective products. Therefore Tissot assumes no responsibility.
Staff said that Tissot watches sold in online stores such as JD.com and Zhuoyue are mostly cheaper than physical stores, but they are basically old models and cannot enjoy after-sales repair services. They only provide two-year-old machines for watches sold at Tissot authorized outlets. Core warranty, daily maintenance and other global warranty services. At the same time, Tissot officials are tracing the source of Tissot watches from unknown channels appearing in the online mall, claiming that they may come from Northeast China.
Tissot China official said in an interview with reporters that Tissot watches currently sold on the Internet have not been officially authorized by Tissot. Because the source cannot be verified, Tissot (China) does not provide global after-sales service.
However, the reporter called Jingdong Mall customer service and was informed that the products sold by Jingdong Mall are ‘original genuine’. If consumers have purchased quality problems, they can use the warranty card and invoices to go to the designated repair point to enjoy after-sales service. .
It is understood that Jingdong Mall CEO Liu Qiangdong has previously stated that Jingdong Mall has never sold a fake and parallel imports product. Currently, all 3C products are directly accessed through formal channels in cooperation with brand manufacturers.