Three-day Chain Is The Most Straightforward To See A.Lange & Söhne Lange 1815 Up/Down

1815 is the era when humans began to use scientific knowledge flexibly and entered the beginning of modern society. Therefore, the 1815 series not only inherited the long tradition of the brand, but also represented With the Lange watch factory, a new era of German watchmaking was created. In 1995, Lange A. Lange & Söhne launched the first 1815 watch inspired by the famous pocket watch logo design. 18 years later, Lange added two new members to the 1815 family, including the masterpiece 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar, and the main character of this article ——1815 Up / Down.

Feature one: simple and symmetrical face plate
The 1815 Up / Down is available in 18K yellow, white and rose gold versions, all equipped with a silver-white solid silver faceplate. The brand uses the most advanced materials and craftsmanship, which will come from Ferdinando. Adolf. Lange and his sons created the essence of early-produced pocket watches at the Lange watch factory and blended them into watches in a modern way. The setting of the 1815 Up / Down panel is simple and orderly, and the essence of Lange’s large pocket watches is infiltrated everywhere-Arabic numerals, minute track orbits, blue steel hands, and small, symmetrically arranged small power displays dial.

The functional dial arrangement, black Arabic numerals, track minute scales and other elements in the silver-white solid silver dial also inherit the simple and clear design of the Lange 1815 series models, paying tribute to this traditional model with the evolution of details

Feature two: the word “moving to store” is in German style
The watch’s self-made L051.2 caliber gives it three days of power reserve, and indicates the remaining execution time before winding the watch with a blue needle. The last two cells are marked in red to remind that there are only 6 hours of power left. . The two ends of the scale are marked with ‘AUF’ and ‘AB’, which represent the condition that the mainspring is fully wound and fully released. This patented device refers to 1879. Ferdinand A. Lange’s grandson Otto Lange is a slender wrist The planetary gear system of the invention, when the system is combined with the movement, can advance the display without taking up additional vertical space. The same technology is used for the 1815 Up / Down power reserve display.

The 1815 Up / Down has a 3-day moving reserve display, in which the last 6 hours scale is displayed in red squares to remind the user that the mainspring is almost completely released (AB), while the relative ‘AUF’ represents a fully wound condition

Feature 3: The movement is still a big deal
On the machine side, the 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver is equipped with two new gold sleeves, showing a power reserve device, while the size of the movement remains the same as the 1815 model without this system. ——30.6mm in diameter and 4.6mm in thickness; under the hand-carved balance wheel plywood, there is a classic screw balance and pointerless oscillation system (the balance spring has a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour. Gooseneck trimming system) to ensure accurate vibration frequency.

The movement features many Lange technical features, including chamfered and polished sides, 3/4 plywood with Glashütte threads, gold sleeves secured by blue steel screws, and polished escapement wheel plywood tail End pieces, and winding gears on the splint

1815 Up / Down

Rose gold material / L051.2 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / stop-second device / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 39mm / reference price: 190,000 RMB

The World Depicted: Design Inspiration For Classic Watches

Learners will not only praise the design and technology of a watch, but also wonder the story behind it. Some designs and technologies fully demonstrate the designer’s aesthetic skills, while others are designed to reflect what we now often call “design for function”, and some technologies may draw on the beauty of architecture or other fields, above the dial. Make another gesture … The classic story is endlessly memorable, and the story behind the design has become a good source of talk between cousins. If you don’t carry a few, you can’t justify it anyway!
1 Design and design cross-border!
Any world can be painted on the dial
    Whether you believe or not, any design can be naturally connected and become integrated. This principle is absolutely delicious and delicious in the creation of watches. At the beginning of designing a watch, a watch designer draws inspiration from the design of other fields, making the watch dial a new carrier of presentation. It is also the reason for borrowing from the design of different fields. Design and design have been completed time and again. A cross-border cooperation. Architecture, military, racing, art … When the design of one signboard becomes the initiator of another, the story becomes more moving.

Mido Perfection 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch
    In 2002, the designers of Mido watch created the perfect collection inspired by the Colosseum in Rome. The entire series of watches emphasizes the beauty and layering of a classic building, which is both low-key and full of detail. After ten years of this year’s perfect series, it has already become one of Mido’s flagship series. The brand launched 1,000 limited edition watches as a memorial. The observatory-certified movement guarantees the travel time, the engraved arena of the arena is meticulously carved on the bottom of the table, and the dial’s unique contours are displayed with Roman numerals.
Source of inspiration: Colosseum

IWC Mark 17 Pilot’s Watch
    In the cockpit of the Ju 52 aircraft of the 1930s, many instruments will definitely dazzle you, but because the display size in the cabin is large enough and arranged in order, against the matt black background, the white pointer and indicators covered with luminous materials are special. Dazzling, can be clearly read at any time … these are the sources of design ideas for IWC pilot watches. The design of the flight watch is inspired by the cockpit of the flight instrument. This sounds like the most taken for granted. Aside from the performance, the pilot watch is large and eye-catching, and it is backed by special aviation materials. It is also a rare sport. Look, now there are more and more fans of IWC, the pilot series should not be missed.
Source of inspiration: Instrument panel of an aircraft cockpit

Cartier Tank watch
    In the early years of the 20th century, Cartier devoted a lot of energy to designing watches, and wanted to solve the case can be ‘seamlessly connected’ to the strap, and designed a simple, integrated case and lugs, which became the strap extend. The Tank watch is the result of research. It is said that Mr. Louis Cartier took inspiration from the top view of the military tank and personally designed the Tank. The vertical lugs on both sides represent the tank tracks, and the case represents the main body of the tank. This free and elegant design co-exists on men’s and women’s watches, and it turns out that it has no gender restrictions and is fully paid by consumers! This year is the year of Cartier’s British tank. If you are also dumped by this smooth and simple design, it is time to start.
Source of inspiration: design styles for military tanks

Mido Great Wall Watch
    In 2012, Mido launched a new series ‘Great Wall’. This series of praises for the Great Wall are all displayed on the dial design. The inset white minute bezel on the dial is like the engraved time on the Great Wall. The hour scale is dotted with nickel-plated metal, as if the beacon passed the years, and the atmosphere is stable. It is equipped with a high-level observatory-certified movement, which is also very cost-effective.
Source of inspiration: Great Wall of China

Seiko Ananta Painted Facebook Automatic Chronograph
    As the most unique form of performance in Japan, Kabuki performances use exquisite and beautiful stage settings and costumes, allowing people to experience the ancient Japanese tradition with a long history. All performers are painted with detailed facial masks to emphasize inner emotions with exaggerated lines and vivid colors. This kind of art called ‘Kumadori’ is the inspiration for the Ananta series of watches. The bold and sharp line design and the super smooth Zaratsu (grinding method) show the connection between the watch and Japanese culture. The black lacquered dial is hand-drawn by the famous Maki-e artist Tamura Ikuna, which sets off a seemingly three-dimensional bright red ring, which is worthy of good taste.
Source of inspiration: Japanese Kabuki culture
2 At first glance
Unforgettable is the best label for watches
    For a consumer who has no common sense about clocks, what attracts him to stay for a few seconds for a watch is 100% of the watch design. What’s more, this design has enough to say It’s a story that sounds interesting. Tissot’s ‘Banana’ watch, Jakodro’s ‘8’ dial, Movado’s museum face … these are enough to make people feel good design, but also contains wonderful paragraphs. Neither will be indifferent to it.

Bvlgari Serpenti watch
    Speaking of Bvlgari Serpenti series watches, you may not know which one, but when you see this spirit snake design, almost no one knows where it came from, which has already become a symbol of the brand. The picture shows this year’s new watch. The most traditional gold craftsmanship is used to create an 18K gold strap. Black or white spirit snake scales are set with bright cut diamonds. The build process is very complicated, but the effect on the wrist is unparalleled.
Classic design: snake body
How to wear it properly
    Never put your fingers together to drill into the ‘snake’, you must wrap the watch around the wrist from the tail of the snake.

Tissot Classic
    Even for the average Chinese consumer, Tissot has so many familiar watches, but the most intriguing of them is the hard journey of the classic “Banana” watch between Russia and Switzerland in 1917. At that time, a diplomat who played an important role in Russia purchased a Tissot “Banana” watch. After the Great Revolution broke out, the situation was very chaotic. He tried to find ways to return the watch to Tissot for maintenance and repair. An important position in my mind. This story inspired Tissot’s designers and became the inspiration for the new Tissot Prince classic collection. Today, the ‘Banana’ watch returns under the name of ‘Prince Tissot Classic Watch’, and it will surely become a legendary collection.
Classic design: the return of the ‘Banana’ watch

Jacques de Grande Seconde
    As early as the 18th century, Chinese emperors and dignitaries have begun to collect Pierre Jacques Dro’s masterpieces of watches and clocks, and the 8 characters in China, especially in the southern coastal trading port cities, have always had a good omen fortune-making To better open the Chinese market, and the 8 characters on the brand dial fit this point, all Grande Seconde series watches have this attitude: On the same dial, the hour and minute display set at 12 o’clock and 6 The seconds display at the dot shows the pan-hug hug, which makes this series overflow with poetic nature. And the ‘8’ dial composed of these two display dials is not only the main magic and feature of Jacques Dro watch factory, but also an auspicious number that the brand has always adhered to.
Classic design: ‘8’ inner dial design on the dial

Movado Red Museum Watch
    If you love all the minimalist things, you must not miss the Movado watch. Its famous ‘Museum Dial’ has been born for 65 years and is still popular among watch fans all over the world. In 1947, Mr. Nathan Georges Howett, an artist of the Bauhaus school, designed this surface. No number can be seen on the dial. Only a single origin point at 12 o’clock symbolizes the noon sun. This unprecedented pure design in the history of watches and clocks made this dial selected as a permanent collection by the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1960, becoming the first dial to receive this honor in history, and is still considered a model of modernist design. The picture shows this year’s new model. On the basic museum surface, it depicts three different views of the entire earth from an alien view.
Classic design: museum faceplate design
3 ‘Designed for function’
The most worthy product of modern watchmaking
    ‘Design for function’ literally means that this design is not just a dazzling detail, but also provides substantial services or a certain function for the entire product. It not only achieves visual enjoyment, but also has practical functions. How do small details serve the entire watch? Was it aware of this service function at the beginning of design? The answer is of course yes, they are destined to mark the history of watchmaking from the beginning.

Montblanc Nicholas Kaiser skeleton double time zone display chronograph
    In 1821, Nicholas Kaiser invented the first chronograph instrument. Two enamel chronograph dials were driven by a movement. The dials had minute and second scales, each of which had a fixed pointer and needle.