Earl Limelight Dancing Light Strung The Joy Of The Four Seasons

Spring sent away the back of winter, indicating that summer and autumn are approaching. The Piaget Limelight Dancing Light series transforms the seasons into whimsy and reveals the mystery of time. Rapidly swirling flowers, bees, leaves, and snowflakes dot the dial, and the streamers dance hand-in-hand with charming dance steps, as promised by nature to change the face all year round.
 The concealed rotating device on the watch conveys the countless talents and gold craftsmanship of the earl. The decorative theme carefully crafted with precious metal materials dances beautifully on the wrist with the movement of the limbs. It adds endless vitality to the finely set mother-of-pearl dial that describes the four seasons of fairy tale fairyland. This is undoubtedly born of Piaget’s creative talents, a low-key but meticulous craftsmanship.
 In the spring, waking up in the idyllic landscape, the light butterflies, covered with precious metal polished color or jewellery inlaid feathers, fluttering among the flowers that are collaged by pink and green mother-of-pearl; in summer, the diamonds are concentric Under the sun that the dial symbolizes, it shines with a radiant ray of light. The gold bee hoveres in the cornucopia dotted with wheat ears in the clear sky lined with blue mother-of-pearl. In autumn, a colorful rhythm quietly moves. As for autumn leaves made of white gold, rose gold, and gold, polished or inlaid with gemstones, the waltz danced freely on the dance floor set by the violet mother-of-pearl dial; in winter, the end of the colorful year ended The rhyme feet, delicate polished or colorful gem-set snowflakes, perform a dreamy ballet, carefully arranged steps, elegantly sprinkled on the blue mother-of-pearl dial shining in the cold light of the snow. Those snowflakes that are carefully plated with fluorescent colors magnify the magical charm of the night, and the brilliance of diamonds also renders a charming coolness for winter.
 Elegant and energetic, the new Limelight Dancing Light series is the new gem of Piaget with great artistic sense and superb craftsmanship. The Limelight Dancing Light series has a 39 mm case with a white silk strap. The change of time and the feminine femininity with the change of the four seasons are perfectly reflected in the wonderful creations of this series.

Limelight Dancing Light
Four Seasons Watch-Spring
18K white gold case, 39 mm diameter
Set with 128 beautiful diamonds (about 1.7 carats)
Green and pink mother-of-pearl dial
Buckle set with 15 diamonds (about 0.1 carat)
Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref. G0A36159
Limelight Dancing Light
Four Seasons Watch-Summer
18K white gold case, 39 mm diameter
Set with 72 beautiful diamonds (about 1.6 carats)
Sky blue and white mother-of-pearl dial
Set with 101 beautiful diamonds (about 0.3 carats)
Buckle set with 15 diamonds (about 0.1 carat)
Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref. G0A36160

Limelight Dancing Light
Four Seasons Watch-Autumn
18K white gold case, 39 mm diameter
Set with 126 beautiful diamonds (about 1.8 carats)
Violet mother-of-pearl dial with gold leaf
Buckle set with 15 diamonds (about 0.1 carat)
Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref. G0A36161
Limelight Dancing Light
Four Seasons Watch-Winter
18K white gold case, 39 mm diameter
Set with 72 beautiful diamonds (about 1.1 carats)
Blue mother-of-pearl dial
Buckle set with 15 diamonds (about 0.1 carat)
Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement
Ref. G0A36162

Exquisite Artistic Experience Three Tourbillon Watches Recommended

The tourbillon was originally developed for pocket watches. Since the invention of the tourbillon by Abraham Louis Breguet in 1801, the tourbillon has been a rare and unique complication. Today’s tourbillon is infecting us with its exquisite art sense, even if it is no longer so obvious, but the exquisite beauty brought by the tourbillon is still deeply loved by table friends, today the watch home is Everyone recommends three tourbillon watches to appreciate the beauty of their design.

Parmigiani KALPA Series PFH150-1032500-HA3121

Product model: PFH150-1032500-HA3121
Watch diameter: 44.7×37.2 mm
Case thickness: 11.5 mm
Movement type: manual winding
Movement model: PF500
Power reserve: 168 hours or more
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: parmigiani / 66129 /

Watch review: The dial of this watch is made of agate gold glass, which naturally contains copper. The glittering dial is like the starry sky at night, starry. The rose gold case is inlaid with elongated diamonds and ‘starlight’, and the crescent design at the tip of the rose gold second hand is like a crescent moon under the vast starry sky, exuding a soft light. At the six o’clock position of the dial, the 30-second tourbillon runs smoothly and smoothly. The 30-second tourbillon is the world’s first, which doubles the compensation for the influence of gravity and improves the stability of the movement speed. The PF500 manual winding movement is equipped with a double barrel mounted in series, with a power of up to 168 hours. The movement bridge is manually chamfered to create an amazing light and shadow effect.

Richard Mille Men’s Collection RM53-01PABLOMACDONOUGH

Product model: RM53-01PABLOMACDONOUGH
Watch diameter: 44.5×49.94 mm
Case thickness: 6.35 mm
Movement type: manual winding
Movement model: RM53-01
Power reserve: 70 hours
Case material: TPT carbon fiberWater-resistant depth: 50 meters
Watch details: richardmille / 59959 /

Watch reviews: This watch is full of sportiness and vitality, but the watch’s powerful shock absorption is the trump card. The watch uses carbon fiber material and bullet-proof glass, a solid TPT carbon fiber case, laminated sapphire crystal The watch mirror and the suspended steel cable of the fixed movement can effectively reduce the damage caused by huge impacts and accidental collisions to the watch, even if the tourbillon has one of the three complicated functions.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 26343CE.OO.1247CE.01

Product model: 26343CE.OO.1247CE.01
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 13.2 millimeters
Movement type: manual winding
Movement model: Calibre 2936 self-produced movement
Power reserve: 72 hours
Case material: Black ceramic
Water resistance: 20 meters
Watch details: aibi / 65203 /

Watch review: This watch is 44 mm in diameter, has a black ceramic case, a modern cut-out decoration and a satin-finished black dial with the same color sub dial. Fluorescent three-dimensional hour markers in white gold and Royal Oak hands stand out on the all-black dial. The tourbillon at six o’clock on the dial is embellished with fuchsia diamonds of various sizes, bringing more space to the watch. The overall shape of the watch is tough and stylish, and the rich black makes people wonder. The watch uses Calibre 2936’s self-produced movement and provides a 72-hour power reserve.

In summary: these three watches are like exquisite works of art, luxury is gorgeous and people have to look at them. The unremitting pursuit of extreme aesthetics and technology has made tourbillon watches dance on the stage of the world of watches. We can only feel the ingenuity and precision of its design. (Picture / text watch home Joshua)