Nomos Glashütte Reveals The Mystery Of Lux And Lambda

Recently, Nomos Glashütte has finally unveiled the mysterious veil of the legendary Lux and Lambda series watches. Each watch is equipped with a new self-made movement, which showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of the watch. Lux and Lambda watches are two manual winding watches that will be officially launched in November at selected retailers.

Nomos Glashütte Lambda

Both watches are made of white gold, Lambda and rose gold, with silver-plated dial. Regarding the release of these two watches, the manager of Nomos Glashütte said: ‘We want to create an artistic watch that can show the world our production process and our values. This wrist watch Watches can last forever. The longer they are, the more valuable they are to collect. ‘

Nomos Glashütte Lux

Lambda and Lux ​​each have their own characteristics. Lambda is a round dial, while Lux is a classic tonneau dial. Lambda is dominated by cream, while Lux is dominated by blue and white. Lambda is equipped with DUW1001 movement, Lux is equipped with DUW2002 movement. Although the models are different, they all represent Nomos Glashütte’s unparalleled watchmaking skills. In addition, both watches have an 84-hour power reserve.

Glashütte Launches Panoretrograph Watch

The release of PanoGraph heralds the recurrence of classics, and is an outstanding representative of the development of clocks and watches today. Twelve years ago at Baselworld, Glashütte launched PanoRetroGraph. This watch showcases the essence of German superb watchmaking technology, the asymmetrical dial design is amazing, the novel ‘flyback’ chronograph mechanical technology, thirty minutes accumulated, immediately won praise from critics and customers. Limited editions of 50 platinum watches will soon be sold out. After the release of this watch, the rest of the Pano Eccentric series were also listed as hand-made mechanical watches, of which PanoGraph was first exhibited at the Baselworld in 2002. Today, Glashütte has launched PanoGraph, which is as brilliant as ever. PanoGraph uses a larger case (40 mm in diameter) and a larger dial, highlighting the unique asymmetric visual effect of the Pano Eccentric series that leads the modern trend. The new design concept favors a larger round case. On the left side of the dial is an interactive hour / minute dial and a small second dial. The large Glashütte date display is as striking as the previous model at four o’clock. . This watch’s extraordinary thirty-minute flyback chronograph features three scales every ten minutes and three separate hands, a modern interpretation of the original design. The two buttons of the chronograph function are located at the four and two o’clock positions of the case, and the dial is marked with ‘Start-Stop’ and ‘Fly Back’ in black font. The latter is used to reset the chronograph hands and the former is used to count . AnoPanoGraph uses a red gold case. The hour dial, hour hand, and flyback chronograph hands in the main dial are rose gold, and the second hand is also rose gold. The visual effects of this watch are simple and clear, reflecting the beauty of simplicity and harmony; like all dials of the Pano eccentric series, this design is based on the golden section ratio, which has been respected by artists from ancient times to today and is used in their excellence Art, music and architecture.
At the center of this ultimate watch is a manual winding movement 61-03 designed by Glashütte. The manual winding timing device in the traditional conversion wheel controls a variety of timing functions, including start, stop, zeroing and flyback functions, and can be reset to zero without stopping first. All these functions can be controlled with two timing buttons on the right side of the dial. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the classic features of the collection and the craftsmanship of the Glashütte movement are clearly visible, including the three-quarter splint decorated with Glashütte’s traditional threads, gold sleeves, balance screws and gooseneck trim. PanoGraph comes with a black Louisiana alligator strap or brown frayed alligator strap that is slightly wider than previous models.