Difficult To Maintain And Maintain The Aftermarket Dilemma Of Luxury Watches In China

People are searching for him hundreds of thousands of times. It is not easy to find a favorite watch. Chinese consumers’ understanding of watches has changed from ‘owning’ and ‘appreciating’ to today’s ‘ Invest in Collection ‘transition. Watch maintenance has been put on the agenda. However, whether the after-sales repair services of various brands are satisfactory, how consumers maintain their watches has become a topic of discussion.

Difficulties in Watch Repair

 A few days ago, the media released a report on luxury watches ‘easy to repair and difficult to buy’, pointing out that luxury watch brands generally have asymmetry in the number of sales stores and after-sales service centers, leading to the existence of service when consumers’ watches need maintenance. The number of centers is small, the after-sales service is cumbersome, slow, and the maintenance costs are high.

 The main reason that makes these watches difficult to repair is the small number of repair service centers. The repair centers of most watch brands are concentrated in Beishangguang. Today, the trend of watch brand distribution is gradually shifting from second to third tier cities. This makes consumers in second- and third-tier cities face the problem of more difficult watch repair and longer waiting times.

 Some brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Breguet and Omega have reached double-digit service centers in China. However, many well-known brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, and Rolex have only 2-4 service centers in China, and they are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Three cities.

 In addition, the division of sales staff and after-sales staff is too clear. Although consumers have obtained the professional and intimate service of the sales staff when they bought the watch, they have selected the watch they like, but they have achieved very little in maintenance. It is really unsatisfactory to contact the after-sales staff when the watch really needs maintenance.

 Most after-sales service personnel said that if the watch is within the warranty period, the watch can be freely maintained at any time, but the repair is not very convenient. ‘Our side is only responsible for shipping. You bring your watch and related certificates, and we will help you send it to a designated repair service center for testing. If there is a problem, repair it, and you may have to return to the factory in serious cases.’ Bvlgari staff told reporters .

 The time span for returning to the factory for repairs was flawed. For example, the dial has common problems such as water vapor. It takes a minimum of 3 months to return to the factory for inspection and repair. If the problem is serious, it may take half a year. The cost of repairs also depends on the circumstances of each watch.

Save time in domestic repairs

 Although some watch brands have a repair center in China, after the watch that needs to be repaired is sent to a designated repair service center for testing, if the problem is found to be serious, it must be returned to the factory for repair, which means that your watch must fly back. Switzerland is ‘into the factory’.

 However, there are also brands such as Vacheron Constantin. In order to provide Chinese consumers with better after-sales service, a Swiss watchmaker has been hired to repair complex-function watches in China in response to Chinese consumers’ increasing preference for complex-function watches. These watches need to be repaired.

 Consumers who buy Vacheron Constantin watches simply visit their nearest retailer, who then sends the watch to a customer service center. In northern China, watches are delivered to Richemont’s customer service center in Beijing, and in the south, Shanghai’s ‘Vacheron Constantin House’ is responsible. Here, Vacheron Constantin has two European watchmakers trained in Geneva to repair complication watches. For each watch received, the problem is evaluated to determine whether it should be repaired here or left to a Chinese watchmaker of the brand.

 The brand provides Chinese customers with a complete set of services in China and reduces repair time. In the past, the tourbillon had to be sent to Switzerland and it took about 4-6 months. Now in China, the watch can be repaired in a two-month cycle.

Caring for your watch

 For the maintenance of watches, the editor of this website also consulted watch experts. Experts point out that common watch repair contents include: accurate timekeeping of the watch, water resistance, cleanness of the case and bracelet, inspection and adjustment of the strap / bracelet and folding buckle, battery, seal ring, pointer, ordinary crown Replacement of wear, demagnetization, etc. Here are some suggestions from experts for your watch maintenance.

1. The timepiece is regularly maintained every five years (three years for non-waterproof models) to keep your timepiece in the best condition.

2. Quartz and mechanical watches: (regardless of manual winding or automatic winding) Every five years (three years for non-waterproof models) need maintenance. However, because the quartz watch battery can only be used for two to three years, the quartz watch needs to be sent to an authorized service center for replacement.

3. It is recommended that waterproof watches be tested for water resistance annually. This simple procedure can be completed in minutes at a point of sale with the right equipment.

Patek Philippe advises users on long-term guarantee of watch characteristics

Read the instructions carefully and follow the maintenance instructions

Every year or every time you open the watch, ask a Patek Philippe-authorized watchmaker to check the water resistance

For manual winding watches, wind the watch once a day, preferably in the morning

Make sure the watch strap fits the intended purpose and is properly adjusted to the size of your wrist at the time of purchase

Avoid wetting the alligator strap or exposing it to the sun for a long time

Avoid exposing your watch to sudden changes in temperature

Avoid shock and collision of various watches (in case of severe collision, please check the waterproof performance)

Avoid wearing the watch during activities where repeated strong vibrations may occur

Avoid wearing jewelry and watches on the same wrist

Avoid placing mechanical watches in a magnetic field to avoid disturbing watch settings

It is strictly forbidden to use the control function, buttons or time setting crown under water. After the water is released, the watch must not be operated before it is dry.

After each manual operation, make sure that the time setting crown and buttons have returned to their original positions

After using the watch in sea water or in a swimming pool, it must be washed with fresh water

       Daily use and care of Cartier watches

 Whether you wear it long-term or occasionally, your watch needs your care. The following maintenance recommendations will help to extend the life of your watch, keep it accurate, and maintain reliable performance.

 Keep your watch away from any magnetic fields, such as smartphones, computers, handbag magnetic clasps, speakers, airport security gates, etc. The magnetic field will produce magnetic field effect, which will cause different degrees of damage to the watch movement, or slightly interfere, or stop. Watches affected by magnetic fields should be demagnetized by a Cartier watchmaker.

 Avoid wearing bracelets or bracelets on the wrist of the watch to avoid unnecessary friction and affect the brightness and color of the watch surface and jewelry.

 If you are wearing a self-winding mechanical watch, please ask a Cartier sales consultant to personally adjust the strap for you to ensure optimal movement of the movement.

Please do not wear your watch to sleep as it may cause excessive wear on the strap.

 Please do not wear the watch while playing golf, tennis or other strenuous exercise, so as not to cause the watch to oscillate or impact; you should also avoid wearing the watch in sauna environment, the rapid temperature change may damage the movement.

Whether the watch is waterproof or not, you can clean it with a soft, dry cloth.

Franck Muller Franch Mulan’s New Boutique Gorgeously Settled In Wynn Palace, Macau

(Macau, August 22, 2016) Swiss high-end watchmaker Franck Muller officially entered the Macau Wynn Palace on August 22, 2016. The luxurious and magnificent Wynn Palace is located in the colossal location of Cotai, bringing together The world’s top international luxury brand marks the brand’s vigorous expansion in Macau. Following the Venetian Macau and Galaxy Macau, it expanded the territory of Macau and opened a third branch in Wynn Palace.

    Renowned for its reputation in Asia, France Moulin is often hailed as a new leader in watchmaking. With extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship and unconventional creative thinking, as well as superb tourbillon architecture, colorful and bold surface design, and constantly challenging the concept of timekeeping, FRANCK MULLER quickly established a prominent and lofty brand status.

    The new Famouran boutique covers an area of ​​1184 square feet. The new store design concept combines old and new elements. The interior design is full of comfortable and elegant atmosphere. From details such as steel frames and leather furniture, full of style decoration, it is in line with Famouran’s timepieces. Giving each other a glorious sense of superiority.

    The interior style of the store implements iconic elements, and the gallery-like design highlights the core design concept of the brand. It uses the iconic Arabic digital mirror interior wall of Famulan to enhance the sense of space in the store. The soft and comfortable lighting and marble floor create a magnificent Elegant atmosphere, decorated with the brand’s iconic Arabic numerals on the ground floor, and its design perfectly interprets the brand’s pursuit of innovation and extraordinary masterpieces.

    The brand welcomes all high-end watch enthusiasts to visit the new specialty stores, appreciate the masterpieces of masters of complex functions, enjoy the most intimate exclusive services, and experience the supreme shopping experience.

Vanguard ™ Limited Edition

    To celebrate the brand’s new store opening at the magnificent Wynn Palace in Macau, Franck Muller presents Vanguard ™ limited edition watches.

    This collection is also available in men’s and women’s styles. Each watch is limited to three pieces, and its shape is like delicate jewelry. This watch is both a masterpiece of timepieces and jewellery, and the protagonist of the watch is not a diamond. The case is embellished with 494 diamonds (6.13 carats) and 460 diamonds (3.17 carats), highlighting its elegant line design. The brand’s initials are also set with diamonds, which are even more dazzling on the black lacquered dial. In addition, the back of the case is particularly engraved with Franck Muller Watchland.

    The iconic Vanguard ™ hands and appliqué numbers add a sporty touch to the dial, elegantly embellishing the watch’s black PVD-coated dial. The women’s watch is exquisitely detailed with colorful numerals and pink leather and rubber straps. This limited edition watch is paired with a rubber and leather strap to perfectly complement the work.


Movement: FM 0800
Movement type: automatic winding
Movement size: diameter: 25.60 mm thickness: 3.60 mm
Display: hour, minute, second, date display
Power reserve: 42 hours
Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour
Number of parts: 158
Number of gems: 21
Movement modification: Geneva ripple, pearl dot polishing, rhodium plating
Case: 18K rose gold (494 diamonds-6.13 carats)
Case dimensions: width X length X height: 40.80 mm X 50.00 mm X 12.20 mm
Dial: Black PVD treatment, applied digital hour markers
FM initials: 31 diamonds-0.11 carat
Function: Three-stage winding crown, the second stage is used to adjust the date
Strap: rubber (bottom) and crocodile leather (top)


Movement: FM 2671
Movement type: automatic winding
Display: hours, minutes, seconds
Waterproof: 3 ATM
Power reserve: 40 hours
Movement modification: Geneva ripple, pearl dot polishing, rhodium plating
Number of jewels: 25
Case: 18K rose gold (460 diamonds – 3.17 carats)
Case dimensions: 32.00 mm x 42.30 mm x 9.90 mm
Dial: Sun-embossed dial, digital hour markers (FM initials 29 diamonds-0.10 carat)
Strap: rubber (bottom) and crocodile leather (top)