Cartier Caliber Watch For Men

Jianmei, just wear a blue balloon. Kalibo will leave it to us.
的 Cartier’s blue balloon series of watches launched in recent years can be said to be a very successful series. Due to its breakthrough design and neutral positioning that can be worn by both men and women, it has almost covered the entire Cartier consumer group.
定位 The positioning of the Kalibo series of watches launched this year is very clear. The thick and solid case, the masculine Roman time scale, and so on, all show that this is a watch made for men. The fan-shaped calendar window is also more characteristic, showing yesterday, today and tomorrow. The 1904MC movement in the case is Cartier’s first self-developed movement. It has taken almost 3 years. The ‘Cartier Manufacturing Plan’ launched in 2005 has only been completed so far. Straight back, ‘Made in Cartier’, and the technology is not lost to professional watch manufacturers.
Cartier’s headquarters is said to have stipulated that all female employees are not allowed to wear Dikarlibo, including beauty chief Jan Yabon. When the colleague who came back from the interview told me about this, I laughed. It’s good if you wear a blue balloon, Jianli, and Kalibo will leave it to us.