Introduction To Zenith Happy Date Invisible Watch

Zenith Defy Xtreme Series Happy Big Date Invisible

The black case is very futuristic, and the bright red oscillating weight of the oscillating weight and the helical hands in the dial are more distinctive than a fire in the dark. Zenith used the radar-invisible stealth bomber as the inspiration for its design, launched a challenge to stealth watches, and won the public prize at the Geneva Fine Watch Awards. This watch is a more extreme new version, completely made of titanium, and has the ultimate charm against harsh environments.

Light but tough shell, with the shadow of stealth fighter and extreme sports car in the shape, very cool for men. The frosted oscillating weight and the 30-minute subdial spiral hands are more dynamic because they are painted red. Containing shock-absorbing technology and ZenithIUM brackets internally, ZENITHIUM is an ultra-light and super-tough alloy. It is an excellent material for making various bearings in the movement. The Defy series first used it to make balance bridges.
The unidirectional rotatable bezel and crown shoulder are polished, and the buttons made of carbon fiber are also unique. The multi-layered design of the face plate is composed of three materials: composite honeycomb aluminum, shock-resistant polyacrylic synthetic crystal and carbon fiber.
内部 Inside the Defy Xtreme series is the new Ei Primero 4039 SX movement. The classic combination of red and black has the connotation of challenging the limit here. Each watch is limited to 250 pieces in each color.