Lotus Series Lady’s Watch Wonderful Poetic Meaning

Flowers are a treasure trove of inspiration for jewelry design. The shapes of flowers look ever-changing. When the flowers are in full bloom, let’s go to the flower feast. A watch inspired by the blooming lotus. Since ancient times, gentlemen and lotus have accompanied each other. The lotus is elegant and famous, and the pure lotus symbolizes the most precious love. Pure, true, pure, clean, the highest state expresses true love. . Blancpain ultra-thin series painted watch
Hand-painted flowers and petals vividly rendered with ruby ​​make the dial three-dimensional. Diamond embellished size dewdrops make the entire watch smart and playful. Two rows of delicately set diamonds make the classic double-layer bezel more vibrant. Like a lotus flower, she is a symbol of purity and perfect eternity.
Grand Mercure Paris “Lotus” Watch
The Grand Mercure Paris combines the oriental style painting style with the classic lotus pattern to create an artistic watch with oriental charm. The watch uses a unique enamel painting and fine micro-painting process to modify the big fire micro-painting. The enamel dial watch, one stroke at a time, meticulously outlines the beauty of the lotus, and the delicate enamel watch interprets the natural charm.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Enamel Minute Repeater
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Enamel Lotus Minute Repeater is the only one in the world. The lotus dial created by enamel is full of vitality. No matter its elegant form or full color, it has the aesthetic characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. What’s also amazing is that this is an extraordinary, highly sophisticated minute repeater watch. The extreme enamel micro-painting technology and advanced watchmaking technology are subtly merged, showing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s peak achievements as a top watchmaker.

The Coming Of Mid-autumn Festival Should Wear A Moon Phase Watch

Haoyue Mid-Autumn Festival is another beautiful season. The ancient legend of the moon phase, the repeated changes in profit and loss bring people endless romance and reverie. In thousands of timepieces, the moon phase watch complex function perfectly interprets the full moon’s profit and loss in the endless sky, becoming the most romantic expression in the Mid-Autumn Festival. The hands on the square dial are beating delicately, expressing endless eternal feelings. Everything in the world goes through division and reincarnation. By exploring changes in the sun, moon, and stars, mankind has learned the laws of the world.

   The moon has a rich symbolic meaning in Chinese culture: the moon is a symbol of beauty, creating a beautiful mood for literati poets; the moon’s gloomy and clear, also transformed into the most poetic aesthetic function on the watch dial display. The moon phase function can be described as the first golden supporting role in the watch industry, and it is also one of the most striking features. Chinese traditional festival-the Mid-Autumn Festival is the year when the emotions of millions of people are integrated into the moon and stars, and it is the most wonderful moment to share a bright moon and time.
Blancpain VILLERET 6639-3631-55B Men’s Watch

   Blancpain 6639-3631-55B continues the classic aesthetics of the Blancpain full-calendar moon phase watch, with willow-shaped hands, a round double-layer bezel and Roman time scales. The entire dial is visually gentle and soft, and the layout is balanced and beautiful. In terms of design, there has been a major breakthrough in the movement, with a power reserve of up to 8 days, and the calendar mechanism has also been greatly improved. The watch is equipped with a security adjustment system on the calendar mechanical construction. In the past, the fast-adjusting calendar function should be avoided as much as possible from 9 pm to 3 am the next day, because the watch’s calendar mechanism is operating at this time, and the adjustment is likely to damage the movement at this time. Blancpain’s safety adjustment protection system can lock the quick adjustment function during this period, even if it is mistakenly operated, it will not cause any damage to the movement. Below the watch lugs is also equipped with Blancpain’s patented hidden adjustment button, which makes the watch more simple and refreshing. The adjustment process can be completed by just lightly touching with your fingertips.
Blancpain VILLERET Carrousel Moon Phase Watch

   The VILLERET series Carrousel moon phase watch perfectly integrates the two iconic legendary elements of the brand-Carrousel and the moon phase display, highlighting the brand’s tradition of innovation in the field of fine watchmaking. This watch complements Blancpain’s largest moon phase family in the industry, and recreates Blancpain’s leading style of reviving mechanical watchmaking in the 1980s. The watch inherits the usual gorgeous style of the Villeret series: the double-layered bezel is embedded with a slightly arched dome-shaped large enamel dial, the blue steel snake-shaped hands indicate the date of the outer ring of the dial, and the hollowed-out willow-shaped hour and minute hands are elegantly swept. Roman numerals on the dial. The white dial is equipped with a Carrousel window at 12 o’clock, perfectly presenting the Carrousel frame carrier and its complex mechanical structure, echoing the moon phase display at 6 o’clock.
Blancpain VILLERET 3663A-4654-55B Women’s Watch

   In 1930, Blancpain launched the brand’s first women’s self-winding watch, becoming a pioneer in the history of women’s watches. Since then, Blancpain watchmaking has continued to innovate in the miniaturization of the movement,
Incorporate the complication of timepieces previously exclusive to men’s watches into women’s watches. Blancpain women’s timepieces are by no means a simple reduction in size or a slight modification of men’s watches. They are specially developed by the brand.
To meet the wishes and expectations of modern women. Aesthetically, the innovative spirit of this elegant watch series is beyond doubt, and at the same time, the fundamental value of Blancpain is realized.