A New Chapter In The Collaboration And Innovation Between Hublot And Ferrari! Hublot Hublot Classic Fusion Series Ferrari Gt Watch

Since the announcement of the cooperation in 2011, HUBLOT and Ferrari have always been committed to creating a masterpiece of watch that combines unique design and passion for racing. Each cooperation model shows a new style. This year, Hublot interprets the essence of ‘Gran Turismo (GT)’ with elegant and agile new works. The classic fusion series Ferrari GT watch combines innovative design and the new UNICO self-produced movement in a unique and dynamic line. The advent of the watch marks a new chapter in cooperation between the two parties.

 The long-term cooperation between HUBLOT Hublot and Ferrari means a steady stream of creative inspiration, and together write the future of the two legendary brands. From Big Bang Ferrari watches to MP-05 LaFerrari watches or Techframe watches, this competition for innovation and exquisite craftsmanship has a steady stream of creative momentum, driving the Ferrari Design Center and Hublot. The talented team members together create a masterpiece of extraordinary design, atmospheric appearance and visual impact. Previously, the two sides mainly cooperated in the field of racing and F1 racing. This year, the collaboration between Hublot and Ferrari went even further, drawing more inspiration from the GT world, which represents the philosophy of travel, combining classic tradition, elegant style and ingenious technology.

 ‘Exquisite style and comfortable and pleasant high-speed long-distance driving experience’ is the essence of ‘Gran Turismo’, which also refers to high-performance luxury models with limited production. The GT world is full of innovation and excellence, full of passion for machinery and aesthetics, and also a value shared by Hublot and Ferrari. This year, for the first time, the two sides infused their respective aesthetic and mechanical innovations into the classic fusion series watch, paying tribute to the GT series racing cars. Pursuing watchmaking principles that are compatible with tradition and modernity, the classic fusion series watches coincide with the style of the GT world. Another breakthrough lies in the introduction of sophisticated UNICO movements in this 45mm Classic Fusion watch. This is the brand’s second self-produced movement, which was officially released in 2018 (model HUB1280). This self-winding flyback chronograph movement has excellent performance, equipped with a column wheel visible from the side of the dial, a vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour), a thickness of only 6.75 mm, and outstanding technical specifications for the championship. The 3-day power reserve also meets daily wear requirements. The new classic fusion series Ferrari GT watches are available in three case styles: titanium (limited edition of 1,000 pieces), king gold (limited edition of 500 pieces) and 3D carbon fiber (limited edition of 500 pieces).

 3D carbon fiber is a polymer composite material composed of three-dimensional fibers, which is a new material in the field of fine watchmaking. This high-tech material has excellent wear resistance and is widely used in motorsports. The new classic Fusion Ferrari GT watch uses this cutting-edge material to create a strong protective layer for UNICO’s self-produced movement. Hublot focuses on precision movements, and Ferrari is committed to presenting the watch’s stylish look. The classic fusion series Ferrari GT watch designed by Ferrari Center is loyal to the creative style of Maranello Studio, exuding a strong modern atmosphere. The designers of the Ferrari Centre make full use of their expertise in the field of automotive engineering design and materials to build a bridge between automotive design and watch machinery, proving to the world their passion for work and achieving self-transcendence in non-automotive projects .

 The new Classic Fusion Ferrari GT watch is completely different but complementary to the 2017 Techframe Ferrari 70th Anniversary Tourbillon Chronograph. It is an ideal choice for mechanical boutique enthusiasts seeking modern and sophisticated style. The fully transparent dial made of sapphire crystal fully demonstrates the high-precision mechanical beauty of the UNICO HUB1280 movement, and at 12 o’clock it is equipped with the Ferrari classic Prancing Horse logo. Every detail of the watch is carefully crafted. For example, the sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating is surrounded by a red thread pattern, echoing the legendary Ferrari color. The new classic fusion series Ferrari GT watch uses a carefully crafted black rubber strap, the outer layer is wrapped in Schedoni leather, and Maranello’s racing seat has the same effect. The new watch has a traditional circular shape, which is like a racing tachometer, which is a contemporary masterpiece focusing on ergonomic design. The watch is only 13.15 mm thick, which is rare for an integrated flyback chronograph. As a watch collection of innovative design, exquisite hollow-out technology and extreme elegance, the new classic fusion series Ferrari GT watch has created a new chapter in the extraordinary fusion of Hublot and Ferrari.