Bou Po’s Girlfriends Watch The Intimate Timepiece Between You And My Wrist

Women’s friendship is clearer than any relationship! Girls’ Generation, a diary with the same cover, a skirt of the same color, and a Walkman of the same brand playing the music of the same idol … the same, it is evidence that the other side is concerned …
    Time flies, the world changes, and girls grow up. We are beginning to refuse to be completely the same. In fact, different life trajectories have shaped you and me into different souls.

    But you can, only you can-put on lipsticks of different colors in the same line, pick up the timeless classic handbags of the latest season, drink the same cocktail and share different feelings and emotions when you are on vacation by the sea.
    ‘Be beautiful, but each has its own beauty; it can be the same, but not exactly the same!’-Intimacy in similarity, blooming in differences, this is the eternal aspiration of a girlfriend!

Blancpain Submersible Bathyscaphe Color Strap Watch

    Universal white dial, 4 color colorful straps, for girlfriends to play around the wrist. Different traits are the attraction of being close to each other, and the same paragraph should also maximize the personality. Whether it’s bright, elegant, fresh, cold and cool … find your exclusive color and form a unique personality pairing table, which is the most special girlfriend combination.

    The more varied, the more tacit, the richer the choices and the brighter the character. Sea blue, daiqing, grass green, wisteria-unique and cool color matching, smart jumping, avoid exaggerated fat powder. NATO material, table hole stitching leather, with solid polished stainless steel buckle, very youthful, while ensuring quality.

Universal white dial with the signature features of a Blancpain submersible watch

    More elegant small size (slim female submersible to 38mm), retro digital scale, single rotating bezel, beveled lugs. It is clean and soft, giving the most similar similarity and intimacy to girlfriends. The white and simple atmosphere is more gentle and gentle.
    Of course, girlfriends who love traditional styles can also choose their own watch from the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch! Similarly, the dial’s main color is white, which is pure and pure. The differences are carefully considered in the color of the single rotating bezel scale: a pink, dreamy and sweet, with a lively girlish heart; a light gray, quiet and quiet, showing a low-key sense of power . Pink scale, with mother-of-pearl dial, light and shadow changing effect is more intense.