Breitling Challenge The Extreme Joy

The legend of Breitling is the history of human beings constantly challenging their limits and pursuing their dreams. The spirit of adventure has been imprinted in the wings and anchors of the Breitling logo from the beginning, beginning with passion, creating inspiration, and giving the brand unlimited fun and vitality.
Challenge the limits of precision

Beginning in 1884, Breitling constantly challenged the limits of precision timepieces, breaking the critical barrier of seconds.
In 1915, Breitling pioneered the first chronograph watch, and the independent two-button control chronograph system invented later created a new chronograph mode, which is still used today. Since then, the precise timing function can be easily controlled from the wrist.
In 1931, Breitling designed a special timer for aircraft dashboards and car dashboards. In 1937, Breitling equipped the cockpit timer with a button that was perpendicular to the dial. This patented design made the timer and the dashboard The controls are on the same plane, providing great convenience for operation; by 1957, almost all world-class aircraft manufacturers and airlines’ aircraft were equipped with Breitling cockpit timers.
In 1999, Breitling’s entire series of product movements passed the certification of the famous Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), achieving ‘100% production of astronomical watches’, setting a precedent for first-class watch manufacturers.

The first self-winding chronograph Caliber 11
In 1969, four Swiss watchmakers, including Breitling, jointly launched the world’s first self-winding chronograph movement Caliber 11, leading the chronograph to a new era of automatic winding. In 2009, Breitling launched the first self-developed chronograph movement Caliber 01, with a revolutionary technological update, becoming a model of precision, sturdiness and reliability.