Casio Sheen Spokesperson Gui Lunmei Interprets The Wisdom Of Life

Whether it is a newcomer in the workplace or an emerging professional elite, every brave and positive urban woman has her own wisdom in life. Casio’s metal pointer female watch brand SHEEN, the spokesperson of Jinma Yinghou Guilun Magnesium, has launched four micro-movies for the brand on April 28 in Youku. In the first micro-movie Elegant, Gui Lunmei played Cinderella Emily, a wonderful story of gorgeous transformation during love; and the second micro-movie Smart was officially launched on May 13.

 In the second film, Gui Lunmei plays Sophia, an urban elite working in a foreign investment institution. ‘If you can’t take it, just leave it!’ Sophia is lingering in the past, and an unforgettable relationship is lingering. Maybe you are experiencing the same difficulties and setbacks at the moment. All things can only start from the heart with their own wisdom, determined to let go of a new life.

 In the film, SHE-4029SG-7AU worn by Gui Lunmei, like a friend who listens quietly, witnesses the growth of the heart in seconds. The use of rose gold on the strap and bezel makes the entire watch exude classic wisdom. The dark blue crystal at the crown brings quiet power to the mind. The deep blue Roman numerals and blue antique design hands make the watch gather positive energy in every second.

 Elegance and ability coexist, showing the intelligent image of women in the workplace

 SHE-4029SG-7AU Guilun Magnesium wore the popular watch SHE-4029SG-7AU when it appeared in front of the audience. The rose gold bezel and the silver on the strap, and the Swarovski crystals at 3 and 9 o’clock highlight the elegance of urban women. The striking blue Roman numerals and hands on the white dial set off professional women’s elegance and ability.
SHE-4029SG-7AU ¥ 1490
Main parameters: 50 meters waterproof; stopwatch display; date display

 Refreshing and simple, intoxicating silver moonlight

 SHE-4029D-7AU adopts silver-white color as a whole. Except for the dial, the bezel, strap, Roman scale, and hands are silver; it contrasts with the clear Swarovski crystals at 3 and 9 o’clock in the white dial. The clear moonlight in a quiet summer night is intoxicating.
SHE-4092D-7AU ¥ 1190
Main parameters: 50 meters waterproof; stopwatch display; date display
Dazzling, releases wisdom
The SHE-4030 series is also listed at the same time as the SHE-4029 series. Unlike the SHE-4029 series, while continuing its simple retro style, the SHE-4030 series has a bezel embellished with Swarovski crystals to emphasize the gorgeous temperament unique to women. Noble and elegant temperament will be amazed at the business dinner in a dress and a small dress.

 Noble and elegant, interpreting gorgeous with simplicity

 SHE-4030SG-7AU has a simple and elegant watch body design, and the Roman numeral scale expresses the popular retro style nowadays. Except for the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, the rose gold crown is also covered with Swarovski crystals, and the gorgeous transformation is at this moment!
SHE-4030SG-7AU ¥ 1390
Main parameters: 50 meters waterproof; stopwatch display; date display
Casio SHEEN watch series use SWAROVSKI crystal
SHE-4029 series and SHE-4030 series watches have been sold in major counters throughout Casio