Citizen Exhibits A New Limited-edition Eco-drive Satellite Clock

The 39th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show was held as scheduled. The Citizen Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE, a new limited edition solar-powered satellite timepiece exhibited by the world’s leading watch brand Citizen, shined with its unique and innovative technology. This watch can receive satellite signals worldwide and automatically check the time. The human dream of connecting signals to outer space through this period blooms on the wrist. Eco-Drive_DOME
Over the years, Citizen has continuously introduced watch technology products combining leading technology (000669, stock bar) and perfect design at the Basel exhibition, which deeply explained its brand spirit of being innovative and dare to challenge. From the Super Air Eagle in 2007 to receive light kinetic energy radio wave tables, to 2008 launched the light kinetic energy super chronograph designed for motorsports with an accuracy of up to 1/1000 seconds, and exhibited three types of light kinetic energy in 2009. Concept watch, and then in 2010, the concept watch Eco-Drive DOME was successfully mass-produced. Citizen showed itself the infinite possibilities of light and kinetic energy with its self-transcendence.
In 2011, Citizen created another glory and launched a new generation of timekeeping products, Citizen’s ‘Space Star’ light kinetic energy satellite timepiece. It can automatically capture from 24 navigation satellites spaced 20,000 kilometers away from the earth according to the position of the watch. Signal from the nearest satellite and proof the time and date of the watch. Whether it’s sailing in the vast western Pacific Ocean (601099, stocks) or standing on the snow-capped world’s highest peak, the “Space Star” can bring you precise time enjoyment without borders and regions, letting you make full use of your strategies Demeanor and confidence.