Companion To Important Moments With Women

Diamonds and jewelry are always women’s favorite, and those who often appear on the red carpet have their favorite watch brands. The timeless classic models bring timeless elegance, perfect details and superb design are so memorable. These women’s watches take us to pure white, adding angelic light to you and me. Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS
     French royal brand Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS favors Audrey Tatum, a French angel, and specially launches the ‘Beautiful Angel’ series of watches. This design is based on Emily in the movie ‘Angel Love Beautiful’ as a source of inspiration, especially a watch tailored for French international actress Audrey Tatum. The lively Paris Grand Mercure special digital logo expresses Emily’s magical fairy tale world. The elegant and simple temperament of the watch fully conforms to the French style of Tatu.
     The ‘Beautiful Angel’ series watch adopts the classic Grand Drum case design inherited from the Grand Mercure Paris, with dedicated cubist digital scale and ergonomic lug design, unique Paris Grand Mercury arrow-shaped hands, and Mediterranean Symphony dial. , Gem-set crown, sapphire anti-glare mirror, Paris Grand Mercure’s exclusive classic waterproof technology, classic woven pattern double butterfly bracelet. The watch as a whole adopts the art design of Grand Mercure Paris and is precision-made in Switzerland.
Chanel Chanel J12 Ceramic Watch
     The J12 series was born in 2000 and has become the representative of high-end watches in the 21st century. White is the color that Ms. Chanel is extremely fond of, and she also likes to wear white camellia to set off her skin color. Just like the J12 black watch, the J12 pure white watch has been extremely popular since its introduction and has led another wave of white watches. Trend. A special process has been applied to the soft high-precision ceramics, making its texture and color as warm and charming as milk. Compared to other materials, the warm nature of ceramic watches is like the second layer of skin on the wrist, and its temperature will change with your body temperature. Ceramic is inherently hard, making it more resistant to wear than other materials. From tenderness to firmness, time is walking firmly and softly on your wrist.
Movado watch
     Movado brand watches, early Movado pocket watches are very representative. In 1926, Movado’s travel pocket watch specially designed for travellers was officially launched. Capsule case, enamel case embroidered with exquisite patterns, and precious stones, coupled with the opening and closing case design, when closed, it can protect the surface. In 1927, it was improved to the case opening and closing to be an automatic movement. Clockwork, a revolutionary patented design by Movado. Recently, Movado Watches invited the new actress Lili Collins as the brand’s image ambassador. She has a fresh and confident unique temperament, which embodies the brand’s core values ​​of art, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. As a fresh face and voice of her generation, Lily will fully support the image and marketing activities of the Movado brand, and will definitely inject new vitality into the Movado brand. ‘