Extraordinary Timepieces At A Glance Visit The Sihh Parmigiani Exhibition Area

Once, Parmigiani was one of the few special brands in the entire SIHH. Today, despite joining 9 independent watch brands, Parmigiani still works with outstanding timepieces It has attracted the attention of a large number of watch lovers, media, VIPs and even dealers from all over the world. This year’s Parmigiani’s pavilion is actually no different from last year. In the not too big exhibition area, there are full of precision watches and antique mechanical masterpieces restored by Mr Parmigiani himself. Many watches The paragraph shows the sincerity of the brand.

    Compared with several other big brands, Parmigiani’s exhibition area is obviously monotonous, but in such an exhibition area layout without too many highlights, there are many complicated time hidden even by watch experts meter.
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