Famous Brand Ranking Yongying Club Audemars Piguet Interpretation Of ‘ellipse Time’

A little bit of starry sky in the dark is the inspiration point for the literati and inks in ancient times. In modern times, the designers of Yongying Audemars Piguet have also been inspired to embed stars and shooting stars in watches. Inside, let time slowly spin out a flower in the shape of an ellipse. This is the latest millennial series launched by Yongyinghui Audemars Piguet. It has quickly won the favor of high-end people with its gorgeous and connotative design.

 The oval or white gold case with full or partial diamonds gently supports the eccentric dial on the right, like a dark blue night sky, dotted with stars. Five star-studded diamond-marked stars reflect the beautiful blue large Arabic numerals. To celebrate the rebirth of the day, the Millennium Star Series also offers a watch with a rose gold diamond case set against a white dial. The night sky and the crescent moon disappeared, replaced by the brilliant brilliance of natural mother-of-pearl. The eccentric dial is embellished with beautiful large Arabic and Roman numerals. The moon phase display window is still floating on the dense clouds, but the meteor turns into a thin snow grass, the flower heart is inlaid with a small diamond; a radiant sun disk is in the center of the date display disk. The watch is carefully matched with a white matte satin strap and a double-bucked rose gold buckle with diamonds.

 In order to pay tribute to the watchmaker and to the noble women who appreciate the exquisite beauty of the watch movement, the Millennium Star Series is specially equipped with the Audemars Piguet Cal. 3120 automatic winding movement and gives it more The complex functions have become 3123/3908 movements with power reserve display and moon phase display. This movement has the following three distinctive features: firstly, the central second hand directly driven, which eliminates the power loss caused by the friction of the transmission gear; secondly, the horizontal pair of horizontal balance plate ensures the stability and reliability of the balance wheel. The 22K gold automatic disc mounted on the ceramic ball bearing maintains an accurate and reliable two-way automatic winding function. The movement is visible on the back of the transparent sapphire cover, and the full diamond version surrounds the transparent sapphire bottom cover with two diamonds for half a month.

 Excellence is one of the most prominent characteristics of the Wing Ying Audemars Piguet millennial series. From this, we can also see the humanized design concept of Wing Ying Audemars Piguet watches, and carved Audemars and two The family crest logo of the family surprises those who own this watch.