Hamilton Electronic Digital Watch Dedicated To Wearers Who Never Stop In The Same Faith

The world’s first LED electronic digital watch invented and manufactured by Hamilton officially entered its fortieth year in 2010. To celebrate this innovative invention that revolutionized the watch industry technology, Hamilton introduced a new futuristic design of the Pulsomatic electronic digital watch. This watch is packed with the spirit of the electronic age of Swiss craft automatic movement. It is dedicated to the wearer who also believes that time never stops. Pulsar is named after the celestial pulsar that can accurately emit radio pulses. Device. Hamilton Pulsomatic’s latest sci-fi style combines elegant shapes with smooth shapes and surfaces. The stainless steel case on the front of the watch symbolizes the TV screen of the space age, and on the side is the striking modern design crown. The black surface adds a high-tech feel. Celebrities who used to wear Hamilton digital watches in the 1970s include famous American singer and actor Sammy Davis junior, 38th U.S. President Gerald Ford, and the Iranian royal family. The reprinted Pulsomatic promises to attract the pursuit of personal fashion Exotic Lonely.
Hamilton Pulsomatic’s LCD panel is powered by the innovative Swiss automatic movement H1970. A fully charged watch lasts 120 days. The sapphire crystal’s scratch resistance and 50M deep water resistance provide the best needs of the 21st century lifestyle. In addition to the classic stainless steel straps, the new Hamilton Pulsomatic has more rubber straps, providing wearers with multiple choices.
HAMILTON Hamilton Watch was founded in 1892 AD in Lancaster, PA, USA, perfectly combining the original spirit of the United States with the unparalleled Swiss precision technology movement. HAMILTON Hamilton watches have a long-term cooperative relationship with American Hollywood films. Their famously-designed models have performed more than 350 Hollywood movies. In addition, HAMILTON Hamilton watches are equally precious in aviation history. Hamilton is a member of the Swiss watch group-The Swatch Group. The Swatch Group has 160 manufacturing bases in Switzerland, and is the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor.
The world’s first LED electronic digital watch started counting on May 6, 1970, using a light-emitting diode panel (LED) to display digital time. The power battery vibrates the quartz crystal, and the integrated circuit converts the vibration into display information. The magnets stored in the tie eliminate the need for crown setting time.
Hamilton began advertising and marketing its latest electronic watch products in 1972, and achieved comprehensive and immediate success. The breadth of television exposure, including appearances with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, set off a wave of digital enthusiasm at the time. On Christmas Eve 1972, a customer who was shopping in Tiffany’s in New York bought the last electronic digital timer in the store, and received two other customers’ offer requests before leaving. Even the Swiss market was crazy about this unique innovation in the United States, and it achieved a dazzling achievement in the production of at least 350 million digital watches per year around the world before 2000 AD.