Hamilton Watch, A Hundred Points Of Men’s Choice

Director Wang Jing’s new drama ‘Marry a Man of One Hundred Minutes’ will be released nationwide on March 16, 2012. Recently, the main creative staff gathered in Beijing to build momentum for the film’s publicity. ‘Marry a Hundred Percent Man’ implanted by Hamilton watch is a star-studded urban romantic comedy, telling a ‘leftover girl’ played by Liang Yongqi, and finally met ‘the prince of the white horse’ Zheng Zhongji, harvesting true love .

Liang Yongqi displayed her temperament with the Hamilton Women’s Watch.

 Hamilton has a long history of working with movies, from the past to the present, from the West to the East, from the former ‘Pearl Harbor’ to today’s ‘Marry a Hundred Percent Man’, and even the enduring ‘Black Clothes’ In the ‘People’ series, the Hamilton brand is always committed to finding a balance between business and art, and strives to make each watch add a character to the characters in the film. This collaboration with Marry A Hundred Percent Man also upheld this tradition. In the play, Liang Yongqi played the ‘Older Woman’ despite the emotional ups and downs, but maintained a optimistic and strong state of mind, a fresh and energetic image, paired with a Hamilton women’s watch full of elegance and toughness. The perfect interpretation of roles and models complement each other.

Sir Hamilton Master Series and Zheng Zhongji jointly interpret the new definition of’ 100% Man ‘.

 As far as the theme of ‘a hundred percent men’ is concerned, Sir Hamilton is in perfect harmony with the low-key image of the pretended driver who plays the role of Zheng Zhongji in the play. Known flash point. As a classic model of the Hamilton family, the Jazz Master is not a series with a magnificent appearance. It has a simple and low-key appearance, full of formal style, and is equipped with Hamilton’s independently developed H21 movement. Outside precision and stable temperament. Although the standards of ‘one hundred percent men’ are different for everyone, Zheng Zhongji paired this master Hamilton jazz watch with a vivid interpretation of the image of a hundred percent man: that is A hundred points man does not just depend on his appearance and wealth. The important thing is whether he has a sincere heart for the other half he loves deeply.

Two big laugh stars wearing Hamilton Khaki Pioneer automatic timing and ladies classic style eye-catching

 Du Wenze and Xie Na have always been funny people with a nonsense comedy image. This time, in ‘Marry A Hundred Percent Man’, they collaborated with Hong Kong’s famous comedy director Wang Jing to continue to develop the funny nature. Du Wenze wore a replica of World War II The Khaki Pioneer Automatic Chronograph of Hamilton Military Watch has rich military elements, rich visual impact and texture, adding a personality to the characters in the play, and Xie Na attended a high-level party scene in the play On the wrist, she wears a classic collection of Ms. Hamilton, full of vintage court atmosphere, exuding elegance, matching clothes, scenes and atmosphere, making the character more distinctive.

Hamilton brand and movie origins.

 Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Hamilton Watch combines the free spirit of the American spirit with the excellence of Swiss craftsmanship, and is famous for its innovative design and texture modeling. He has performed well in the field of aviation watches, and has gained a reputation for his deep relationship with Hollywood. He has appeared in more than 400 blockbusters so far. In recent years, as the brand has entered the Chinese market, Hamilton has been involved in the Chinese film industry, and has participated in the production of films such as ‘I Know Women’s Hearts’ and ‘Marry a Hundred Percent Man’, and has passed down the Han Milton’s traditional approach to film implantation—with Hamilton watches makes the characters in the film more full, not just blunt commercial implants, so as to work hard to promote the development of the world film culture industry Hamilton will go forward with China’s film industry.