Hubei Joins Han Han To Carry Out The Dream Public Welfare Activity

On August 15, 2011, Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT Hublot joined hands with Hublot brand goodwill ambassador & mdash; & mdash; Chinese racing figure, writer and well-known blogger Han Han officially released the official Weibo Bo & ldquo; Hublot-Han Han Yuanmeng Charity & rdquo; also announced that Hublot and Han Han jointly assisted the official launch of the Chinese motorsport program.

As the ‘official watch’ of the world’s top racing event F1 ‘trade’, HUBLOT has always actively participated in the development of motorsports worldwide, and spared no effort to support well-known drivers and public welfare related to motorsports. HUBLOT Hublot, which has gained a reputation in the Chinese market, adheres to the brand philosophy of “Share and Care” and also actively pays attention to the development of the Chinese racing industry, especially looking forward to the future of the new generation of Chinese young drivers. During the F1 & trade; Shanghai Grand Prix in April 2011, Hublot grandly announced that Chinese racing figure Han Han officially joined the Hublot family and became a goodwill ambassador. In the future, Han Han will represent Hublot, pay attention to and support the development of Chinese motorsport, and work hard to support the development and training of Chinese young racers, especially kart riders.
Although the go-kart race in China, which is still in its infancy, is a reserve for the road to F1 & trade ;, it is the cradle of many of the world’s top racers. Han Han, who has always insisted on kart training, said: ‘Chinese karts have just started, and many people are also interested in karts, but if a country’s racing is to be strong, a good kart foundation is required. What I do with Hublot now is to help those little drivers. & rdquo;
HUBLOT advocates ‘Share and Care’, focusing on sports and youth-related public welfare projects worldwide. Hublot family members & mdash; & mdash; Jet Li, car king Elton & Buena; Senna, star Maradona, NBA superstar Wade, Manchester United, and & ldquo; Lightning & rdquo; Flying Bolt and Yu Hublot cooperates closely on public welfare projects. Hublot Global CEO Jean-Claude & bull; Mr. Beaver specially congratulates “Hublot-Han Hanyuanmeng Public Welfare” to start congratulations: “Share is rich, and the 21st century belongs to sharing In the new era, Hublot and Han Han are willing to share the philosophy of life with you. & rdquo;
Hublot and Han Han’s innovative public welfare program will last for one year. During the period, both parties will use “Hublot-Han Han Yuanmeng Public Welfare” as the main information publishing and interactive platform to exclusively release Han Han’s The rhetoric and insights deepened the public’s attention, understanding and support for the development of Chinese motorsports, and immediately tracked Hublot’s journey of paving the way for Chinese kart players. The ‘Hublot Hanhan Limited Edition Watch’, which Han Han personally participated in the design, is also expected to go on sale in November. The entire sales revenue of the watch will be used as a fundraising to provide training opportunities for young and outstanding kart racers in China. , And provide generous rewards to outstanding racing drivers. From now on, “Hublot-Han Hanyuan Dream Public Welfare” official netizens and actively participate in interaction, in addition to dedicating love and attention to the cause of charity, will also have the opportunity to harvest unexpected surprises from Hublot and Han Han Grand prize.