Innovation Beyond Praise Tissot 160 Years Birthday

In 1853, Tissot’s extraordinary watchmaking legend began in the ancient town of Lilock, Switzerland. In the 160-year development process, Tissot has been adhering to the spirit of ‘innovation, derived from tradition’, and has written a number of ‘firsts’ in the history of Tissot watches. Its endless innovation and exploration spirit has led the brand to continue to expand Unknown territory, challenging the tabulation problem, changing the communication strategy, has achieved 160 years of legendary story.

 In the 1850s, a pocket watch customized by Tissot for the Russian powers opened the Russian market. In 1878, Tissot specially designed a necklace watch for Russia. This watch was engraved on the occasion of the brand’s 160th anniversary.

 In addition, in order to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand, Tissot has launched a 160th anniversary replica of the new Voyager series. Its original version was launched on the 100th anniversary of Tissot in 1953. The watch’s ingenious 24 time zone display function in the world also makes the most exciting interpretation of Tissot’s broad vision and global development concept.

Pioneer in innovation

 When the brand was born, innovation was the motto of Tissot. Tissot always researches new technologies, tries new materials, adopts new designs, and has created multiple ‘firsts’. In 1853, Tissot launched the brand’s first dual time zone pocket watch; in 1953, Tissot creatively launched the Tissot Voyager Watch with 24 time zone display functions; in 1986, Tissot broke through again and launched the Tissot Dual Time Zone Watch. The watch uses dual display of hands and numbers. For Tissot, ‘make the earth smaller’ has become one of the brand’s purposes.

 Among the extraordinary watchmaking legends, the works that are also memorable and innovative include: the unique ‘Banana’ watch, with a curved case that is extremely sophisticated; and the Tissot anti-magnetic watch introduced in 1930, can resist telephone and other The interference of new electronic devices on the time of the watch. Tissot has always researched a variety of watchmaking materials, using innovative methods to apply different materials to the watchmaking process.

 In 1971, Tissot IDEA 2001 became another milestone in the history of watchmaking. This watch was the first mechanical watch with a plastic movement. In 1985, the first watch made from Swiss Alps granite-Tissot Rock Watch was launched; 1987 In 1972, Tissot launched the mother-of-pearl watch; in 1988, the Tissot wooden watch was launched. In 1999, the world’s first touchscreen watch was created from the Tissot-T-Touch series.

 In 2009, Tissot made another major breakthrough in the innovative research and development of the movement. The Tissot Kutu series equipped with the revolutionary automatic winding mechanical chronograph movement C01.211 was widely praised as soon as it was launched. In 2013, the mechanical power 80 movement used in the Tissot Haoji series can provide 80 hours of power storage, while ensuring that the time of the watch is accurate.

Choice of celebrities

 Tissot has a huge fan base all over the world, all of which come from the precipitation and accumulation of history. As early as 1872, Tissot customized a hunter’s pocket watch for the Tsar. The dial also painted a portrait of the Tsar with enamel. Now, this pocket watch has become a private collection of an antique lover. In 1887, Tissot produced a special 18K gold hunter pocket watch for the then Swiss President, Mr. Numa Delotz. The pocket watch is a gift to celebrate the second anniversary of Mr. Numa Droz’s presidency, and also to commemorate the deep roots of this president and the watchmaking industry, because the first job of Mr. Numa Droz’s life is watchmaking division.

 In addition, stars have also become fans of Tissot. In 1900, the famous French stage actor and early film actor Sarah Bernhardt also watched a Tissot 18K gold hunter pocket watch while visiting the Swiss Clock Museum at the Paris Exposition. Carmen Miranda, another star who became popular in the 1940s and 1950s, also chose to wear a Tissot watch. The famous samba singer, dancer and Broadway stage actor bought a luxurious one in 1947. The Tissot jewelry watch, set with an oversized emerald and many diamonds, highlights her distinctive style. In 2005, Tissot invited famous singer and actor Da Xu Xuyuan as brand ambassador. This ambassador has been doing it for 9 years. In the past 9 years, Xu Xiyuan has worn Tissot watches in public places. She is dedicated and dedicated to show the best aspect of Tissot to the world. She can be said to be one of Tissot’s most successful ambassadors.