Innovative Work Lang Kun’s New Pilot Appeared In Shenzhen Clock & Watch Fair

This is the third time that German military watch master Lang Kun joins hands with B & D Group to participate in the China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Exhibition. At this exhibition, Lang Kun brought a new product that reinterprets the classic with new design elements-the new pilot series.

 The LACO pilot series is famous for the ‘B-Uhr Plan’ during World War II. The legend continues to this day, and is highly sought after by military watch fans for its durable and precise German quality.
 Lacher Co. (Laco), a watchmaking town in Pforzheim, on the northern edge of the Black Forest in Germany during World War II, produced B-Uhr pilot watches by using the Durowe D5 movement. Durowe D5 movement specifications are 22 ring diamonds, 22 diamonds with oversized diameter, equipped with 22mm large balance wheel system provided by Lang Kun. Laco produced not less than 6,500 B-Uhrs during the war and supplied them to the Luftwaffe.
 Its original non-reflective matte black surface with Arabic numerals on the inner and outer rings and three hands coated with fluorescent materials are still sought after by a large number of watch enthusiasts and have become the logo design of modern pilot watches. The pilots produced by Hyundai Langkun are still loyal to the original. They are divided into A and B models. The single-turn scale is A and the double-turn scale is B. They are also affectionately referred to by military watch fans as ‘big fly’ and ‘ Xiaofei. ‘