Jie Jia Invited Jing Bairan To Present Han Bei’s Trilogy ‘one Road To The North’

‘North’ has never been more than just the North. It is connected to the unknown, exploration and courage. Taking ‘North Bei’ as an opportunity and ‘North’ as the starting point, Jaeger-LeCoultre invited Jing Bairan to work with Han Han. Began a journey about life and exploration, ‘All the Way North’ is the answer they gave us.

 Produced by Han Han and starred by Jing Bairan, the three series of ‘Neverway to the North’ series of short films are based on ‘Exploring / Exploration’, ‘Story / Entering’, and ‘Insistence / Persistence’ as chapters. From three different sides, pay tribute and Jaeger-LeCoultre. A series of adventures that resonate with every second.

 The first short film ‘Exploring / Exploring’ from ‘All the Way to the North’ reveals that exploring forward is always the only direction in life and the never-ending adventure spirit of the Beibei series. Every action man must be inseparable from his wrist, encouraging them to explore forward.

 The second short film ‘Story / Into the Micro’ of ‘All the Way to the North’ tells us that all the exploration process will enrich life; every quest before the screen brings every viewer into the thinking about the direction of life exploration .

 The chapter ‘Insistence’ at the end of ‘All the Way to the North’ shows from a greater time perspective that it is always human nature to remain curious about the unknown. Jing Bairan’s full-fledged interpretation ended the journey north. The journey has an end, but the heart of exploration will always shine.