Longines Offers Exclusive Sports Timing Services, Including The New App

Longines presented a series of innovative timing services at the Hoppegarten racecourse in Berlin, Germany, and launched a new second-screen application. Swiss watch brand Longines has been dedicated to supporting equestrian sports since 1878, and has launched a chronograph engraved with knights and its riding horses, with a precision of seconds. Since then, the brand has become increasingly involved in equestrian sports and has established cooperative relationships with major horse racing events and racecourses around the world. At the same time, Longines has been developing timing services, striving for accurate timing.
   Longines has launched a series of timing and tracking services, especially horse racing, which is in line with the brand’s long-standing enthusiasm and professional timing knowledge. Swiss watch brand Longines is the only brand that can provide complete and accurate timing services, including a new generation of end-point photography systems, the landmark Longines Positioning System, and Longines GNSS for smart phones and tablets And brand new applications.

Longines positioning system
   Last summer, the Longines positioning system was first applied to European races, providing real-time data at the Hoppergarten racecourse in Berlin, including the exact position, ranking, distance and speed between horses. The brand-new system sets the pace for purebred horse racing. It is the world’s most accurate horse racing tracking system, which can be accurate to 5 centimeters and perform 1000 calculations per second.
   The Longines positioning system provides data in real time, whether it is a live audience, a television audience, or the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, national federations, racecourses, horse owners, trainers, jockeys, and all racehorses Lovers, etc., can enjoy a better experience.
   In addition, another system based on GPS satellites can be used, which is simpler than the Longines positioning system. Its name is Longines GNSS.

Experience the horse racing scene on your screen
   On the day of launch, Longines also introduced an innovative second-screen application. The app provides live horse racing broadcasts in real time for smartphone and tablet users, displaying detailed data on horses, such as average speed or segment timing. Users can also watch the replay of the game to see additional data; this feature is especially suitable for younger generations who are used to receiving information anytime, anywhere.

The new Comcast V.H.P.
   With its experience in sports timing, Longines has been a pioneer in quartz technology, inspiring watchmakers to create new models.
   Today, the Swiss watch brand Longines is proud to present a new breakthrough in quartz technology-extremely precise, with advanced technology, full of dynamic appearance, and full of the brand’s unique elegant design. The Comcast V.H.P watch is equipped with the brand’s unique Longines movement. It presents extremely high accuracy for an analog watch (with an error of only ± 5 seconds per year), and can reset the hands through a GPD (Gear Position Detection) system after being impacted or disturbed by a magnetic field. These fascinating features show the excellent performance of the movement, and they also have ultra-long-life batteries and perpetual calendar functions.