Men Need A Good Watch

Even in the era of a cell phone for everyone, I insist that men need a good watch. Venus is both crippled and takes up space, but he is regarded as the best. If a person always looks at the world from a practical perspective, then the person is vulgar and the world he sees is vulgar. Looking around, all good things have a bit of affection. A small watch can reflect all kinds of feelings.

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   The Blancpain Villeret Chinese calendar has condensed the Chinese zodiac, the zodiac, the five elements, the moon phase, the lunar date, and the Gregorian date between square inches. A foreign watch-making company has shown the essence of Chinese traditional culture so elegant and exquisite. As a heir to the dragon, if the pockets are enough, don’t support it, I’m sorry.
   Even in the age of a cell phone for everyone, I insist that men need a good watch. Some people say that I can watch time on my phone, why do I need a watch? You can ask the female compatriots to explain that you can also use supermarket shopping bags to hold things. Why do you spend 10,000 yuan on luxury bags? The Venus statue is both crippled and takes up space, but is considered a top quality. Why? The handwriting of Yan Zhenqing’s Manuscript to the Nephew is scribbled and smeared in several places, but is revered as a god. Why?
   No developed means of transportation can replace the legs, nor can any advanced sewing tools eliminate the needle. Needless to say, from a practical point of view, watches are still the most convenient, reliable and versatile timing tool at present.
   On many occasions, you have no choice but to use your watch to control time. For example, to participate in the national entrance exam and various vocational qualification exams, participants are not allowed to bring mobile phones, and there is not necessarily a clock in the test room. To grasp the rhythm, you can only wear a watch. You might say that brother hasn’t taken the exam for many years, and this rule doesn’t apply. Well, imagine again, you go out to meet customers, participate in interviews, or interview others, and openly take out your cell phone to watch time in front of everyone, it is neither decent nor degrading. If you’re wearing a watch, just stretch your arms gracefully and inadvertently glance at it for easy advancement.
   In some extreme cases, you have to rely on watches. As we all know, electronic products are not as reliable as mechanical products. In extremely hot or cold climates, mobile phones cannot be turned on or cannot be used normally. Extreme sports such as skydiving, extreme rafting, deep-sea diving, and high-speed racing are the world of professional timekeeping watches. You are unlikely to have the opportunity to calmly pick out your phone from your pocket to watch the time, and then start or stop the stopwatch. . You may be dismissive, saying that Brother does not play these ‘tall and tall’ sports, nor does he venture into extreme climate areas. Don’t rush to refute! Go swimming in the sea or lake in summer and skiing in the suburbs in winter. It is much more convenient to wear a sports watch.
   Imagine if you were a senior financial manager or an investment bank analyst and stretched out your empty hand to shake hands with a VIP customer, you were somewhat underpowered. We can’t deny that some people in ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign countries have to ‘pretend to force’ because of their professional or status needs, and watches are a rare ‘pretend’ weapon. It can make people have psychological hints about punctuality, professionalism, integrity, taste, etc. for the wearer, make the book-like person more elegant, and make the youth with more open personality more energetic.
   Step back 10,000 steps, whether you are a rough man or a literary man, the watch is the only adornment you can wear in and out of various places, unlike women with so many privileges. You are not nice to yourself. How can you be nice to others? Still counting on someone to treat you well?
   If a person always looks at the world from a practical perspective, then that person is vulgar and he sees a world that is also tacky. Fortunately, there is another thing in this world called feelings, which can make people a little less tacky. Nostalgic, faith and ideal. Going deeper is thinking and acting on inheritance, persistence, and outlook.
   Looking around, all good things have a bit of affection. It either looks like exquisite writing, calligraphy and painting, condensing the accumulation of history; or looks like luxury goods and luxury cars, showing its identity and honor; or looks like a simple toilet lid, representing the spirit of craftsmen. And all this can be reflected through a small watch.
   The reason why man becomes the king of all things lies in thought and creation. Watches are the masters of this ability. Imagine that hundreds of thousands of small parts are integrated between the square inches, and they work closely. In addition to the basic timekeeping function, you can also display calendars, monthly calendars, annual calendars, weeks, moon phases, stars, heavenly stems, and earthly branches. Reserve extraordinary powers, distinguish multiple time zones, and cross the northern and southern hemispheres. To ensure accurate watch operation, it is also necessary to overcome the challenges brought by gravity, bumps, collisions, magnetic fields, heat sources, extreme cold, altitude, water vapor, pressure and other environments. How easy is it?
   As an accessory, a watch must be pleasing to the eye, and it must have an ingenious design, a choice of materials, a polishing of excellence, and a meticulous assembly. Behind a seemingly humble watch, there is a huge system engineering hidden, involving the division of labor in industry, the cooperation of industry and academia. The Swiss are so proud of the world that there is no reason. This is of course a digression.
   Among the many adornments invented by mankind, materials, functions, skills, aesthetics, feelings, and identity are all in one, except for watches, which are second to none. So men need a good watch.
   What kind of watch is a good watch? First, it must be a purely mechanical watch. All products related to electronics can’t get out of short life and cheap reincarnation like Baiju’s gap. Only mechanical products can be reliable and lasting, so feelings can be pinned and inherited. Your watch may appear on your son’s wrist in the future, but your cell phone will never. Would you like to bet on me?
   A good watch should also conform to the age, temperament, taste, and identity of the wearer, wearing it freely and others looking at nature. A college student wearing a Rolex gold watch is easy to attract strange eyes. It is not only overwhelming, but also old-fashioned. And a business owner with a wealth of money and a half-year-old business owner who wears a colorful electronic watch with a rubber strap , It is the same as putting a label on the forehead with ‘earthly dregs’ and ‘pull the door’.
   Choosing a watch that suits you is a science that is neither deep nor shallow. What are you waiting for? Get a good watch! (Writing by Corey)