Metal Gray Cold And Brilliant Male Watch Longines Master Craftsmanship Complex Watch Appreciation

Longines watches have many excellent watchmakers, and they create a lot of elegant works every year. Among them, in 2005, Longines launched its brand-new watch series of master craftsmen. This series, just like its name, combines the watchmaking skills and wisdom of all master craftsmen, pushing Longines to a new level again. Today, Xiaobian will appreciate a stainless steel men’s mechanical watch that integrates multiple complicated functions of Longines.
 Longines Longines-Master Series L2.673.4.78.6 Men’s Mechanical Watch

 The famous carpenter series is a new series launched by Longines in 2005. This series contains Longines’ accumulation of years and the accumulation of watchmaking technology, which made this series sought after as soon as it came out. This series has many superb functions such as moon phase, Greenwich Mean Time, dual calendar, chronograph and stopwatch. The model is made of pure stainless steel. The cold gold color and silver-gray dial surface make the dial look full and elegant. The Longines logo on the right not only increases recognition, but also fills the gap without a small dial. The 30-minute counter and day of the week / month display are at 12 o’clock on the dial, the 24-hour display and small seconds dial at 9 o’clock on the left, and the 12-hour counter and moon phase function at 6 o’clock.

 The dials are well-proportioned, full, and tidy. Although ‘complex’, they are not messy. The blue-steel hands are elegant and charming, and the Crescent hands indicating the date are very distinctive and very pleasing. Generally complicated watches are thicker because of the movement. However, the thickness of this watch is only 14mm, which takes into account both the playability of complex functions and the aesthetic appearance. The case and lugs are smooth and perfectly connected, and the crown and chronograph buttons are well coordinated on the side. Through the back, you can see the operation of the internal mechanical parts. Its L678 movement is clearly visible. This movement is a relatively common moon camera movement of Longines, with reliable performance and exquisite travel time.

 Summary: This Longines watch is different from previous series models in that it has multiple functions such as moon phase, calendar, timekeeping, different time zones, etc. It not only inherits the classic elegant elements of the classic Longines, but also boldly implements the functions. A new breakthrough was achieved, and the title of ‘Master Craftsman’ was finally achieved.
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