Wempe Magic Beads Reinterpret ‘jewelry’

At the beginning of the WEMPE Jewelry Plug & Play series, the perfect combination of jewellery and classic craftsmanship was perfectly combined. Every piece of jewelry takes great care of the perfection of details and the effect of mashups. The bead buckle interface of the original technology and the matching taste of noble materials perfectly fit the natural pursuit of women’s lifestyle.

   At the beginning of the WEMPE Jewelry Plug & Play series, the perfect combination of jewellery and classic craftsmanship was combined. Every piece of jewelry takes great care of the perfection of details and the effect of mashups. The bead buckle interface of the original technology and the matching taste of noble materials perfectly fit the natural pursuit of women’s lifestyle.

New Movado Jewelry Launches Marketing Campaign

Movado Group Inc. announced that it will launch a new event to showcase their latest fine jewelry designs. This event will be the focus of international consumer magazines, national and regional newspapers in December 2009.

The event was shot by renowned photographer Robin Broadbent.
With the silhouette of the human body as the artistic background of its exclusive jewelry, this exhibition will focus on blending with artistic design in a way that highlights the feminine qualities and sensuality of the woman. This is where Movado’s artistic charm lies.
As a brand that has long been integrated with modernism and closely combined with the performing arts, Movado has experienced a 125-year glorious history of excellence and innovation. Movado is also a major sponsor of a number of art centers, including the New York City Ballet, the Performing and Jazz Ensemble of the Lincoln Center and the Performing Arts of the John F. Kennedy Center group. In addition, Movado is a sponsor of the Miami International Film Festival, the Miami City Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Pacifica, Cooper Hewitt, and the National Design Museum.

At This Moment, The Core Movement Basel Tissot Brings The Stars To Help The Team Feel The Charm Of The New Durul Series Of Watches – 乔欣

[March 22, 2018, Switzerland] The global watch industry event Basel Watch Show opened today, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot watch gathered at the booth, and for the first time announced the new Dulu Series. Brand friends, well-known actors Qiao Xin, Chen Xuedong, Song Weilong, Gao Yixiang, and Wang Dalu all made their first appearance at the Tissot watch booth, together with Tissot Global President François Thiébaud, Tissot Global Vice President of Marketing Mr. Bertrand Delvert and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, enjoyed the best products, and shared with the guests the charm of Tissot’s 165th anniversary. Since its inception, Tissot has always been committed to the modern innovation of Swiss traditional superb timepieces, building a wonderful world of ‘moments’ for the world, with every ingenuity and all-out effort to create the next moment of splendor and glory .

Exterior view of Tissot’s Basel booth

Tissot Basel booth

Elegance outside, firmness at the core
   In the first show, well-known actor Qiao Xin appeared at the Tissot stand for the first time. With a temperamental temperament, she wears neat suits, she is sweet and capable, and wears new Tissot Duluer series ladies watches. She kindly presents autographed photos to fans in front of the booth, which is elegant and noble. When visiting the Tissot watch exhibition area, Qiao Xin developed a strong interest in Tissot’s new watches. Listening to the understanding room, she elegantly wore the Durul series watch to the slender wrist, marveling at the exquisiteness of the watch, feeling the brand’s rich history through the small square inch of the wrist, and studying the delicate Parisian ornament in the dial. Spikes, feel the beauty from the European Middle Ages, and praise the heritage of the brand.
   She has always shown herself with a quiet smile and no trace. With the successful shaping of the character ‘Guan Yier’ in Ode to Joy, she has attracted a lot of attention. As an actor, her love of acting from an early age opened her a door to the screen. She successfully shaped several well-characterized and warm-looking characters, but she has unwavering efforts and challenges. Her spirit has always shined on her road to acting, inspiring her to work hard at this moment and embrace herself to be more perfect in the next moment. This coincides with the development philosophy Tissot has always upheld, and always strives to create the spirit of the next moment with this moment of dedication and perseverance. At this moment, in front of Tissot’s booth, she was immersed in the brand’s time corridor and enjoyed the same spiritual world with the brand.

Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot Watch, and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, and Qiao Xin (From left to right, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Qiao Xin, Tissot Watch Global Mr. Francois Timbo)

Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot, took a group photo with Qiao Xin

Qiao Xin wears Tissot Durul women’s watch

Qiao Xin sends autographed photos to fans
A century of heritage
   The star-studded Tissot watch stand is undoubtedly the focus of this year’s watch exhibition. The Tissot watch showcase also displays pieces of new timepieces full of ingenuity and heritage, the most amazing of which is the classic returning with a new attitude. Work-the new Durul series. When well-known actors Qiao Xin, Chen Xuedong, Song Weilong, Gao Yixiang, and Wang Dadao came to the Tissot watch booth, they chose to wear the new Duluer watch and they drew attention to other styles of the series at the booth.
   Since its birth in 1853, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has walked the 165th anniversary in the Time Gallery. It inherits the concept of “innovation comes from tradition”, and gives birth to new ideas. Master every moment, experience every moment, live every moment. Create unlimited value in a moment with a limited time. The Durul collection is named after the street where the Tissot watch factory was founded when it was established in Leloc, Switzerland-Durul Street in the small town of Leloc, Switzerland, where it is still the headquarters of the Tissot brand. Duluer series watches have a very important commemorative meaning for Tissot watches, containing precious brand history and feelings, condensing the brand’s 165 years of history in a wrist full of spiritual timepiece. A contemporary design pays tribute to Tissot’s long-established expertise in watchmaking and its ingenuity.

Tissot Duluer watches inherit the precious history of the 165th anniversary

Tissot Duluer watches inherit the precious history of the 165th anniversary
   With a wide range of styles, this series of watches are full of sincerity in detail and focus on bringing a pleasant wrist experience to the wearer. This series of three-hand watch, chronograph, world time and other models are all decorated with beautiful details, with exquisite Paris studs and three-dimensional scale hour markers, Tissot brand from Switzerland’s firm belief in every detail. The elegant texture of the 316L stainless steel strap seems to pull people’s minds to the top of Europe covered by snow, and let people experience the beautiful mountains and rivers together. The deep and solid blue and the rich dark texture also add a touch of artistic beauty that belongs to the Tissot brand. The elegant case is polished and brushed, and the arched sapphire glass is sturdy and rich in texture, perfectly showing the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and technology for more than a century. The collection looks attractive and exudes luxury, and it is excellent value for money. Whether it is a sun dial that fits perfectly with natural light, or a dial with a date display, it exudes the beauty of noble details with a unique design and spiritual power condensed in the seconds, reflecting the brand’s heart ——With this moment’s all-out effort and ingenuity inheritance, create the next brilliant moment. This moment, create the next moment!

Tissot durull men’s watch

Tissot Durul Women’s Watch
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Companion To Important Moments With Women

Diamonds and jewelry are always women’s favorite, and those who often appear on the red carpet have their favorite watch brands. The timeless classic models bring timeless elegance, perfect details and superb design are so memorable. These women’s watches take us to pure white, adding angelic light to you and me. Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS
     French royal brand Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS favors Audrey Tatum, a French angel, and specially launches the ‘Beautiful Angel’ series of watches. This design is based on Emily in the movie ‘Angel Love Beautiful’ as a source of inspiration, especially a watch tailored for French international actress Audrey Tatum. The lively Paris Grand Mercure special digital logo expresses Emily’s magical fairy tale world. The elegant and simple temperament of the watch fully conforms to the French style of Tatu.
     The ‘Beautiful Angel’ series watch adopts the classic Grand Drum case design inherited from the Grand Mercure Paris, with dedicated cubist digital scale and ergonomic lug design, unique Paris Grand Mercury arrow-shaped hands, and Mediterranean Symphony dial. , Gem-set crown, sapphire anti-glare mirror, Paris Grand Mercure’s exclusive classic waterproof technology, classic woven pattern double butterfly bracelet. The watch as a whole adopts the art design of Grand Mercure Paris and is precision-made in Switzerland.
Chanel Chanel J12 Ceramic Watch
     The J12 series was born in 2000 and has become the representative of high-end watches in the 21st century. White is the color that Ms. Chanel is extremely fond of, and she also likes to wear white camellia to set off her skin color. Just like the J12 black watch, the J12 pure white watch has been extremely popular since its introduction and has led another wave of white watches. Trend. A special process has been applied to the soft high-precision ceramics, making its texture and color as warm and charming as milk. Compared to other materials, the warm nature of ceramic watches is like the second layer of skin on the wrist, and its temperature will change with your body temperature. Ceramic is inherently hard, making it more resistant to wear than other materials. From tenderness to firmness, time is walking firmly and softly on your wrist.
Movado watch
     Movado brand watches, early Movado pocket watches are very representative. In 1926, Movado’s travel pocket watch specially designed for travellers was officially launched. Capsule case, enamel case embroidered with exquisite patterns, and precious stones, coupled with the opening and closing case design, when closed, it can protect the surface. In 1927, it was improved to the case opening and closing to be an automatic movement. Clockwork, a revolutionary patented design by Movado. Recently, Movado Watches invited the new actress Lili Collins as the brand’s image ambassador. She has a fresh and confident unique temperament, which embodies the brand’s core values ​​of art, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. As a fresh face and voice of her generation, Lily will fully support the image and marketing activities of the Movado brand, and will definitely inject new vitality into the Movado brand. ‘

Classic Also Has A New Life Iwc Iwc Portuguese Series Seven Days Moving Storage Watch

Dating back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Portugal far surpassed other big countries in exploring the oceans, and was therefore regarded as the best navigation expert at the time; they not only found new navigation routes and land, Since then, the Swiss watchmaking industry has continued to flourish, even though it was already 1936 in the twentieth century. At that time, two Portuguese merchants Rodrigues and Teixeira visited Schaffhausen and ordered a stainless steel watch as accurate as an astronomical watch from IWC, and the Portuguese series watch was born.

   It can be said that the success of IWC is inseparable from its most representative Portuguese series. I believe that many people first learned about the brand of IWC. They all started from the Portuguese series of Portuguese Seven and Portuguese counters. Watch, I do not know how many people fascinated. Last year, the Portuguese series ushered in its 75th anniversary. The model has also been comprehensively upgraded, made a number of improvements in technology and aesthetics, and the self-produced 52000 series of movements developed by the brand are also fully equipped in the new Among the watches of the Portuguese watch series.

   This brand new rose gold Portuguese seven (model: IW500701), 42.3 mm case, if the stainless steel blue needle gives you a feeling of clear spring, then this beige dial watch with golden hands makes the look more Hotter. What remains unchanged is the design style and watchmaking standards of the watch.

   As a seven-day power reserve watch, its seven-day power reserve display is located at 3 o’clock, and the small dial is divided into eight areas, of which the red part is to remind the owner of the watch. The small seconds at 9 o’clock is very streamlined. The black track-type hour-dial dial with the rose gold small seconds hand reveals an elegant temperament in its simplicity. The trapezoidal display frame at 6 o’clock is for date display. The simple display is consistent with the overall simplicity of the watch dial. Clear reading at a glance.

   The wide crown is located in the middle of the side of the case. The side of the crown is engraved with the logo of IWC.

   With a dark brown crocodile leather strap, the color is coordinated, and the material of the folding buckle is also selected in the same 18K rose gold as the case.

   The thickness of the case is 14.5 millimeters, which is considered to be a heavier style with a full texture. Both the grooved bezel and the case’s brushed sides maintain the usual style of the Portuguese series.

   The matte side of the lugs is polished to contrast with the smooth surface on the front, making the lugs more three-dimensional, and the curvature of the lugs is elegant. In addition to making the watch more comfortable to wear, it also increases the beauty of the entire watch.

   Through the case back, you can clearly see the IWC-made 52010 movement. The size of this movement is very large. There is no trimmer Glucydur® balance wheel. There are trimmer screws and Breguet springs on the rim of the balance wheel. Tuo decorated with 18K gold badge. Equipped with two barrels to provide greater torque. After full winding, the dual barrel can also provide enough energy for the watch’s power reserve for up to seven days.

   Summary: IWC’s Portuguese series of watches are simple, elegant and rich in texture, emphasizing the precision, complexity and elegance of marine watches, which are worth having. The official price of the watch is 162,000 RMB. Although the price is about twice as expensive as the steel model, it presents another feeling and gives you a different choice.

Time And Magic – A Hundred Years Of Evolution Of Audemars Piguet Watches

When talking about Audemars Piguet, we can’t help but think of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak series. Its unique and recognizable shape makes people curious about time. In fact, Audemars Piguet’s women’s watches are just as wonderful. Talking about the development process of Audemars Piguet’s watches is just like watching a film of the era and savoring the changes and glimpses of artistic aesthetics in different ages.
   As early as 1883, eight years after the creation of the Audemars Piguet brand, the advent of the first Audemars Piguet watch movement brought a fresh breeze to the quiet and elegant Swiss Vallée de Joux. Audemars Piguet inherited the traditional essence of brand breakthrough innovation and pursuit of excellence, launched a movement with a diameter of only 3 cents (6.8 mm), set a world record, and opened a new chapter for women’s watches.
   Talking about the development process of Audemars Piguet is like appreciating a film of the era, savoring the changes and glimpses of artistic aesthetics in different ages. With the development of society, the social roles and social positions of women have quietly changed, and women also have different characteristics and unique beauty. Audemars Piguet captures the essence of artistic style forward-looking and injects new elements into its family legend.
   The 1820s was called ‘the most colorful era in history’. The unprecedented wave of industrialization unfolded, new and confident modern female faces appeared, and the contemporary art movement spread from Europe to the North American continent. Its aesthetic core is mechanical and geometric; purely decorative lines and vivid color paintings, from the sun radiated by scallops to the ancient totems of Egyptian culture, from the bright and exaggerated pink to the passionate orange, are all materials. Eclectic. In order to highlight the emerging lifestyle, Audemars Piguet launched a series of jewelry watches and accessories to create a new self-image for women who have won the right to freedom in society. The women’s jewellery watch introduced in 1922 is quite representative. This watch is decorated with diamonds, and its small and unique Art Deco style illustrates its pinnacle of interpretation in pocket craftsmanship.
1922 Audemars Piguet Art Deco Women’s Watch
   Time has advanced to the 1870s. In the decade known as the ‘Disco Era’, feminism has developed rapidly. Mrs. Thatcher, the Iron Lady, has become Britain’s first female Prime Minister. The fashion industry that pursues personality has also been shaped by strong women Impact. At the same time, Audemars Piguet experienced the heyday of the second rapid development of women’s watches, and the concept design of the watch was also more diversified: round, pillow-shaped, rectangular and oval models came out one after another. After 1976, Audemars Piguet launched the classic first Royal Oak Women’s Watch, which became the vane of the time.
1976 Launch of the first Audemars Piguet Royal Oak women’s watch
Appreciation of Audemars Piguet Classic Year
1.Audemars Piguet Women’s Watch 1969
   Features: The popularity of women’s watches originates from the bustling twentieth century. At that time, women were influenced by the flowery lifestyle from Paris, and some women worked instead of their husbands during the First World War, thus achieving a certain degree of independence. As a result, clocks began to appear on their wrists, and then the first generation of women’s watches came out. This antique women’s watch displayed at the Audemars Piguet Shanghai New Concept Boutique is equipped with an 18K white gold case and strap and is set with 24 diamonds. It perfectly combines the characteristics of high-end watchmaking and high-end jewelry to showcase Audemars Piguet The female side of the brand.
2.Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS series small seconds watch

Technical Parameters:
Model: 77240BC.ZZ.A808CR.01
Movement: Cal.3090 manual winding movement, balance wheel frequency 21600 times / hour, 21 diamonds, power reserve 48 hours.
Dial: Mother-of-pearl dial, gold applied hour markers and hands.
Case: width 33.00 mm, thickness 7.15 mm. Anti-glare sapphire crystal and case back, diamond-set bezel.
Strap: Hand-stitched ‘large square scale’ alligator leather strap or technical silk strap with 18K gold pin buckle.
Waterproof depth: 20m
   Features: Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars small seconds watch, light case, slender bezel, matte polished silver dial elegant and elegant, noble, make the dial set with rose gold rod-shaped hour markers and delicate rose gold hour The minute hand is outstanding. The classic style of the Jules Audemars series fits well with women who seek subtle beauty. Instead of pursuing the icing on the cake, it is a manifestation of women’s natural beauty. Just like independent and elegant working women, they do not envy dazzling stars, but win by their inner temperament, and naturally show their admirable elegance. A natural classic that exudes irresistible charm.
3.Audemars Piguet Millennium Star Watch
Technical Parameters:
Starry Night Edition Model: 77315BC.ZZ.D007SU.01
Movement: Cal.3123 / 3908 automatic winding movement, diameter 26 mm, 45 diamonds, maximum power reserve 62 hours, balance frequency 21600 times / hour.
Dial: Off-centre night blue dial, set with night blue Arabic numerals; half moon-shaped area paved with diamonds or white mother-of-pearl, set with Roman numerals.
Day Edition Model: 77315OR.ZZ.D013SU.01
Movement: Cal.3123 / 3908 automatic winding movement, diameter 26 mm, 45 diamonds, maximum power reserve 62 hours, balance frequency 21600 times / hour.
Dial: Off-centre white mother-of-pearl dial with light blue Arabic numerals; white mother-of-pearl half-moon-shaped areas with Roman numerals; date dial with golden sun pattern; power reserve display with thin snow grass Pattern; floral heart set with diamonds.
Strap: Night blue or white matte satin hemming strap, 18K white gold or rose gold AP exclusive double-fold folding buckle set with round diamonds.
   Features: Audemars Piguet Starry Sky Series is divided into two models, which are dedicated to starry night and day, in a poetic way to remind people that the rhythm of time mainly comes from the stars of the sky. The Starry Night Edition features five star-studded diamond star scales, reflecting the beautiful blue large Arabic numerals. On the left side of the surface is a crescent moon with white mother-of-pearl or diamonds, with Roman numerals on it, emitting a crescent-like glow. The day edition replaces the night sky and the crescent moon with the perfect brilliance of natural mother-of-pearl. A radiant sun disk is in the center of the date display disk. Love the sun, the moon and the stars, talk about romance, Audemars Piguet Star Watch, only for the precious precious lover unique in the heart.
4.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore LADYCAT Chronograph

Technical Parameters:
Model: 26211SK.ZZ.D002CA.01
Movement: Calibre 2385 self-winding movement, with a total diameter of 26.20 mm, a movement thickness of 5.5 mm, 37 diamonds, a minimum power reserve of 40 hours, and a balance frequency of 21600 times / hour.
Dial: Black dial with ‘Méga Tapisserie’ oversized check decoration, Royal Oak rose gold fluorescent three-dimensional hour markers and hands.
Case: Stainless steel case (37mm), anti-reflective sapphire crystal, case back engraved with ‘Ladycat’, ‘Royal OakOffshore’ (Royal Oak Offshore) and ‘Edition limitée’ (Limited Edition), Diamond-set bezel and chain link, black rubber-coated screw-in crown and buttons, water-resistant to 50 meters.
Strap: Black rubber strap with stainless steel AP word folding clasp.
   Features: Inspired by the international sailing regatta sponsored by Audemars Piguet, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore LADYCAT chronograph is tailor-made for women who love sports, but also dedicated to those who love strength and geometric shapes, and Women who can show their vitality. The steel version is limited to 150 pieces and the platinum version is limited to 10 pieces. The new theme colors of the sailboat, namely black, gold and green, are harmoniously distributed on the dial. The filigree-inlaid hands of the chronograph dial also use the same color combination. The ‘Ladycat’ logo is engraved on the caseback, in honor of the only female sailing boat in this category.
5.Audemars Piguet fine jewelry watches

Technical Parameters:
Model: 79417BC.ZZ.9184BC.01
Movement: 3091 manual-winding movement, with a total thickness of 2.80 mm, a minimum power reserve of 48 hours, and a balance frequency of 21600 times / hour.
Dial: White gold dial with inlaid beautiful diamonds, 2N fine gold polished diamond faceted blue steel hands.
Case: 18K white gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds, anti-glare sapphire crystal and case back,
Strap: 18K white gold strap set with bright and stepped diamonds.
Waterproof depth: 20 meters.
   Features: Audemars Piguet jewellery watches originating from the Jurassic Valley take nature as the leading role and are jointly completed by a team of highly skilled designers, gem inlays, sculptors and watchmakers. The brand draws inspiration from the vast universe and embellishes the latest art masterpieces with 449 beautiful diamonds. Through the application of asymmetric and symmetric lines, it ingeniously combines the free style of the Art Nouveau wave and the geometric structure of the decorative arts. The entire circular dial is like a soft sky background, setting off shining stars, and continues to run around the dial. For added dynamics, a long step-cut diamond charm hangs from the case to sway as the wearer swings.
The new 21st century
   The arrival of the 21st century has overturned the global economic model and social lifestyle. For women, the right of free choice is no longer confined to the field of fashion consumption. They are free to deal with different social roles, make calm decisions in the workplace, and turn their tenderness in the family. More and more women see their inner desires as if they are confident in building dreams and pursuing quality of life on the road of life. They are also pursuing a chic beauty that is both artistic and practical. Audemars Piguet is committed to turning female ideas into reality, and building the future with the bold women in the new era.
   In fact, Jasmine Audemars, Chairman of the Audemars Piguet Board, is the representative of Audemars Piguet women. As a descendant of one of the founding families of the brand, and the only woman leading a large independent watchmaking company, its outstanding performance and firm philosophy have fully demonstrated the Audemars Piguet spirit of ‘driving the routine and being the leader’.
Ms. Jasmine Audemars, Chairman of the Audemars Piguet Board
Female attitudes and opinions
   Elegance, self-confidence, and gentleness have always been unique charming features of women. Self-confidence, independence, and sobriety, modern women control their lives with powerful inner strength. Audemars Piguet women do not follow the trend, but only lead the trend, whether you enjoy the family or challenge the workplace, you can have what you want.
The latest Audemars Piguet commercial featuring Anouck Lepère

   The latest advertisement, which was led by Anouck Lepère, used ‘control the routine and stand out from the crowd’ as its promotional slogan, which fully demonstrated the pursuit of freedom for Audemars Piguet women. She has her own independent opinion, not restricted by tradition, but still feminine. She knows that beauty should not be superficial, and so is the watch. In addition to pursuing gorgeous decorative arts in appearance, Audemars Piguet watches pay more attention to the internal mechanical technology, showing the timeless beauty inside and outside.

Tiger Tag Heuer Launches The Monaco Calibre 11 French Special Limited Edition

Recently, Swiss avant-garde watchmaker Tag Heuer has launched a special limited edition French version of the Monaco Calibre 11 watch.

   The case is made of stainless steel and measures 39mm x 9mm. It is equipped with a sapphire crystal and a back-through design. The bottom of the case is engraved with the words ‘MONACO CHRONOGRAPHE AUTOMATIQUE CALIBRE 11’ (Calibre 11 Monaco Automatic Chronograph) and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

   Equipped with Swiss-made Tag Heuer Calibre 11 automatic movement, 59 stones, 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), 40 hours power reserve, certified by the Swiss COSC Observatory. With central hours, minutes and chronograph seconds, small seconds, date display window and 30-minute cumulative timer are set at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively.

   The dial is black and decorated with two silver cumulative timers, fluorescent hour and minute hands and hour markers, as well as the Tag Heuer vintage brand logo. Comes with a black calfskin strap and stainless steel folding clasp. It is reported that the Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 French Special Edition is limited to 200 pieces, priced at 5,500 euros, equivalent to about 43,000 yuan.

Montblanc’s New Work Interprets The Attitude Of Pioneer

On August 14, 2015, Beijing, Montblanc, a top international luxury brand, held a preview of its new 2015 works at the Sanlitun Concept Store. Since its birth in 1906, Montblanc has unremittingly explored while adhering to the traditional heritage and the ultimate craftsmanship. It has perfectly blended classic elegance and modern design. With a vibrant spirit of innovation, it has climbed to new heights with a pioneering attitude and accompanied the urban nobleman. future.
  ‘Over a century ago, Montblanc was founded in Hamburg, Germany, and through unremitting efforts, it has become a leading brand in the field of professional writing instruments. It is proud that we have never stopped innovating and exploring, and have been developing for more than 100 years. In China, we have continuously challenged new fields. We have established watchmaking workshops with top independent research and development capabilities in Switzerland, where the watch originated, and established exclusive leather goods workshops in Florence, Italy. ‘ Mr. (Aris Maroulis) proudly explained, ‘Today, Montblanc has become a world-renowned top luxury brand, whose works include writing instruments, watches, leather goods and jewelry accessories.’-With this persistent belief, Montblanc came out this summer with a full line of new products, showing the beauty of diverse personalities.

Welcome speech by Mr. Aris Maroulis, Managing Director of Montblanc China

  This preview is divided into three areas. When you step into it, the first thing that catches your eyes is the watch display area. The new Montblanc Bohème Moongarden series just released in Paris, France stands in the showcase. As a personality created for modern women, this series is inspired by Moonlight Garden. It injects romantic poetic feelings and exquisite craftsmanship into women’s watches, writing instruments and jewellery works in this series, which interprets extremely Unique charm of style. Another highlight is that Montblanc and the Chinese brand ambassador Lin Dan jointly launched the TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Lin Dan Special watch series. This limited edition series of watches is not only designed by Lin Dan himself, but also infused with unique “Lin Dan characteristics” in many details. It also integrates Montblanc’s innovative e-Strap smart wristband integrated design, combining wearable technology with The long tradition of Swiss fine watchmaking blends into one and meets the needs of business elites. The heritage chronograph watch inspired by the avant-garde spirit and navigation technology of the navigator Vasco da Gama is a perfect fusion of top watch quality, Swiss watchmaking technology and brand tradition, showing the Montblanc Villeret and Le Locle’s independent watchmaking workshops are innovative and perfect.

Montblanc Bohème Moongarden watch

Montblanc Bohème Moongarden Writing Instruments

Montblanc joins hands with Chinese brand ambassador Lin Dan to launch a special series of Timewalker Phantom Lin Dan special watch series

Montblanc’s heritage of precision chronographs showcases the innovative spirit and perfect dedication of Montblanc Villeret and Le Locle

  Moving to the writing tools and leather goods display area, guests can further appreciate Montblanc’s infinite creativity: for the first time, the Montblanc M series writing tools created by the famous designer Marc Newson, with a smooth line design perfect interpretation of the extreme The simple modern aesthetic style redefines the profound essence and infinite charm of the writing art. The Taipan Twilight Series writing instruments created with the mysterious city night show Montblanc’s creative ability to capture the beauty of the moment. The new Taipan selected Mo Yun series of leather goods not only applies the unique technique created by the painting masters in the Renaissance, sfumato, to the rendering of leather, realizing the ingenious fusion of hand-painted leather goods and modern mature demands. The use of colors such as black, dark brown and carbon ash makes the work glow with youthful fashion.

Montblanc’s Montblanc M series writing instruments (bottom right) created with the famous designer Marc Newson for the first time, and the Taipan Twilight blue series writing instruments inspired by urban night light (left), prove once again ‘Father of Writing’

Montblanc pays tribute to legendary pioneer with new literary series Lev Tolstoy and art patron series Luciano Pavarotti writing instruments

Montblanc Meister’s selection of Mo Yun series of leather goods cleverly applies the unique painting technique popular in the European Renaissance, sfumato, to leather rendering, realizing the ingenious fusion of hand-painted leather goods and modern mature appeal.

  This preview also has a special writing experience area, not only to enjoy more amazing Montblanc writing tool works, but also to experience the fun of writing on the scene: whether it is asking a calligraphy teacher to write a meaningful blessing or Leave a message, or write a postcard for an important person or write a postcard yourself, or find your own writing tool by experiencing different pen body or nib design, you can feel the perfect shape, Montblanc always focuses on the use of the writer Feeling design concept.

In Montblanc’s special writing experience area, guests can not only write blessings and messages in person, but also experience the fun of writing with different pens

  The brand new works not only continue to uphold Montblanc’s proud craftsmanship, creative design full of modernity, but also inject youthful vitality into the work, which symbolizes Montblanc’s unending passion for exploration.
  About Montblanc
  Since the establishment of the brand, Montblanc has persisted in creating each product with traditional heritage and perfection for more than 100 years. The uncompromising design and quality have enabled Montblanc to successfully create classics that can be passed on to the world. The Montblanc hexagonal white star symbolizes the top quality that the brand is pursuing. Can be reflected in the atmosphere and eyewear products. The Montblanc Workshop explains the commitment to continuous pursuit of excellence while promoting the development of the cultural field. Montblanc, rooted in the field of writing culture, has always played an important role in the field of culture. Through different types of international activities, the brand has continued to write magnificent chapters in contemporary cultural undertakings, and has occupied a place in the world’s culture.

Introduction To Zenith Elprimero Chronograph Movement

Pure design, natural and simple style. The traditional and complicated production process incorporates extremely delicate design. The Zenith Classic series has created a unique fashion brand. The distinguished and modern art style comes from the classic but not luxurious luxury style. It fully demonstrates its manufacturer’s mastery of diverse mechanical structures; based on the 40-year-old El Primero chronograph movement, or Elite ultra-thin movement. This combination of tradition and fashion gives these artworks a soul, with unparalleled exquisiteness and elegance beyond time. The series symbolizes the perfect fusion of classicism and modernism, and contains a lingering classic memory of the 1950s.

Creating New And Changing Is The Key To Long-term Development Panerai Panerai Short Film Final Chapter

Massimo Bottura is the founder and chef of Osteria Francescana, a three-star Michelin restaurant in Modena. He made his debut in the ‘Innovation’ chapter of the ‘PANERAI Traits’ short film series. The series was shot by Panerai in collaboration with four international celebrities who perfectly embody the essence of the brand.

The final chapter of the Panerai Essence series released the ‘Innovation’ chapter, featuring Italian chef Massimo Bottura as the protagonist. He chose PAM00438 as a timepiece for daily research and development of creative dishes.

This Italian chef in Modena topped the list of the ’50 Best Restaurants in the World’ in 2016, attracting customers from all over the world to pilgrimage and enjoy the traditional Italian characteristics interpreted by chef Bottura in a new way Cuisine, to implement its purpose of ‘changing in tradition’. The film was filmed in many places in Modena, including Piazza Grande, the historic Albinelli market and restaurants in Bottura. He said in front of the camera: ‘We need to look at traditions critically, not nostalgia. To innovate, we must remove the traditions and further extend the essence of the tradition, so that it can move into the future.’ Massimo Bottura’s dishes Adhering to the Italian cooking tradition, from the area where Modena is located, which is known as the ‘granary’ in central Italy, the highest quality ingredients are purchased. Persevering research and continuous innovative thinking make Osteria Francescana a unique and original experience.

Filmed in many places in Modena, including Piazza Grande, historic Albinelli market and restaurants in Bottura

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Massimo Bottura believes that in order to innovate, it is necessary to remove the tradition and to further extend the essence of the tradition and move it into the future.

‘Innovation’ is the epitome of the essence of Panerai. The short film series witnessed the performance of four international talents in front of the camera, showing their unparalleled enthusiasm in different fields, including the close relationship between the world free diving champion Guillaume Néry and the ocean, the design of Costas Voyatzis, and the establishment of www.yatzer.com The journey of American photographer Jason M. Peterson to find and capture the perfect light, etc., specifically reflects the essence of Panerai’s unique brand.
Chapter 4: Innovation-Massimo Bottura
Massimo Bottura opened the restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena in 1995. The restaurant operator and innovator who has been in the business for more than 20 years, ranks among the most innovative culinary figures in the world. Its Michelin-starred Samsung restaurant, Osteria Francescana, has been recognized internationally and ranked first in 2016 as one of the ’50 Best Restaurants in the World’.

Massimo Bottura has been in the catering industry for more than 20 years, and its three Michelin-starred restaurant Osteria Francescana is ranked first in the ’50 Best Restaurants in the World’ in 2016

Bottura’s cuisine balances tradition with innovative ideas, exploring the deep roots of traditional Italian cuisine, and drawing inspiration from history, art and philosophy. In 2002, Bottura picked up the first Michelin star, and in 2006 it went to the next city. He has won numerous awards in 2011. He received the Grand Prix de l’ Art award from the International Culinary Academy in 2011, and won the Michelin star rating for the third time, realizing his lifelong dream. Osteria Francescana is also the number one restaurant in the Italian food guide for the past five years.

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