Ripple And Time Parmigiani Toric Quaestor Watch Tasting

Ripple does not seem to have any relationship with time, but it makes contact with the minute repeater watch called Ripple (‘Ripple’) in the Parmigiani Toric series. As we all know, as the three major representatives of the complex technology of the watch, the minute repeater is used to tell the time, and the beautiful minute repeat sound can emit sound waves to form invisible ‘ripples’. This image is designed in this watch On the dial. Parmigiani’s Toric series is famous for its three-question and perpetual calendar tourbillon watches. Today, this watch introduced to you is the classic timepiece of this series on SIHH this year: Parmigioni Toric Collection Quaestor. (Watch model: PFH437-1201900)

Japanese garden with island pattern in solid gold dial

 Technical dial display
   The concentric waves and vortex texture on the dial are a reproduction of tranquil waters. Such a unique craftsman pays tribute to Japanese ‘Zen’ studies. Toric Quaestor Ripple’s design is inspired by the Japanese garden, this fine-grained design even includes islands decorated with fine sand. These textures are from the fine carvings of the brand’s artisans, and the pure gold dial is hand-carved with a full layering. The purpose of hand engraving is to ensure that the edges of the texture are clear and that they naturally transition to adjacent patterns. The smooth lines and unique design style make this watch rich in unique style.
Exquisite luxury exterior elements

Knurled 18k white gold case

   The watch uses high-temperature 18k white gold as the case, highlighting the prominent position of ‘Zen’ in the watch, showing a low-key luxury feeling. Without the publicity of gold, platinum has always maintained a strong high-cold style, which is significantly different from the pure gold dial. Adopting Parma Gianni’s characteristic decoration and rolling pattern decoration, it brings a more refreshing experience to watch watchers. The javelin-shaped luminous-coated hands make it easy to observe the time, even in darker environments, making the seemingly simple watch actually very connotative.

Watch crown display

   The same 18k white gold crown is embellished with a gemstone as an embellishment, making the overall aesthetics of the watch even higher. The crown with a non-slip texture design feels good and is not slippery, ensuring the accurate debugging of the watch.

Watch lug display

   The polished white gold lugs have a soft luster, smooth lines and natural texture. It has a good texture and can perfectly integrate the strap with the watch, showing the overall beauty of the watch.
Wonderful movement

Watch movement display

   The back-through design is adopted, and the movement of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal back cover, which adds a watch-watching pleasure to the wearer. Equipped with the brand PF349 manual winding movement, it can provide up to 72 hours of power savings. The innovation in the three-question device makes the speed wheel ensure the complete elimination of mechanical noise, and only the beautiful church bell melody is heard in the ear, which is very pleasant.

Watch strap display

Watch buckle display

   The Havana brown Hermes crocodile leather strap is comfortable and clean. The strap is connected with a pin buckle to ensure the safety of the watch between your wrist and accidental fall.

Watch overall display

Summary: The excellent and technical appearance brings a visual feast to the watch viewer, which is very exquisite. Relying on Parmigiani’s superb watchmaking technology, it broke the limit and equipped the watch with an innovative minute repeater device, reflecting the unique charm of the watch from visual to auditory. The vortex and wavy texture engraved by purely hand-carved arousing endless reveries, this is another masterpiece of the brand on craft watches this year.