Sihh 2014 Ingenious Watchmaking Craftsmanship

Since the development of the watchmaking industry, it is no longer just satisfied with the calibre craftsmanship which is advertised as accurate timekeeping. Both practicality and ornamentality coexist. The masters of watches that integrate mechanical and artistic processes are more popular with people. . Therefore, a number of watch brands not only innovate in the movement technology, strive to achieve the perfection of precise timing, but also use the imagination of art in the artistic expression to create fine art.

 Jewelry watches are the most eye-catching presence in fine watchmaking. Enamel technology and diamond setting technology bring more difficult craftsmanship to jewelry watches, and they also have higher artistic value. At the 2014 Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva, the brand not only continues to strive for perfection in mechanical craftsmanship, but also takes it to the next level in artistic pursuit: transforming the instant beauty of flowers into eternity; reviving ancient craftsmanship, the engraving movement Difficult craftsmanship shows retro charm; using the creative ideas of Tianma Starry Sky, the great trajectory of the astral movement is presented three-dimensionally on the dial. All the way forward in watch technology is the watchmaker’s self-transcendence in watchmaking technology. In the face of ingenious watch treasures, we should praise the watchmakers who cultivated it.

 Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cariter Parrot Floral Inlay Watch

 This model is a perfect combination of two craftsmanships-one is the first application in the field of watchmaking, which makes the flowers and their fleeting beauty become eternal; the other is from the field of jewelry, which makes the dial more complicated Multicolored. The two processes complement each other to make the watch colorful-blue and orange feathers, dark black beak, emerald green eyes, and brilliant white diamonds set on the crown and dial bottom, this Ballon Bleu de Cariter wrist The watch has never been so colorful.

 Making ephemeral beauty everlasting takes a lot of time and a series of complex steps: collecting petals and coloring them, trimming each petal, and then pasting them to a thin thickness with the help of a carefully inlaid pedal saw On wood chips, they transform into precious and gorgeous feathers, full of lifelike shapes and fragile, in sharp contrast to the shiny beak and emerald eyes made of black agate. In order to make black or gray feathers more eye-catching, the spots need to be completed one by one using a micro-painting process. Regardless of whether it is a fine inlay or a gem inlay, it takes at least dozens of hours to create such a fine dial in the Cartier Watch Workshop.

 The astral body runs through the dial Poetic Astronomy

 Van Cleef & Arpels pays tribute to the boundless sky and bright starry sky with Poetic Astronomy ™ poetic astrology series. At SIHH 2014, the vast expanse of sky was successfully refined into the exquisite world on the dial, and inspiration was drawn from the traditional planetarium, once again celebrating the great trajectory of the stars. Planetariums popular in the 18th century outlined the three-dimensional appearance of the solar system, vividly depicting the laws of the planets around the sun.

 Van Cleef & Arpels uses unparalleled jewellery craftsmanship to craft six planets with carefully selected hard gems: turquoise for the earth; serpentine for Mercury; dark green jade into Venus; red jasper Carved Mars; blue agate turned into Jupiter; Su Jishi interpreted Saturn. Each gem is hand-carved into colored spheres of different sizes, which are then precisely distributed around the rose gold sun. Each gemstone planet and rose gold meteor lay on the aventurine dial, the latter of which is deep in the azure brilliance, and outlines a concentric trajectory that progresses like ripples.

 Vacheron Constantin master Fabuleux Ornements series

 The collection is inspired by the dream vision of distant places, and inspired by the brand’s traditional attitude of openness and tolerance to the world. It uses four types of women’s watches with a combination of carving art and various arts.

 This series of watches passed the hands of ten different artisan masters, who reinterpreted the artistic charm of Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery, Indian manuscripts and French lace with superb skills. These delicate and feminine watches are equipped with a hand-carved, thin movement that complements the precious dial decoration, subtly blending the beauty of the watch’s inside and outside.

 The 1003 ultra-thin movement equipped with this watch is made of 18K yellow gold with a thickness of only 1.64 millimeters. The gear system is carved into a delicate lace shape using the engraving process, which fully demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s professional skills in the field of decorative arts. The extraordinary thing about this process is that it sculpts the material to the greatest extent without damaging any key components that ensure the watch’s normal operation. In the last process, all the bridges were hand-carved with a file, and each part was carefully hand-chamfered, decorated and polished by traditional methods, and finally an ideal movement as light as a feather was created. The decoration on the front of the movement is extremely delicate, the finest point is only one tenth of a millimeter, and the reverse side uses Vacheron Constantin’s unique chamfering and hand-carving technology to maintain the pure, restrained appearance of the watch.

 Coperfus 24 Second Tourbillon Modern Art White Gold Diamond Watch

 Coperfus 24 Second Tourbillon Modern Art Flash Diamond White Gold Diamond Watch opens the brand’s new exploration of extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship, and cooperates with giants in the fine jewelry industry to transform rough parts into extraordinary fine jewelry. Craftsmanship, using top-quality baguette-cut diamonds (clarity IF, color DE) to refine the watch structure.

 Blinking diamonds can bring the focus to the 24 seconds tourbillon. The 43.5mm × 16mm white gold case is also set with baguette diamonds around the bezel and lugs. Therefore, the gemstone has become an integral part of the case structure, highlighting the sculptural lines of the case. The timepiece is set with 272 diamonds and weighs 9.71 carats.

 An ocean made of blue titanium, a sparkling diamond ‘white horse’ driven by a 24-second tourbillon — derived from this new 24-second tourbillon modern art flash diamond white gold diamond watch with an ocean-themed design theme. If the eyes closely follow the movement of the hands, the densely set diamonds and the spinning tourbillon will be breathtaking and dazzling.

 For this timepiece, Gopherfuss adopts a 25-second tourbillon inclination design with a frequency of 21,600 vibrations / hour. Two overlapping fast-spinning barrels with overwinding protection and 72 hours power reserve. The overlapping design provides space for a large cardless balance with hairspring and a large tourbillon frame. The tilting frame allows the movement to reach a height of 10.9 mm and a diameter of 36.4 mm. It contains 267 parts and 40 stones.

 Métiers d’ Art ‘Mécaniques Ajourées’

 Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’ Art master “Mécaniques Ajourées” carving series uses extraordinary contemporary techniques to reproduce the essence of traditional hand-carved art, and the great fire enamel technique that Vacheron Constantin excels in further sublimates the artistic expression of this watch.

 The engraving movement is a difficult art. It is required to hollow out the material of the movement as much as possible and carefully ensure the smooth operation of the timepiece. In order to show the unique charm of the carving art, watchmakers usually start a long process of conception, design and molding on the existing solid movement. The same goes for the creation of the new Métiers d’ Art master series ‘Mécaniques Ajourées’. This series of watches is equipped with 4400 manual winding movement, this is the first time Vacheron Constantin tried to sculpt the classic homemade movement. Hundreds of hours of craftsmanship not only give the movement an elegant and thin appearance, but also incorporate the most complete functions into it.

 Vacheron Constantin’s enamelist is full of talent, carefully painted a decorative circle on the periphery of the movement with enamel glaze, and used the bright fire enamel technology to create a deep black effect of light and shadow transition. This is a bold attempt, because the darker the color, the more light is reflected, and even small flaws can’t be hidden. In order to accentuate the black mellowness, the enamel technician must create a completely smooth and uniform surface in order to avoid the generation of excess air bubbles in subsequent enamel firing processes.

 The big fire flame enamel ring has three colors of black, blue and gray. The carved Roman numerals exude the retro charm of the central clock in a large European train station in the late 19th century, which contrasts with the carved movement bearing the architectural aesthetics.