St. Basil’s Cathedral Enamel Painted Luxury Watch

The SanMarcoCloisonneSaintBasilRedSquare, with a highly difficult filigree enamel painting technique, truly displays the magnificent colors on the onion roof. The watchmaker broke through the previous technology, reducing the gold thread to 0.06mm, and incorporating the colorful colors of the Kremlin into the faceplate less than 40mm. The production process is very complicated. Each watch uses more than 100cm of gold wire. Through 30 baking procedures up to 840 ° C, it takes up to 80 hours with the watchmaker to complete the work.皇家 Russian Royal Enamel Egg Carving
    Russian royal enamel egg carving, the combination of blue enamel colors and brilliant diamonds, two materials with different properties, delicately present the Kremlin scene. The top diamond is surrounded by moist pearls, the egg carving base is pure and flawless marble, and the sea anchor with the nautical spirit of the Athenian table is used as a bracket. The opening and closing of the egg carving are carved with finely crafted platinum to create the horizontal lines of the Kremlin and engraved with limited numbers. The SanMarcoCloisonneStBasilRedSquare is equipped with a UN-13 automatic movement and is certified by the Swiss Observatory. The diameter of the watch is 40mm, and each side has an independent number plate. It is made of platinum and waterproof to 50 meters.