Tag Heuer Opens New Boutique In Noida, New Delhi

On April 14, 2016, the new boutique of Tag Heuer officially opened in Noida, New Delhi. This is Tag Heuer’s 10th boutique in India, which caters to the needs of a large and young customer base in a fast-growing market.

   The new boutique is located at DLFMALL Shopping Center, Noida, New Delhi. In the next few years, DLFMALL Shopping Center will become the ideal location for the best brands.

   Mr. YSaboo, head of Tag Heuer’s retail partner ETHOS, said: ‘It is a great honor to work with this iconic brand. A brand with more than 150 years of history, it is able to stay so young and closely connected to a new generation of customers, which is amazing Achievement. I am proud to present the latest timepiece creation of Tag Heuer in this wonderful shopping center. ‘(Photo / Wen Watch House Xu Chaoyang)