The New Model Of The Plum Watch Master Series Successfully ‘watch’ Now Extraordinary

Swiss plum watch master series 2013 new image photo (Image source: TITONI)
Dual time zone power reserve men’s watch

 TITONI launched a new series of the Master Series after the Basel Watch Show, adding a new charm to the flagship of the Torx watch. Swiss plum watch for the first time in the master series to display the function of dual time (Dual Time), in keeping with the traditional concept of traditional watchmaking, emphasizing ‘maintain the value of traditional timepieces classic and bold pursuit of innovation’ .

 The newly launched Master Series Dual Time Zone Power Reserve Men’s Watch contains many striking features on the dial alone: ​​the simple and extraordinary Geneva inscription in the center of the dial and the beautiful and elegant Roman numeral time scale on the outer ring complement each other , Showing a low-key and simple elegance, more successfully highlighting the time and power reserve display windows in both places, the design reveals elegant style. The second time zone hour hand at 6 o’clock and the date display window at 3 o’clock remind the wearer of important daily trips. The power reserve display echoing the second time zone hour hand is clear at a glance, and the outer circle of the dial is designed with a slight tilt to expand the visual effect of the entire dial, making the overall shape full of three-dimensional and hierarchical visual beauty, exposing elegant style and Fashionable aesthetics for the wrist.
Whether paired with a black leather strap style (94982 S-ST-387) or a silver stainless steel bracelet style (94982 S-387), these two new master series watches have successfully made their appearance more distinctive. Great taste. At the same time, watch enthusiasts can enjoy the beauty of meticulous craftsmanship and the beautiful swing of the movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory’s Precision Chronometer Test (COSC) through the transparent sapphire glass back cover.

 Swiss plum watch has a history of nearly 100 years. It is a rare independent family watchmaking company. It is famous for its ‘precision, reliable, durable’ quality and reputation. The brand emphasizes the classic beauty of traditional timepieces and boldly pursues innovation. In the image of the new master series, the protagonist has a vibrant and fashionable appearance, which expresses the unique value of the master series to the fullest. This is the most perfect performance of watchmaking craftsmanship, and it is designed to meet those who appreciate the clever design and accurate timepieces. These characteristics are also the important cornerstones of this Swiss family-owned company since its inception.
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Suggested selling price NTD130,100 (Image source: TITONI)

Swiss Torx Master Series Dual Time Zone Power Reserve Men’s Watch (94982 S-387) Recommended Price NTD131,800 (Image Source: TITONI)