The Watch House Begins The Exploratory Tour Roger Dubuy Tourbillon Classic Timepiece Shines On The Stage

On June 6, 2014, the “Extraordinary Machinery-Tourbillon Classic Timepieces” tour exhibition by Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis was held at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing Curtain. The exhibition is based on the spirit of ‘extraordinary machinery’, and establishes a 360º exhibition space that fully showcases Roger Dubuis’ extraordinary world. Below, the Watch House takes you on a journey of glory. Through an in-depth experience, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of Roger Dubuis and feel the brand’s independent spirit and avant-garde elegance.

  Prior to the event, all major media have started to sign in one after another. Everyone came to focus on the Roger Dubuy Tourbillon Classic Timepiece Exhibition, taking this as an opportunity to obtain more brand information and interpret from multiple angles Roger Dubuis.
 ‘Extraordinary Technology’ Theme Pavilion

  First of all, the introduction of the first part is the first part of the exhibition area. The theme of this part is ‘Extraordinary Technology.’ Like a medal of glory, it records an extraordinary time journey, including the highly prestigious hollow double flying tourbillon, independent self-winding chronograph, three questions, perpetual calendar, patented four-spring balance, etc. The time is unique and independent.

 There are also two earphones specially set up for the guests, which can clearly hear the sound of vibration frequency, and personally experience the charm of Roger Dubuis mechanical watch.

  The most impressive thing about Roger Dubuis is the skeletonized double flying tourbillon watch. Standing in front of the transparent glass, you will be surprised to find that every detail is polished so perfectly.

 The unique dial design is clearly displayed in front of us. The flying tourbillon has always been the pride of the brand. The movement splint retains the true essence of the craftsmanship. The visual layout of the watch bridge is streamlined to the extreme. With excellent precision.

‘Extraordinary Design’ Theme Pavilion

  The theme of the second part is ‘extraordinary design’. Design is to present the aesthetic characteristics of the work. Technology and aesthetics in Roger Dubuis’s world are inseparable. The brand has once again set up a 3D watch cabinet, allowing you to get a more comprehensive understanding of Roger Dubuis watches through short videos.
  This watch is a limited edition of 28 ‘ExcaliburRoundTable’. It is equipped with the RD821 self-winding movement, which is the ultimate symbol of bravery and generosity. Twelve heroes holding gold swords gather around the exquisite large fire enamel dial , The exquisite and delicate micro-carving process has made this amazing work.

  Professional staff at the site explained the watches in each case to the visitors, oversized case, transparent bottom cover, large crown, Roman numerals, three-pointed lugs at the connection between the strap and the case, Celtic cross-shaped tourbillon frame-these strong personal symbols of Roger Dubuis, are rooted in the brand’s continuous breakthrough in its own creative ideas.
 ‘Extraordinary Crafts’ Theme Pavilion

  The third part is the theme exhibition area of ​​“Extraordinary Craftsmanship”. In this exhibition area, we can experience the superb skills of Roger Dubuis alone. The five authority guarantees imprinted by Geneva tell Roger Dubuy’s relentless pursuit of quality, including exclusive scarcity, excellent origin, superb craftsmanship, excellent performance and durable guarantee.

  The Swiss watchmaker will show us the calibre sanding of the movement on the spot. The plywood, semi-finished products and finished products are placed in front of you. Through professional polishing, you can witness that the movement is completely manual. How to become so fine and beautiful.

  In addition, visitors can also try the 8-point mirror polishing under the guidance of watchmakers, and compare the difference of the movement parts before and after polishing, like a smart aesthetic creation.

  Roger Dubuis Touring Tour of Classic Timepieces takes time as the main axis, bringing its essence to China, leading guests to the cutting-edge of watchmaking, and exploring the magic of the unique mechanical aesthetics. This event lasts for three days. The exhibition hall is carefully decorated and equipped with professional explanations. Interested friends can go there by themselves. I hope that the immersive experience will allow you to gain more. If you need to know more about Roger Dubuis, please follow the watch house news. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)