The Watches Worn By The Goddesses In Those Years

On a dull winter day, what kind of single product can make you new to the workplace immediately become the focus. Whether you are in the daily grid room or the fashion party at the end of the year, a little careful machine will let you hold the audience.
Chen Yanxi wears the Bucherer-Bettich Princess watch

   Since the release of the original ‘The Condor Heroes’, the little dragon girl played by Chen Yanxi has caused a new wave of ridicule and slabs. The little fresh literary goddess of the past is now ‘black’ by the people. An optimistic attitude responded, but the mixed flavors in mind were inevitable.
   From casting to shooting, from modeling to lines, the controversial Chen Yanxi fell into the center of the turbulent storm. However, the ups and downs in front of her have strengthened her ‘be yourself’ attitude, and learned to accept disputes and negative evaluations in a holistic manner. She will have a stronger heart.
Qin Lan wears the Bucherer-Bettisque Queen watch
   Qin Lan walked on the banks of the Seine, wearing a Bucherer-White poetry Queen watch, and interpreted the unique ‘white poetry romance’.
   The knowledgeable person who was highly praised by Qiong Yao as ‘a tear in her, a star in the sky’ has transformed from a pure and simple girl into a mature and charming woman. With an elegant combination, her elegant image fits the essence of the new Budzilla women’s white watch by Bucherer.

Julia wears the Bucherer-Bettis Diva watch
   Tong Liya wears a Bucherer-Bettis Diva watch to release charming power on the streets of New York, with independent style and endless charm! In the camera, every minute and second that she brings to life with the Bucherer Bethessia Diva watch.
   Shuttle the bustling Fifth Avenue and walk the streets of Manhattan. Ms. Zuliya is truly extraordinary and unique, and perfectly interprets the PATHOS series of Bucherer-Bethys Poetry-with a sincere personality, a dream, and does not follow the flow.