This Winter Ski Does Not Take Off The Watch Recommended For Winter Wear Watch

Winter is getting stronger, ski lovers are already eager to move. Although securityists believe that watches are always mechanical products, they can be worn without skiing in high-speed and dangerous sports such as skiing, but there are people in the world who are both skis and watches Obsessed people, who love both the precision and rigor of watches, and the thrilling freedom of skiing, not to mention, some watch brands have specially prepared suitable watches for them. Why is it difficult to give up between the two?

In fact, skiing is extremely demanding on a watch. It should not only be able to overcome vibration, sand, moisture, and severe impact, but to be on time, it is best to provide more and more convenient functions at an average low temperature of -50 ° C. In general, this type of watch is best equipped with multiple tools such as compass and barometer. Of course, ruggedness and anti-magnetic are the most basic requirements.
抗 Do not fall down
Anti-shock function is essential for ski watches. The many types of anti-vibration systems are confusing, which one is more suitable for skiing? Watchmaker Barnett told reporters that in fact, the degree of vibration of skiing is not the most severe of all sports, so most of the sports watches can meet the shock-proof function. If you only consider the shock-proof point, you can use sports watches. Go to choose.
众多 Among many sports watches, there are not many watches specially designed for skiing. When it comes to professionalism, I have to mention Ball’s Spacemaster Orbital. This watch is equipped with the exclusive patented Amortisér anti-vibration device for skiing, which ensures that the movement is resistant to strong shocks. When skiers wear this watch for training or competition, they can choose to activate the lock function to avoid the ‘auto-rotating watch’ that is swinging from being affected by sudden shaking.
Polar Test
On ice and snow, another basic function of ski watches is cold resistance. ‘General mechanical watches are made of metal materials. Extreme cold weather is a physical expansion and contraction of mechanical parts, especially a severe test for the speed control mechanism!’ Tianjin Haiou Watch Group Technology Center Engineer Cao Weifeng said.
Although there are not many people who truly experience the Polar Regions, watch brands with “pursuits” regard the North and South Pole as well as the third-pole Himalayan as the best test field. Almost 100 years ago, Roald Amundsen arrived in Antarctica, and he was recognized as the first person to reach Antarctica. On both expeditions, he wore a watch provided by Zenith. Over the next 100 years, many watch brands, including Longines and Jaeger-LeCoultre, have sent their watches to Tripolar to stand the test.
The Jaeger-LeCoultre extreme sports master series is the winner of this test. This watch entered the Himalayas with harsh natural conditions and high altitude with the mountaineering team. Finally, they followed the mountaineering team to successfully complete the expedition and boarded a mountain peak that had not been conquered by their predecessors. In this series, Jaeger-LeCoultre focuses on solving the problem that has always plagued the watch industry: timing errors caused by magnetic fields. In collaboration with physicists, they have developed a non-magnetic silicon escapement that protects the most critical parts of the movement from magnetic forces.

Roger Dubuis Easy: The tourbillon in the sports watch has sparked an upsurge in luxurious sports watches. It is more than enough to equip a large-size column-wheel chronograph skeleton movement. Hublot Snow Elf Garmisch: This watch pays tribute to the 2011 World Ski Championships held in the hometown of the two Olympic ski champion Maria Risch. Glashütte Sport Shockproof Chronograph: The movement is perfectly protected, and the four cushioning elements made of elastic material absorb at least 60% of external impact. Panerai PAM252 Arctic Adventure Memorial Table: Tailored for Mike Horn to sponsor Arctic adventure missions, antimagnetic, shockproof and waterproof. Ball Spacemaster Orbital: The sturdy case contains BALL Amortisér, a new revolutionary patented shock-resistant system. Jaeger-LeCoultre Extreme Sports Master: It has a variety of innovative functions and can work normally under the most severe conditions. It is the first silicon escapement and special alloy gear mechanism.
● I do not recommend gold or steel models for ski-friendly watches, because I feel too cold and uncomfortable when I am too cold. I prefer to wear watches made of special materials in winter. For example, Panerai’s ceramic watch, Romain Jerome’s DNA, and watch cases made of moon meteorite are very suitable for wearing in winter. Great personality and comfortable to use.
的 The watch that best matches skis, I personally recommend Richard Mile’s products. His family basically make sports watches. Titanium watches are perfectly combined with shock-resistant technology. The performance of the watch can still be guaranteed during vigorous exercise.
——Xiaofeng, a watch collector in Britain
● First of all, ski watches are sports watches. The sports that have close characteristics with skiing in the sports watch are diving, skydiving / air, so I think we can start with some dive watches and aviation watches. Also consider that the ski clothing is very heavy, the dial must be large enough, the readings must be clear and convenient, and the function buttons and operation of the table must be convenient. Consider Jaeger-LeCoultre and Zenith.
——Shu Xiongfei, watch enthusiast
● If the watch is worn by hand, the temperature will not be too low. Because the lubricating oil in the movement will be solidified when the temperature is below 35 ° C, it will still be affected by wearing the watch outside. Quartz watch will be more affected by battery. Panerai has the 252 and 186 conquering the North Pole, and the movement claims to be able to work above 70 ° C.
——Mu Tong, watch collector