Treasures Of The Queen Of Naples Series Theme Exhibition, Landing In Tianjin

In order to share the beauty of top-end timepieces with more high-end watch enthusiasts, the theme exhibition of the Breguet Naples series of high-quality jewelry watches has landed in Tianjin, and stopped in Tianjin from October 9th to 21st, 2014. In the shared lobby on the second floor of Hisense Plaza, more than twenty jewellery timepieces appeared brilliantly, telling the legendary story behind the first watch in history.

Since its inception in 1775, the Breguet brand has been sought after by European royals. Opening the archives of Breguet in the Paris Breguet Museum, we can find many special order records commissioned by our distinguished customers. In one of them, there is a record of the first watch: In 1810, Breguet created a ‘long oval bracelet watch’ at the request of Napoleon’s sister Naples, queen Caroline Mullah. Delivered in 1812. Such an unprecedented masterpiece of art, and its achievements and value in the history of watchmaking, are enough to marvel us.

Caroline Murat married Joachim Murat in 1800, ruled Naples from 1808 to 1815, and became the king and queen of Naples. She bought the first Breguet watch at the age of 23 in 1805 Later, until 1814, many Breguet works were successively collected. Breguet sold more than 34 Breguet watches during this period to Caroline Murat.

In 2002, Breguet launched the ‘REINEDENAPLES’ ladies’ watch, inspired by the world’s first watch created by Master Breguet for Queen Caroline Murat of Naples. This series of watches uses a goose-shaped case and movement, with a unique design and beautiful curves. Some models are even equipped with the complex technical functions of the moon, expressing the femininity and femininity of modern women in a stylish and elegant form. poetry. The launch of the Breguet ‘Queen of Naples’ ladies’ watch is not only a tribute to Master Breguet and Queen Caroline Mullah of Naples, but also Breguet’s sincere praise to all women who love beauty and timepieces.

Dedicated to the wrist, crowned to the heart-Every woman is a queen in her heart, and she must have the talents of both a poet and a magician to win the queen’s heart. With custom design and fine craftsmanship, Breguet’s watchmakers have made modern jewellery watches a symbol of feminine femininity. In the 13-day exhibition, you can see the Naples collection in person at the scene, and you can also appreciate Breguet’s long history and innovation spirit.

Breguet Queen of Naples Series 8928

The design of the ReinedeNaples 8928 watch ignores the existing aesthetic principles, so that elegance and delicateness are exaggerated. The white natural mother-of-pearl dial boldly uses oversized Roman numerals, and its eccentric design matches the watch’s egg-shaped contour. The bezel, flange, and round lugs are set with 139 diamonds, and the crown is decorated with faceted dome gemstones. Off-centre hour and minute hands on the mother-of-pearl dial add personality to the watch.

The new ReinedeNaples bracelet elegantly embraces the wrist, matching the rich curve of the case. The exquisite hinge of the bracelet highlights the slimness and elegance of the wearer, providing perfect comfort for the wrist, and the simple buckle is the icing on the cake. The small case of the ReinedeNaples series also pays tribute to the creativity of contemporary women and Breguet.

Breguet Queen of Naples 8918BA58864D00D

The soft goose egg-shaped design, its crown at 4 o’clock, and the distinctive lugs make this watch a strongly recognizable and iconic model, recognized and sought after by the world.

ReinedeNaples 18K yellow gold watch, bezel set with 117 diamonds (approximately 0.99 carats), using a self-winding movement, silver-plated K gold surface hand-carved by hand with an engraving machine, extremely fine, partially decorated with natural white mother of pearl, The Breguet Arabic numerals on the lining are more elegant, and the pear-cut diamonds (approximately 0.09 carats) at 6 o’clock are dazzling and impressive.

Breguet Queen of Naples Series 8908BB52864D00D

Continuing the perfect curve of the goose-shaped case, it shows its gorgeous elegance. The complex technique of the moon phase structure makes the name of the watch both inside and out, just like the new women now, with both beauty and connotation.

For the first time, the Breguet watch uses black Tahiti mother-of-pearl to show femininity and luxury. The central hour and minute display, the small seconds dial is placed at 7 o’clock, and the moon phase profit and loss display at 12 o’clock is placed on the power reserve indicator Above the device, read time elegantly. The bezel and dial flange are inlaid with 128 diamonds, weighing approximately 0.83 carats, which makes women exude grace and elegance. Self-winding movement with small seconds display, power reserve and moon phase display. Silver-plated gold dial with hand-engraved pattern, delicate to any detail. Partially decorated with white natural fritillary, reflecting the elegant charm of women.

Breguet CrazyFlower 18K White Gold High Jewellery Watch GJE25BB20.8989DB1

The contemporary gem setting work of Breguet’s fine jewellery once again demonstrates its innovative craftsmanship. In this theme exhibition of the Queen of Naples series in Tianjin, the CrazyFlower series, which combines the pure beauty of diamonds and the superb skills of Mobile inlay, debuted in Huacheng. The design of this series is inspired by the geometric layout of French garden buildings in the palace of Versailles, and the style of the English garden with romantic scenery is consistent, showing an impressive line of grace. Containing a 586 self-winding mechanical movement, the case has an asymmetric square diamond array, with the smallest particle setting extending from the middle of the case to the bezel. These smart and lively inlays make the gemstone group bloom to the maximum extent, swaying in harmony with the movement. 116 square diamonds danced along with it, rippling back and forth can not help thinking about the petals that were slightly pleated by the breeze, shining, it is worthy of an extraordinary hand from the expert handicraftsman of Baodi High Jewelry Workshop Make.

The ‘movable’ diamond setting technology takes jewelry setting technology to a whole new dimension. This craftsmanship makes a fine jewelry watch like a diamond flower with petals swaying in the wind when it swings slightly. And its latest CrazyFlower full of diamonds is even more rare. With each light shaking, the 193 movable inlaid square diamonds on the case danced with it, as if the petals swaying between the wrists were vivid and vivid.

Breguet PetiteFleur 18K White Gold High-end Jewellery Watch GJE26BB20.8589DB1

If the CrazyFlower high jewelry watch series is the epitome of the wrist of a French garden building, then the PetiteFleur high jewelry watch series is like a magic flower in the spring garden, blooming on the wrist, dreamlike. It is a collection of Breguet technology crystals and aesthetic realms. In the magical world presented by PetiteFleur watches, pure diamonds combine excellent watchmaking technology with fine jewelry technology.

This product is feminine, elegant and exquisite, using bold mobile mosaic technology to exude unique charm. The movement achieves the core of the style. The automatic winding movement 615 runs regularly and accurately, while the petals of the square diamond, which diffuse the poetic and sweet feelings, gently swing with the movement of the wrist. 43 gems are inlaid into 2 rows using a clever invisible pawl system, which seems to be full of vitality. Ghostly axe magical inlaying process allows these gems to gather and reflect pure brilliance. The petals surround the side with crystal-clear light, illuminating the buds studded with precious stones. Under the hemispherical sapphire crystal engraved with the product serial number, the concave dial forms a glittering flower bed. The flower bed uses snowflake inlay technology, and 141 diamonds shine brightly. Diamonds of different sizes are cut and adjusted one by one, arranged in a row, completely hiding the white metal dial below. Gracefully sweeping this bright area, Breguet’s famous blue-steel pointed hollow-out hands are bent by hand to ensure that it fits the curved surface of the dial. In addition, the flange uses 48 counter-set diamonds to buckle the surface appropriately. As a wonderful feminine accessory, every slight movement will make it come alive, like a delicate and clear flower, gently stroking the ice muscle like jade.

Queen of Naples Collection Haute Couture Zodiac Horse Watch ReinedeNaplesCameoHorse

2014 is the year of the zodiac horse. In Chinese traditional culture and customs, the horse is a symbol of enthusiasm, diligence, and success. In western mythology, unicorns with spiral horns on the forehead represent Good looking and pure. The elegance, nobility, bravery and vitality of horses have become the source of inspiration for the creation of countless ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literary works and artists. The Breguet Naples queen of high-end custom zodiac horse watch, using the amazing shell relief process, in the classic goose oval dial square, reproduce the magnificent appearance of the horse.

The elegant and feminine design combined with traditional hand-crafted shell reliefs adds a romantic and classic feeling to the Breguet Naples series of high-end custom zodiac horse watches. The eccentric hour and minute display dial, if there is nothing, seems to dedicate all the applause on the stage to the shell relief process. The 18K white gold diamond case and sapphire crystal mirror provide the best protection for delicate relief work. The design of the transparent bottom cover also reveals the golden oscillating weight hand-engraved and set with natural mother-of-pearl. This watch is like a muse born in a shell, which once again reflects the perfect fusion of Breguet’s extraordinary watchmaking skills and traditional handicrafts.

Exhibition time:
October 9-21, 2014

Baodi Tianjin Hisense Plaza Store Address:
No. 188 North Jiefang Road, Heping District, Tianjin

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