Tudor Rose Series Mother Of Pearl Watch

Admittedly, the term ‘born mechanical madness’ is just like born to men, so men love to be foolish. It is true that ordinary ladies do not have a natural excitement for those complicated machines, but mechanical watches must be men’s jewelry, men’s accessories, men’s toys? In fact, women also know how to appreciate the exquisiteness of the mechanical linkage of complex watches. Anyone who admires the ingenious production of mechanical design will admire it, but the ladies are more thinking about which dress should be matched with this watch? Those mechanical movements hidden under the splendid surface of women’s watches are huge heroes that make women both internal and external. And when you say good-looking women’s watches, you are also amazed in your heart, they are also mechanical watches! Movement: automatic winding mechanical movement
灵感 The design inspiration of the watch’s mother-of-pearl surface is inspired by a piece of auspicious clouds, while the arc-shaped hands exude a gentle and gentle temperament. The rose-shaped second hand is placed in the center of the hour-marker with diamonds, reminiscent of a bright moon in the bright starry sky. Stainless steel or 18ct pink gold polished outer ring, automatic winding mechanical movement, power reserve of about 38 hours, water resistance to 100 meters.