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Ripple And Time Parmigiani Toric Quaestor Watch Tasting

Ripple does not seem to have any relationship with time, but it makes contact with the minute repeater watch called Ripple (‘Ripple’) in the Parmigiani Toric series. As we all know, as the three major representatives of the complex technology of the watch, the minute repeater is used to tell the time, and the beautiful minute repeat sound can emit sound waves to form invisible ‘ripples’. This image is designed in this watch On the dial. Parmigiani’s Toric series is famous for its three-question and perpetual calendar tourbillon watches. Today, this watch introduced to you is the classic timepiece of this series on SIHH this year: Parmigioni Toric Collection Quaestor. (Watch model: PFH437-1201900)

Japanese garden with island pattern in solid gold dial

 Technical dial display
   The concentric waves and vortex texture on the dial are a reproduction of tranquil waters. Such a unique craftsman pays tribute to Japanese ‘Zen’ studies. Toric Quaestor Ripple’s design is inspired by the Japanese garden, this fine-grained design even includes islands decorated with fine sand. These textures are from the fine carvings of the brand’s artisans, and the pure gold dial is hand-carved with a full layering. The purpose of hand engraving is to ensure that the edges of the texture are clear and that they naturally transition to adjacent patterns. The smooth lines and unique design style make this watch rich in unique style.
Exquisite luxury exterior elements

Knurled 18k white gold case

   The watch uses high-temperature 18k white gold as the case, highlighting the prominent position of ‘Zen’ in the watch, showing a low-key luxury feeling. Without the publicity of gold, platinum has always maintained a strong high-cold style, which is significantly different from the pure gold dial. Adopting Parma Gianni’s characteristic decoration and rolling pattern decoration, it brings a more refreshing experience to watch watchers. The javelin-shaped luminous-coated hands make it easy to observe the time, even in darker environments, making the seemingly simple watch actually very connotative.

Watch crown display

   The same 18k white gold crown is embellished with a gemstone as an embellishment, making the overall aesthetics of the watch even higher. The crown with a non-slip texture design feels good and is not slippery, ensuring the accurate debugging of the watch.

Watch lug display

   The polished white gold lugs have a soft luster, smooth lines and natural texture. It has a good texture and can perfectly integrate the strap with the watch, showing the overall beauty of the watch.
Wonderful movement

Watch movement display

   The back-through design is adopted, and the movement of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal back cover, which adds a watch-watching pleasure to the wearer. Equipped with the brand PF349 manual winding movement, it can provide up to 72 hours of power savings. The innovation in the three-question device makes the speed wheel ensure the complete elimination of mechanical noise, and only the beautiful church bell melody is heard in the ear, which is very pleasant.

Watch strap display

Watch buckle display

   The Havana brown Hermes crocodile leather strap is comfortable and clean. The strap is connected with a pin buckle to ensure the safety of the watch between your wrist and accidental fall.

Watch overall display

Summary: The excellent and technical appearance brings a visual feast to the watch viewer, which is very exquisite. Relying on Parmigiani’s superb watchmaking technology, it broke the limit and equipped the watch with an innovative minute repeater device, reflecting the unique charm of the watch from visual to auditory. The vortex and wavy texture engraved by purely hand-carved arousing endless reveries, this is another masterpiece of the brand on craft watches this year.

Hi-tech Material Watches Challenge The Traditional Watchmaking Skills

Innovative materials have a great effect on the development of watches. It is not difficult to see through the exhibitions in recent years: from high-tech ceramics to hard alloys, from titanium to silicon, various new watch materials have come into being. At the same time, the big-name watch factory is fully engaged in exploring new-generation materials, and a competition that challenges traditional watchmaking skills has begun.

 Abrasion resistance is the first problem solved by new material watches. In addition, its lightness makes it more suitable for sports wear. In appearance, this new material watch is generally fashionable and beautiful, and is different from ordinary timepieces, so it is very popular with young people.

 There are many new types of watches today. In addition to the ceramics and titanium alloys mentioned above, there are also materials such as silicon, tantalum and tungsten-titanium alloys. The following editors will recommend some new material watches for you, and explain the characteristics of various materials for you.


The ceramic material has a unique appearance and excellent hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. In recent years, it has become one of the materials of choice in the high-end watch industry. Top watch brands such as Hublot, Panerai and Chanel have launched their own ceramic watches, and the craftsmanship has become increasingly sophisticated and nearly perfect.

 Chanel J12 white watch

 The J12 white watch can lead the trend, which must be attributed to white high-tech precision ceramics, an innovative precious watchmaking material. Chanel has selected high-tech precision ceramics as the watchmaking material for J12 watches since 2000. It uses the high-tech precision ceramics’ high hardness, resistance to scratches and oxidation, and diamond powder polishing technology to make ceramics shine like The metal-like dazzling light makes the watch never fade and is not easy to wear, and has high sensitivity. It is especially important that ceramics can adjust the temperature according to the body temperature, which is extremely comfortable to wear.


 Titanium is found in the earth’s crust, and its appearance can be bright and shiny metal, or silver gray, dark gray powder. Titanium is a light, hard, heat-resistant and cold-resistant metal with an oxide film on the surface to prevent wear and rust.

 Panerai Luminor 3-Day Power Reserve Titanium Watch

 This long-powered Panerai made of titanium is an example of a rugged watch. This case has a unique structure that fully protects the watch from magnetic field interference. It is extremely practical and can be used in daily life to prevent the magnetic field generated by the charging device of household appliances, computers and mobile phones from affecting the watch movement. Impact.

 Its case is a classic Luminor Submersible frosted titanium case. The winding crown is equipped with a lever bridge protection device. The crown is locked to enhance the waterproof effect to 300 meters in the deep sea. This watch also represents a revolution in the design of this watch: the rotating titanium bezel design follows the 1950s Panerai design for the Egyptian Navy, non-reflective black ceramic dial surface, with titanium straight lines and dots Time scale. The bezel is set to rotate counterclockwise only to prevent the bezel from turning clockwise inadvertently, affecting the calculation of the diving time.

 carbon fiber

 Carbon is a magical material, and it has been called the magical title by most people since it appeared in everyone’s middle school chemistry class. In theory, high pressure and high temperature will turn into diamonds, and drawn fibers can be shaped into countless different images. Regardless of the wing of the aircraft or the tail fins on the missile, carbon is used as the material; the carbon material is so complex that it is unimaginable. It can make the firearm more accurate, the cooked meat more delicious, and make the motorcycle faster. , Can also make the Japanese knife’s blade sharper; it has been in the fashion industry for a long time, such as carbon fiber watches.

 Hublot ‘Cathedral’ Carbon Fiber Watch

 This ‘cathedral’ minute repeater tourbillon and column wheel chronograph, 100% of all components including the movement plate is made of carbon fiber, the first in the world. The mechanical structure of this watch is sophisticated and sophisticated. It uses three main high-complex watchmaking processes and is well received by industry experts and collectors. At the same time, it also incorporates an absolute modern spirit: its main manifestation is that three complex processes can be seen from the side of the dial.


 Silicon is the most common element in nature after oxygen, equivalent to 28% of the earth’s crust. It belongs to crystals, that is, non-metals, and has a density equivalent to 1/3 of steel. It has high hardness, magnetic resistance, and high resistance. Corrosion characteristics make it lighter and stronger than metal materials such as steel. Using silicon to make the escapement fork, escapement wheel and balance spring of the watch can ensure that they can run smoothly without lubrication. As far as the hairspring is concerned, silicon can make a special hairspring and reduce the weight at the same time, thereby improving the isochronous error of the watch.

 Roger Dubuis silicon balance watch

 As a star product of the SIHH2013 series, this watch is the world’s first fully silicon case watch. Titanium is twice as light as steel, and silicon is twice as light as titanium, but its hardness is 4 times that of titanium, which makes it At the same time, taking into account the advantages of hardness and lightness, the biggest feature of this watch is that it is equipped with four balance springs, running in pairs and careful layout, which can immediately offset running errors caused by position changes. In other words, the tourbillon cancels the gravity of the center of the earth for one minute, and this watch can cancel it instantly.

Rolex Rolex Legends Race 50 Years Present Xiangjiang

Born in 1963, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA watch has experienced more than 50 years of legendary journey. With its reliable and outstanding performance, it has become a popular chronograph watch in the racing field. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this classic watch series, from May 30th to June 12th, Rolex will grandly present the ‘From DAYTONA to COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA Love Speed’ exhibition at the Rolex Store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Asia’s Top Watch City, to showcase COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA The exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary charm of the watch, as well as its brilliant achievements in the racing world.

Rolex sponsors Daytona 24 Hours trophy

The public will not only be able to explore the legendary journey of COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA 50 years since its birth, but also have a chance to enjoy up-close selections of this series of watches. The two-week exhibition will lead a group of visitors through the space-time tunnel, focusing on the Oyster Perpetual COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA watch, which has carried 50 years of time, and will display Rolex Dayton by displaying precious historical materials and objects. Take the wonderful legends of races and watches and lead the public to experience unforgettable moments on the racing track.
The development of legendary watches
Called the perfect Rolex Oyster Perpetual COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA watch, it has won unprecedented success in both style and function and enjoys a worldwide reputation. It has been praised for its extraordinary chronograph in many aspects. In 1963, Rolex launched a new generation of chronograph watches for racers-Cosmograph. This Rolex-created name and its innovative style immediately made this new model stand out; in 1965, the Cosmograph watch evolved further, replacing the original pumping button with a screw-down chronograph button. The screw-in button is a finishing touch to the Oyster case concept, protecting the button from accidental pressing. In order to highlight the enhanced waterproof performance, ‘Oyster’ is engraved before the word ‘Cosmograph’ on the surface. The outer ring of the speedometer is printed with black Plexiglas Plexiglas coating, while the white scale makes the reading clearer, which is another new feature of the watch. With the launch of many new surfaces, the previous series have become more abundant. One of them, known as ‘Paul Newman’, is more famous because of the famous American film star and racer who is a sportsman’s icon. He often wears this surface Daytona watch. His favorite surface design allows the wearer to read clearly in the tough racing environment.

This exhibition shows the speedometer used in the 1955 Daytona race

The calibre 4030, introduced in 1988, is equipped with, among other functions, the ‘heart’ of Rolex-a balance wheel with variable inertia balance wheel, fine adjustment screws and Breguet balance spring, and a brand invented in 1931. Automatic winding component of the perpetual rotor. The improvement of the watch is not limited to the technical level. This redesigned version of 1988 laid the foundation for today’s noble and elegant style for the Cosmograph Daytona watch. Rolex launched the reinterpreted Cosmograph Daytona watch in 2000, not only the first in history. The boom in Cosmograph watches is leading the future of chronographs. In 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cosmograph Daytona watch, the first platinum oyster wristwatch in the professional series was designed, with an ice-blue surface paired with 950 platinum, the supreme rare metal. This surface color design is unique to Rolex platinum watches. The Cerachrom ring on the watch is the exclusive innovation of Rolex, which is durable and exquisite.
History of a unique track
This classic Rolex watch is named after Daytona, Florida, USA. Daytona has a famous long straight beach and has been the legendary capital of land speed records since 1903. The first Daytona Continental was held in 1962. Just one year later, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch was launched, and the race and wristwatch were born at the same time, and the fate of the two has never been separated. In 1992, Rolex sponsored the “24 Hours of Daytona”, officially establishing a long relationship between the two, and the event was renamed “Rolex Daytona 24 Hours”. The oldest and most prestigious race in the United States kicked off the international racing season and was referred to simply as ‘The Rolex’. This legendary event celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012, and one year later in 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the Cosmograph Daytona watch.

New Movado Jewelry Launches Marketing Campaign

Movado Group Inc. announced that it will launch a new event to showcase their latest fine jewelry designs. This event will be the focus of international consumer magazines, national and regional newspapers in December 2009.

The event was shot by renowned photographer Robin Broadbent.
With the silhouette of the human body as the artistic background of its exclusive jewelry, this exhibition will focus on blending with artistic design in a way that highlights the feminine qualities and sensuality of the woman. This is where Movado’s artistic charm lies.
As a brand that has long been integrated with modernism and closely combined with the performing arts, Movado has experienced a 125-year glorious history of excellence and innovation. Movado is also a major sponsor of a number of art centers, including the New York City Ballet, the Performing and Jazz Ensemble of the Lincoln Center and the Performing Arts of the John F. Kennedy Center group. In addition, Movado is a sponsor of the Miami International Film Festival, the Miami City Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Pacifica, Cooper Hewitt, and the National Design Museum.

At This Moment, The Core Movement Basel Tissot Brings The Stars To Help The Team Feel The Charm Of The New Durul Series Of Watches – 乔欣

[March 22, 2018, Switzerland] The global watch industry event Basel Watch Show opened today, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot watch gathered at the booth, and for the first time announced the new Dulu Series. Brand friends, well-known actors Qiao Xin, Chen Xuedong, Song Weilong, Gao Yixiang, and Wang Dalu all made their first appearance at the Tissot watch booth, together with Tissot Global President François Thiébaud, Tissot Global Vice President of Marketing Mr. Bertrand Delvert and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, enjoyed the best products, and shared with the guests the charm of Tissot’s 165th anniversary. Since its inception, Tissot has always been committed to the modern innovation of Swiss traditional superb timepieces, building a wonderful world of ‘moments’ for the world, with every ingenuity and all-out effort to create the next moment of splendor and glory .

Exterior view of Tissot’s Basel booth

Tissot Basel booth

Elegance outside, firmness at the core
   In the first show, well-known actor Qiao Xin appeared at the Tissot stand for the first time. With a temperamental temperament, she wears neat suits, she is sweet and capable, and wears new Tissot Duluer series ladies watches. She kindly presents autographed photos to fans in front of the booth, which is elegant and noble. When visiting the Tissot watch exhibition area, Qiao Xin developed a strong interest in Tissot’s new watches. Listening to the understanding room, she elegantly wore the Durul series watch to the slender wrist, marveling at the exquisiteness of the watch, feeling the brand’s rich history through the small square inch of the wrist, and studying the delicate Parisian ornament in the dial. Spikes, feel the beauty from the European Middle Ages, and praise the heritage of the brand.
   She has always shown herself with a quiet smile and no trace. With the successful shaping of the character ‘Guan Yier’ in Ode to Joy, she has attracted a lot of attention. As an actor, her love of acting from an early age opened her a door to the screen. She successfully shaped several well-characterized and warm-looking characters, but she has unwavering efforts and challenges. Her spirit has always shined on her road to acting, inspiring her to work hard at this moment and embrace herself to be more perfect in the next moment. This coincides with the development philosophy Tissot has always upheld, and always strives to create the spirit of the next moment with this moment of dedication and perseverance. At this moment, in front of Tissot’s booth, she was immersed in the brand’s time corridor and enjoyed the same spiritual world with the brand.

Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot Watch, and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, and Qiao Xin (From left to right, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Qiao Xin, Tissot Watch Global Mr. Francois Timbo)

Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot, took a group photo with Qiao Xin

Qiao Xin wears Tissot Durul women’s watch

Qiao Xin sends autographed photos to fans
A century of heritage
   The star-studded Tissot watch stand is undoubtedly the focus of this year’s watch exhibition. The Tissot watch showcase also displays pieces of new timepieces full of ingenuity and heritage, the most amazing of which is the classic returning with a new attitude. Work-the new Durul series. When well-known actors Qiao Xin, Chen Xuedong, Song Weilong, Gao Yixiang, and Wang Dadao came to the Tissot watch booth, they chose to wear the new Duluer watch and they drew attention to other styles of the series at the booth.
   Since its birth in 1853, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has walked the 165th anniversary in the Time Gallery. It inherits the concept of “innovation comes from tradition”, and gives birth to new ideas. Master every moment, experience every moment, live every moment. Create unlimited value in a moment with a limited time. The Durul collection is named after the street where the Tissot watch factory was founded when it was established in Leloc, Switzerland-Durul Street in the small town of Leloc, Switzerland, where it is still the headquarters of the Tissot brand. Duluer series watches have a very important commemorative meaning for Tissot watches, containing precious brand history and feelings, condensing the brand’s 165 years of history in a wrist full of spiritual timepiece. A contemporary design pays tribute to Tissot’s long-established expertise in watchmaking and its ingenuity.

Tissot Duluer watches inherit the precious history of the 165th anniversary

Tissot Duluer watches inherit the precious history of the 165th anniversary
   With a wide range of styles, this series of watches are full of sincerity in detail and focus on bringing a pleasant wrist experience to the wearer. This series of three-hand watch, chronograph, world time and other models are all decorated with beautiful details, with exquisite Paris studs and three-dimensional scale hour markers, Tissot brand from Switzerland’s firm belief in every detail. The elegant texture of the 316L stainless steel strap seems to pull people’s minds to the top of Europe covered by snow, and let people experience the beautiful mountains and rivers together. The deep and solid blue and the rich dark texture also add a touch of artistic beauty that belongs to the Tissot brand. The elegant case is polished and brushed, and the arched sapphire glass is sturdy and rich in texture, perfectly showing the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and technology for more than a century. The collection looks attractive and exudes luxury, and it is excellent value for money. Whether it is a sun dial that fits perfectly with natural light, or a dial with a date display, it exudes the beauty of noble details with a unique design and spiritual power condensed in the seconds, reflecting the brand’s heart ——With this moment’s all-out effort and ingenuity inheritance, create the next brilliant moment. This moment, create the next moment!

Tissot durull men’s watch

Tissot Durul Women’s Watch
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Glashütte Reproduces German Classic Panograph Flyback Chronograph

In 2012, Glashütte reappeared the German classic and made a completely new design for the Pano series. Among them, the ultra-complex function PanoGraph flew back to the chronograph. It is the most popular among critics and collectors. Favor of home. In 2000, Glashütte released the PanoRetroGraph with a gong, which can sound the time when the countdown ends. The launch of the watch made the world marvel at the depth and complexity of German craftsmanship. The eccentric dial design is a German classic Elements, the complex mechanical process of flyback timing, laid an important position for Glashütte watches in the field of complex mechanical watches. In 2002, the PanoGraph flyback chronograph was released again. Although compared with PanoRetroGraph, it has less countdown sound design, but the complexity is still more than the perpetual calendar function. The launch of PanoGraph has also attracted the attention of collectors.
    The PanoGraph flyback chronograph inherits the classics and brings a modern feel to the design elements. With a large diameter design (40mm diameter) and a larger eccentric faceplate design, the PanoGraph is a classic reproduction of today. On the left side of the dial is the hour / minute dial and small seconds. The Glashütte large date display is as striking as the previous model at four o’clock. This watch’s extraordinary thirty-minute flyback chronograph features three scales every ten minutes and three separate hands, a modern interpretation of the original design. The two buttons of the chronograph function are located at the four and two o’clock positions of the case, and the dial is marked with ‘Start-Stop’ and ‘Flyback’ in black font. The latter is used to reset the chronograph hands and the former is used to reset the zeros. Timing.
     PanoGraph uses a red gold case. The hour dial, hour hand, and flyback chronograph hands in the main dial are rose gold, and the second hand is also rose gold. The visual effects of this watch are simple and clear, reflecting the beauty of simplicity and harmony; like all dials of the Pano eccentric series, this design is based on the golden ratio, which has been respected by artists from ancient times to today and is used in In their outstanding artistic, musical and architectural works.
     At the center of this extreme watch is a manual winding movement 61-03 designed by Glashütte. The manual winding timing device in the traditional conversion wheel controls a variety of timing functions, including start, stop, zeroing and flyback functions, and can be reset to zero without stopping first. All these functions can be controlled with two timing buttons on the right side of the dial. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the classic features of the collection and the craftsmanship of the Glashütte movement are clearly visible, including the three-quarter splint decorated with Glashütte’s traditional threads, gold sleeves, balance screws and gooseneck trim. PanoGraph comes with a black Louisiana alligator strap or brown frayed alligator strap that is slightly wider than previous models.